In the beginning, I was nothing but a stray puppy that no one wanted. As I grew, I learned to live off the land, and how to survive. What to eat and what not to eat. Which dogs would happily play with a young puppy, and which dogs would rather tear one to shreds. Now, I was a year old. At one year old I was big enough to care for myself, even though I'd been on my own much longer.

When I was six weeks old, someone had come and got me. They took me away from my mom, and my brothers and sister. They took me away from the only home I knew. Shortly after, they took me to a new place, with a metal cage, and a soft floor. The floor was like nothing I had ever felt. It was soft to the touch, and was warm to curl up in. That night, after they brought me home, they put me into the cage, the beat me when I wouldn't stop whining. I learned quickly what I was allowed to do, and what I wasn't.

Fourteen days after they brought me home, when I was eight weeks old, they loaded me into the back of the thing that had brought me to their place, and kept telling me everything would be okay. It wouldn't be though, I could feel it, and hear it through the kid's voice. I was right, as shortly after they turned sharply, and the road changed. We were now on a dirt or gravel road, not that hard black stuff. They stopped, and then the den mother came and picked me up.

"Bye little one," she said. Then she put me down, and climbed back into the rolling metal object, and they rolled off. I stood where she put me, and watched them, sure that they would come back and pick me up. They never did.

That night, I heard a voice coming from behind me. The voice was strong, the voice of a leader. "Come here small one, to the edge of the woods." I did as the voice said, walking up to the woods, trying to make myself look less of a threat. Creeping on my belly, I reached the edge of the woods. "Get up," the voice said. "I know your no threat. You're just a scared little puppy, with no home." I stood up, looking up towards the voice to find a large, white, beast of a dog. He had a noble looking face; no doubt he was the leader of a pack. "I have a home." I said, in my sweetest voice that I could manage. "No you do not." The voice replied. "They are not coming back to get you. No matter what you think, or what they said. They are not coming back. You might as well follow me, so that you don't catch cold, or freeze tonight. It's too cold for such a young pup to be out in." I followed him as he walked, running to keep up. I didn't know where I was going, but as long as this new friend was there, I didn't care.

We walked for a long time. So long that my paws started hurting, and I started shivering because of the cold. "Here we are, just a few more minutes, and then we'll get you warmed up." I just kept up with him the best I could. "O-o-okay" I managed to say. Shortly after, we walked into a barn. "You'll sleep in here with Fresca. She'll keep you warm. She is a puppy, about your age. Kate will come by tomorrow and feed both of you." I nodded. "Where do you sleep?" I asked. He nodded, "I sleep out in the field with the sheep and goats." "Okay" I said, as I curled up with Fresca. The next morning, a girl came by with two bottles, as if she knew another puppy would show up. She scooped out some dog food, and poured the milk over it. "Here you go you two. You'll be okay, we'll keep you safe and warm little guy" She said as she pat my head. That night, the white dog came back. "Did she feed you all good?" He asked. I nodded my head. "Now you have a home for life" He said, and then he disappeared into the open doorway of the barn.