What you are about to read is the transcription of a highly classified audio file that belongs to the FBI. The tape contains the story of how one man survived the catastrophic nuclear incident of Chernobyl in Kiev Oblast, Ukraine in 1986. Some content may be deleted due to its revealing nature. And some has been revised because of the subjects English.

My story begins before [the place] was engulfed in radiation. Exactly two days. Although it has been over a decade since the [deleted], I still remember it as if it were yesterday. I had been working at the [deleted] for over six years, but it felt like more than a century. But I still can't believe that I survived. All those people died because of [them]. My name is Viktor Alexander Bellinski – Chernov, and this is my story. [Static]

Every day I would wake up at 2:30 am. I had only lived a mile from the [deleted], but I had woken up at that time to make breakfast for my children, Sasha and Nikita. Sasha was [7] and Nikita was [5]. Oh how they had brought joy to my world [SOB] And after bringing my children to school, I would go to work and start to fix the [deleted].

I was one of the main engineers there. Although I had gone to college to learn about politics and economics, I wound up becoming a filthy engineer that was exposed to death every day. The [deleted] always smelled like [deleted], corroding iron, and death. But it kept [clothes] on my family's backs and [food] in their stomachs. And lucky for me, my best [friend], Dimitri, worked as a main engineer also. When we weren't working, we would have talks about our daily lives and our struggles. Often, Dimitri would change the subject and talk about how he wanted to get out of the [deleted] because he wanted to create a campaign so he could become prime minister. We both knew they were foolish, but we supported each other the entire way.

The next day all the main engineers were called to the conference room to be spoken to by [government] officials. They wanted us to overload the [deleted] because they thought that if we did that we could travel through time. I knew that they were madmen. A new era is what they wanted. These men were from [deleted]. We were no longer their colony. But I had refused. They said that if [SOB] that if I didn't work with them, my, [SOB] my children would be killed. I just couldn't let that happen to them. So I decided to help the [men], but I had a plan, and it would go out with a boom.

In the [final] hours before I had commenced my plan, I tried to get Dimitri to leave the [deleted] before I put it in action, but he refused. His loyalty lied with them. Since he wanted to die as a fool, I had let him. I gave him no warning for when I was leaving. And to make sure my [children] were unaffected by the blast, I sent them to live with my sister, Alexia. My plan was to [deleted sentence].

Finally the time had come for me to put my plan in motion. I had set the [deleted] to overload and so I had 10 minutes to leave the city. That day, I had destroyed an entire city in mere minutes. And I knew that after that day, what I did would leave a devastating mark on history and time. The reaction caused such a great movement, that even the [deleted] launched an investigation of how it happened.

But the sad part is, I never did see my children again, after immigrating to the [deleted]. They send me letters,[SOB] but I never answer them[SOB]. [Static]

[End Transmission]