Jessica and Stuart sat at the table, the Goth girl talked about her day as the man across her listened with open ears.

He never interrupted once he just nodded his head when he saw fit and smiled when she laughed, it wasn't that he didn't find the attractive woman across him funny it was that his attention was mostly focused on the television behind his head, the man said, "Yes, after ninety-nine years we have found this strange picture aboard the Titanic, it was locked in a safe inside one of the rooms in the remains of the second class rooms."

Stuart finally turned his head to look at the small glowing screen; it was a picture of a couple.

The girl had long blond hair, a long white flowing dress with wrist length gloves.

The young man beside her was none other than him and he knew it, he just hoped that Jessica wasn't paying attention to the television screen.

He felt tears come to his eyes as he remembered that horrid night on April, 14th.

1912, the weather was icy cold he and Cecilia had snuck from their parents to go to the upper deck.

They were both B Class passengers, once they got to the upper deck chunks of ice fell to their feet.

Stuart, shook the thoughts from his head looking at Jessica who was now watching the T. V. she looked at him and asked," Is that your birth parents?"

The dark haired male looked at her and stated in grief, "No, Jessica that was me aboard the Titanic in 1912 with Cecilia, we were very much in love even though we barely knew each other, nor what the meaning of love was we were even willing to go against our parents and sneak off the ship with one another and live the remainder of our lives where the ship would let us, she was seventeen and I was twenty-five."

Jessica looked at him and asked, "What do you feel about me?"

Stuart replied, "My music brought us together, you're the second woman I have ever let near me like Cecilia but I could never love you as much as Cecilia, when she passed two years ago as the last survivor it made a large hole in my heart that I could never fill, perhaps it is time for Titanic's memory to fade with her, Joshua and I where never meant to see this time of day.

I only wished to see Cecilia live and grow now that my purpose is done I shall bid you farewell for now and for always, Jessica Cage.

Thank you for everything."

With that said he faded as the restaurant around her looked as if it had been abandoned for years, the televisions were busted, windows were bored or broken, cobwebs took their places on the dusty walls, and rats crawling the floors.

On the table was a golden ring with a white diamond, the diamond formed in the shape of a tear drop.