I smiled at the blonde haired boy sitting next to me in the truck. I couldn't help but smile. The boy, a solider my brother had fought alongside, had stolen my heart when we were both just kids. I never had told him, and I didn't know if I ever would. My brother Andrew never would be coming home. I had gotten used to it, being that I found out over a year ago now. The solider said something, but I wasn't listening and didn't hear.

"Kate, Kate, wake up!" I came back to reality hearing Cash speak. I looked towards him. "We're here. Plus I think the rascal needs to go out." He said as he pointed to the puppy curled up in my lap. "He has a name you know." I told Cash, teasing him. He smiled. "And that name would be?" I shrugged. "Coda. His name is Coda." He smiled. "Okay, yeah, sure." I smiled as I looked around where we were. Cash was standing in the middle of a long gravel driveway, with trees surrounding that.

The deep green of the trees greatly contrasted with both the color of the gravel road, and the color of the sunset in the distant. To our left, there was a long white picket fence, which surrounded a large field. In the field there were at least ten or twelve horses grazing. On the right side, there was large red and white barn. The barn had a red roof, red sides, and white trim. Designs were made out of white painted wood, in circles and wagon wheels along the side. A large sign about fifteen feet behind us read "Danio Ranch". I looked towards cash. "Danio Ranch? What's this?" I asked. He smiled at me. "I figured that you'd like a horse." I jumped up and down as if I was a six year old and clapped my hands. "Yay!" I looked at him. "Okay I'm done jumping. Now, which one?" He smiled. "Yours is a black and white paint. She has a mask on her face." I stared at him. "Follow me then." I did just that, and followed him with Coda on my wheels, into the barn. "That's her." He pointed to a stall. I walked up to it, and stared in. The horse had a solid white mask on its face, solid white socks, and the rest of it was solid jet black.

I smiled. "When can I take her home?" I asked Cash. "Soon." Was all he replied.