Chapter 2

Venus wasn't paying attention to the road. He was too busy banging his head to 'Shots' by LMFAO Feat. Lil Jon and reading/texting his friends, going on about how awesome the flash mob thing was, and about some party later on.

An expensive looking car pulled out in front of him. He slammed onto his breaks and barely scrapped the backside of the car.

Venus turn off his car and put it in park, he took off the seat belt and jumped out of his car fuming. Some rich city slicker gets out of his car looking just as mad.

"Dude what the hell! Didn't you see me driving!" Venus screamed in his face.

"There was a freaking stop sign that, you, ran!" The rich boy yelled back, poking Venus chest with his pointer finger.

Venus shoved the finger away from him. "There was no damn stop sign you…" Venus turned around and paused, seeing that there was, indeed, a stop sign. "oopsy." He turned back around looking at the other sheepishly. "My bad."

The guy was still angry. "What insurance to you have?" He pulled out his phone and started to dial his insurance number.

Venus freaked out and hit the guys phone out of his hand, sending it flying and landing in some bushes.

"What the hell is your problem!"

Venus was looking around trying to think of something. His mind made up he got down on his knees and started to beg. "Please oh pretty please don't charge me! I don't have any insurance."

"Then you better pay for that freaking scratch on my car!" The guy yelled pointing at the rear of his car. Venus crawled over to the car and licked his thumb, rubbing his thumb back and forth across the scratch.

"Scratch, what scratch?"

"You either pay for it, or I'm calling the police."

"Please don't call the police, I'll do anything you want me to." Venus started to fake cry.


Venus nodded his head, a pout on his lip.

"Alright then, for the next month you will do whatever I ask of you."

Venus jumped up to his feet, a smile on his face, and nodded his head. "I can do that." Yeah right.He made his way to his car opening the door to get inside. Excited he was about to get away.

"Hey wait a minute. I need your phone number and your address." Venus frowned. Damn it. He got a piece of paper, wrote down a fake number and address, and handed it to the rich boy. And was about to leave again before he was stopped.

"Hold on." The guy started to dial the number given to him and Venus began to sweat. The guy looked at him when there was no sound of a phone. "Your real number and address."

Venus sighed, gave him the real thing, and got into his car. The guy yelled out. "I'm paying you a visit tonight, so be prepared."

He was doomed, he knew this arrangement wasn't going to be good.

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