I Love You, Ashley-chan.

When one of her students' get too close they fall in love sneaking around is starting too spurious when the principle gets involved what will happen when police are watching her every move. Luna will not let anyone take her DarkPrincess away from her, she will do anything to keep her with her even if means going jail so be it. Luna will not lose the one person that has ever listened to her. What will really happen when a fellow student caught them sneaking off together blackmailing Luna to get her an A in the class what will Luna's parents think? Can Luna keep up with all this chaos or just call a quits when things start to spin outta control. R&R

Chapter 1: Cutting It Close!

"Who did their paper?" Ashley Gekido Kimaru asked her class when only one hand was raised this was going to be a long school year.

"So you're telling me that only one that did their paper this weekend is Luna? I'm seeing a lot of Fs in this class. Since Luna's the only one that did her essay she's the only A in this class the rest of you get Fs."

"What, but sensei that's not fair! We had lives over the weekends!" Kylee Stephanie Samson protested

"Well you should've thought of that before you weren't doing your homework." Ashley said

"Sensei I did mine but I never got to finish I had writers block." Tony Steven Mason said

"I did too!" Rick Akira Patrick said

"Alright you two have a week to turn it in. You'll get a C for not meeting the due date." Ashley said

"Fair enough, sensei." Tony didn't protest it was a fair enough deal it wasn't turned in on time so why would he get an A.

"That goes for everyone you have a week to turn in!" the bell rang everyone started to bolt out the door.

"The bell doesn't dismiss you sit down." Ashley said

"You may go."

"Luna, stay back for a bit." Ashley said

"Yes sensei?" Luna Ai Takahashi said

"No need to be formal we're alone now." Ashley said

"Okay what's up Ashley?" Luna asked

"I was reading over your paper care to explain?" Ashley said

"What?" the little redhead asked

"A girl that lives hell at school and at home the way she gets away from it all is to drop dead no one will miss her not her parents or her friends I mean what friends she never had one from the start. Is there something wrong?"

"Yes but its really long." Luna said

"Say come over my house well talk more." Ashley said

"I don't think that's a good idea." Luna said

"C'mon its Friday I'm sure your parents wouldn't mind." Ashley insisted

"They don't care where I'm at. They love it when I'm not around." Luna said

"Cool then shall we?"

"But I do have a get something from my house." Luna added

"By all means go ahead. Here's my address drive over when you're done I've got to clean up a bit." Ashley said



After Luna left her house she drove over to Ashley's house in complete amazement fell in love with the house it was her dream house far away from school and the streets and a swimming pool. As she parked her car she realized that Ashley rides a motorcycle a blue and black Ducati. Ashley was standing in the doorway when she rolled up.

"I see that you made it." Ashley said

"It's hard not to found this place it's everything I dreamed in my house." Luna said

"You got what you needed?" Ashley asked

"Don't hate me for this…" Luna said

"Why would I?" her teacher questioned

"Snow, Wolf c'mon don't be afraid."

"Mommy I'm tried!" Snow whined

"You can go to sleep once you get inside. Snow, Wolf this is my friend Ashley Kimaru." Luna introduced

"Hi the name's Wolf Dusk Takahashi!" Wolf said

"This is my sister Snow Halo Takahashi she's really shy."

"Go inside you two. I meet up with you later." Luna said

"Kay, kay!" Snow said

"You have kids?" Ashley asked

"Yes…my stepbrother raped me when I was fourteen I gave birth to Snow and Wolf I couldn't put them up for adoption."

"How old are they?" Ashley asked


"I have a surprised for you too c'mon."

Walking inside the house Luna started to forget what Hell really felt like. Ashley was the first person that didn't call her a slut for being a teen mother she's seventeen now last years of high school. Luna started to forget that Ashley's her teacher as she walked in the house.

"Luna, these are my kids Lucine and Drakkar I adopted them." Ashley said

"Awww their so cute!" Luna said

"Thank you!" Lucine said

"Alright go play with Snow and Wolf."

"Okay papa!" Drakkar said

"Let's talk in my room."


"How long have you stayed here?" Luna asked

"I can't remember how long. But I really like it here." Ashley said

"Here's my room. Like it?" Ashley asked

"This. Is. Your. ROOM!"

"Nothing special."Ashley said

"'Nothing special' this is really everything I wanted in my room at least you have a room." Luna said

"'At least I have a room' what are you talking about now?"

"Remember what we start talking about in the classroom?"

"Yeah…" Ashley asked

"I don't have a room! My mother and stepfather beat me up! My stepbrother won't stop raping me! They encourage me to kill myself I just can't take it anymore I just want to die already!" Luna cried

"Hey, don't cry Little Moon." Ashley said

"The worst is they found out who I started having a crush on." Luna said

"You wouldn't mind me being nosey who's your crush?" Ashley asked

"You…" Luna said breathlessly.

"Me? You have a crush on me?" Ashley said

"I really hate calling you sensei…" Luna confessed

"Well I really like you too." Ashley whispered in Luna's ear.

"How old are you, Ashley?" Luna asked

"Twenty-five." Ash answered

"That just means we're eight years apart." Lu said

"Well let's make it official." Ashley said kissing Luna on the lips closing the door with her telekinesis locking it.

"Ashley…" Luna gasped after lip locking with her teacher walking backwards to stop at the bed. Ashley picked her up, Luna wrapped her legs around Ashley's waist sucking on Ashley's tongue as they both fell on the bed. Ashley looked into Luna's purple eyes stroking her red locks behind her ear.

"Ashley…" gliding her hand down Luna's shirt hearing a soft moan Luna gave her a nod in approval once Ashley started to strip them both. Ashley started to lick Luna's breast hearing those soft moans ringing in her ears. Sliding a finger into Luna was music to her ears.


"You feel okay, Lu?" Ashley asked


"You're so cute. I'm glad you had a crush on me."

"Don't joke around like that! I'm really sensitive…"

"Sensitive indeed…" Ashley said seductively

"Ah…" Luna breathed heavily into Ashley's ears when Ashley trailed her kisses down Luna's legs when she speared Luna's legs apart licking at her clit.


"You like that don't do?" Ashley asked

"Y-Yes…" Luna said shyly. When Ashley started sucking Luna's breast making Luna really hard when Ashley went back to licking her scarlet's clit getting a mouth full of Luna's juices after that Luna got on up of Ashley when she started to scissor her when Luna reached her point collapsing back on the bed breathing heavier then before.

"I love you Ashley." Luna said

"I love you too, Little Moon." Ashley replied

"I like that petname but I don't have on for you…" Luna said

"Why not DarkPrincess?"

"But you're older than me…you can't be a Princess."

"I am still a princess till I get married." Ashley reminded her student.

"Oh right…I feel stupid."

"Don't call yourself stupid you're the only straight-A student I have. You're really talented Luna."

"Really?" Luna asked

"I love grading your papers you drag me in." Ashley said

"Like….now?" Luna said

"Yes…" Ashley said kissing Luna.

Luna's POV~

I know this relationship's wrong but why does it feel so right? Just because Ashley's my teacher making us eight years apart doesn't mean anything! I don't have to wait till I graduated to have a relationship that will last. Ashley's the first person that treated me with respect. But I'm a little scared if someone finds out I don't have anything to lose but Ashley has to keep her job for me. But I will risk it all if she's willing too also. Ashley's the only reason why I go to school if it's really wrong to love Ashley as much as I do then I never want to be right send me to Hell for being a sin as long as I have my DarkPrincess I'll be fine.

"What if we get caught?" I asked

"Don't worry, I won't let anyone take you away from me and I sure as hell won't let you get hurt!" she told me that's the first time that anyone has ever cared for my wellbeing over theirs while I was getting all heart felt I just realized that I'm still naked on my teacher's bed I got really uncomfortable I just wanted to hide my body but it's too late now or is? I started to get off the bed I walked to the door when Ashley hugged me from behind. This doesn't feel right I'm not supposed to full in love with my teacher…especially when everyone's having a crush on her both guys and girls.

"What's wrong? I wasn't too forward was I?" she asked dammit it's times like this I wish I could just disappear.

"You saw my body and my scars…" I said

"I don't see them as scars I see them as someone being treated like shit. I see them as a mark that you survived and will keep going."

"You ever had problems with your parents?" I asked


"Oh…" Lucky you than Ashley…

"No, I never had a problem with my parents is because they both died when I was three I saw it happen too. My half-brother Ren took care of me you know Jade Hayashi right?"

"Yeah she's my best friend a real troublemaker too." I said

"Well she is my little sister." She said

"What?" I was completely shocked why didn't Jade tell me this?

"I taught her everything it takes to be troublesome. Ren was adopted by Jade's parents which makes me Jade's sister in a sense."

"Oh that's why no one see you having an affair with your student when it come to her." I joked

"Shut up."

"But beside the point I have scars too you can't see it and you wouldn't believe me when I tell you this but I cut and burned myself when I was a kid."

"No!" I gasped

"Yeah…because Kylee she thinks I'm just setting her up to fail that's why she put up a fit in class a lot. Thinking its revenge for those many years ago."

"You grew up with Kylee!" I asked

"Grew up with her? Ha that girl is the meaning of overly fluking." Ashley said

"She told me she was eighteen."

"No she was seventeen when we were in middle school how she got this far I don't even know."

"Maybe sleeping with the teacher." I joked

"So your say that I'm being nice to you cuz you're my girlfriend now I will still treat you like my student in the classroom but when your in my house you're my Little Moon. Get dressed I want to see how well the kids are getting along they've been really quite."

"Fine." I whined

I got dressed when we walked downstairs to the game room to see the kids passed out on the couch with Playstation controllers still in hand with the screen saying "Winner Sasuke Uchiha." I haven't watched Naruto in years I've kinda moved on to Bleach and Durarara. I wonder if Ashley watched anime when she was my age.

"Hey Ashley you ever watched anime?" I asked

"Anime is what made who I am. Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, Sailor Moon, Durarara, Strawberry Panic, Mai HiME what ever I've watched it!" she said

"Quick favorite senshi!" I asked

"Haruka and Michiru, and Rei and Minako!" Ashley said

"Damn…they're my favorite too…" I said

"Heh…yeah. Which of the following would you want to have: A. Sharingan, B. Rinnegan, C. Byakugan, D. Geass or E. All of the above." Ashley asked

"E, all of the above! Who wouldn't want to know where someone's weak point is, control them, kill them in an instant or trap them in another world!" I said


"Hey you okay…Lucine?" Ashley said

"No I don't feel good…"

"You didn't forget to use your inhaler."



"I was in the middle of a battle!" Lucine said

"Okay….but you know better. Wake your brother up he needs to use his inhaler too!"

"Okay…Drakkar c'mon." Lucine said

"Carry me?" Drakkar asked

"Yeah…" Lucine said

"They have asthma?" I asked

"No actually their father kept beating them up in the chest that it damaged their lungs pretty badly. I'm just glad I saved them Lucine was abused the worst it took awhile for her to trust me." Ashley said

"You're a really nice person for doing that you know." I said

"I don't try to be it's just the way I am." Ashley teased

"I've never been able to get Snow and Wolf to sleep near each other." I said

"Guess playing video games makes you forget who you want to sleep by. You know what's funny?" Ashley said


"That Snow and Wolf's middle names are the first names of my parents."

"Weird…how that plays out…" I said when I kissed my girl when a horrible scream was heard.

"Papa! Lucine not breathing!" Drakkar said

"Dammit!" I've never seen Ashley run ever she came back in the room Lucine she wasn't breathing I got scare I never really saw an unconscious person it kinda freaks me out a bit.

"Drakkar, get her inhaler." Ashley asked

"Got it!" Drakkar said

"Has this ever happen before?" I asked

"Once when she was four that's why she needs to take this serious when I tell her to use her inhaler." Ashley said

"Here." Drakkar said

"C'mon Lucine breath!" Ashley said

"Ahek-ahek…what happened?"

"Lucine you have to take your inhaler it will make you breath better."

"I'm sorry papa it's just when I was about to take mine I felt lightheaded and I fainted."

"Just go to bed sleep I'll be here."


"The suns going down anyways we should get to bed." Ashley said

"I really do get to sleep with you than." I grinned

"Not funny! C'mon Snow and Wolf can sleep in Lucine's room she has a bunk bed in there."


After we got all the kids to bed me and Ashley went back to her room I'm liking this student-teacher relationship it's going to put a little trill in my life I really need it. I blushed when I realized I have nothing to sleep in…dammit!

"Luna, your face is red are you getting sick?" Ashley asked

"N-No…I…just…err…" I couldn't think of a cover up.

"You can sleep naked if you want." Oh fuck she did not just say that! After we had sex too damn she's good at pushing my buttons!

"Ummm…I was wondering…" I started

"You're wondering if I'm a lesbian or bisexual are you?" she asked

"Sorry you never said at school." I said

"I'm bisexual I never told anyone at school so they wouldn't think I was sleeping will all my students." she answered

"Guess I'm risking that for you." I said

"Not at all. I liked you ever since freshmen year!"

"Okay that sounds like a stalker!" I said

"Bitch!" Ashley said

"Wha…I barely know you Ashley…now you're calling me names…" I said on the brink of tears.

"Hey I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. C'mon I'll tell you about myself…the uncut story no surge coating, the hard truth."

I was lying on Ashley's bed naked once more she was naked too…if this is how we're going to sleep together I would never leave! Ashley turned off the lights with only the light of the moon shining down on us it suited this moment just perfectly with her arm around my shoulder Ashley began her story.

"I was three-years-old when I saw my parents murder ever since then I've never been the same person. I started to get into a lot of trouble with the police and the school I went to parties that had drinking at it and I did all of them. I smoked weed in the restroom of the school once, got caught got suspended for the half a semester. In my 8th grade year I got into a fight with Kylee got suspended I got into a lot of fights ever since then. But I was in a really dark place for the longest of time, I was standing on the roof of the school when Kylee pushed me I flew back up! I was falsely arrested because Kylee said I raped her it was hell after that once they realized Kylee lied my file was cleared then I got a teaching job they didn't care I got into trouble in school they used it to make the students do the right thing. When my life went back to normal Lucine and Drakkar was sleeping in my garage after I let them stay the night Lucine took her brother to the front of the house to play when Yami, their father was on my lawn he busted Lucine in the back of the head after I saw that I had to adopt them when I won in court I've never felt happier. Drakkar was more thrilled then scared Lucine was pissed yet glad to be out of that hellhole." Ashley said

"Wow even through hell you can still keep a smile." I said

"Yeah I have to thank Ren for that." she said

"I'm just glad you love me too, right?" I asked

"Why would I let you sleep naked with me if I didn't love you! Plus you're in my house!"

"Really, put that on something!" I asked

"What the hell is up with that I've always hearing the students say it what's the point of it?" Ashley asked

"The point of saying "Put that on something" is to tell if someone's lying if they're lying better hope there's no lightning tonight. Now put that on something!"

"Alright, alright I put that on my whole life!"

"That's not go enough! Everybody uses that!" I hissed

"I put that on everything near and dear to me! Lucine, Drakkar, my motorcycle collection, my anime collection, my cosplay, my IPod, my phone, everything including you!"

"You really do love me then…" I said there's a first for everything I guess.

"Can I use your laptop for a second…I don't feel like sleeping right now…" I said

"You can keep this one I have three more." Ashley said

"One of them were a gift, the second one was for graduating and the last one was a friends they were going to throw it away cuz it was broken but I fix it now it's better then new."


I took my new laptop logging onto MySpace and Twitter I was chatting with Jade (FireBreather) on MySpace and Ember (Princess_Emerald) on Twitter.

Moon Princess: What's up, Jade?

FireBreather: N2M u?

Moon Princess: U wouldn't believe me if I told u.

FireBreather: Y would I do that?

Moon Princess: I'm Ashley's house.

FireBreather: Bout time!

Moon Princess: Tlk 2 u l8er.

FireBreather: Kk l8er! I'll txt you in the morning.

Little_Dragon: Princess_Emerald I'm bored

Princess_Emerald: Little_Dragon u tlked 2 Flaring_Kyuubi?

Little_Dragon: Did she tell u? Princess_Emerald

Princess_Emerald: Little_Dragon yea don't worry.

Little_Dragon: Princess_Emerald thanks.

Princess_Emerald: Little_Dragon no prob #YourSecretsSafeWithMe

Little_Dragon: Princess_Emerald #BestFriendsTillDeath

Princess_Emerald retweeted

I logged off my MySpace and Twitter I felt relieved that both my friendssupport my relationship now I don't have to worry about lying to them. Before I drafted off to sleep Ashley kissed me on the forehead. I didn't get much sleep I kept having that recurring nightmare my stepbrother raping me, my mother not giving a damn about me and getting beat up by stepfather I died at the end of the nightmare and all I can hear is those laughter while I was bleeding out. I woke up in a cold sweat I hate not getting any sleep cuz of this damn dream! I started to cry I somehow got out of Ashley's bed I walked to the bathroom I saw my coat on the door I grabbed my knife I slit my wrist hoping I would bleed out. I sat there lifeless when Ashley came in the bathroom.

"What are you doing!"

"I can't take it anymore…I just want to die!" I said emotionless Ashley wrapped my wrist up to stop the bleeding.

"Why? I thought you said you didn't do cutting."

"I lied okay! You're were my teacher when I said that it's worst now that you're my girlfriend now! I hate it I hate my life!" I screamed

"What about me? I love you, Luna! What about Snow and Wolf?"

"C'mon I need to show you something." Ashley said I didn't want to walk anywhere I wanted die!




"Fine I'll carry you!"

"I just…had a bad dream…" I said

"Maybe what I'm about to show you will make it better."

Ashley took me back into her room setting me on the bed I still feel dead…when she came back in the room I couldn't help but laugh.

"Laugh all you want but this is my best cosplay!" Ashley said she was dressed up like Itachi Uchiha.

"When life gets me down this is what I do I cosplay. And sing some songs that makes me feel better."

"What songs?" I asked

"All by Breaking Benjamin, What Lies Beneath, I Will Not Bow, Dear Agony, Anthem of The Angels, Evil Angel, Dance With The Devil, Forever, Fade Away, Until The End, Give Me A Sign, Hopeless and Water. Mainly it ends up to be What Lies Beneath, I Will Not Bow and Dear Agony…life's hard but it's your chose whether or not you're willing to endure that pain to get what makes you want to live!"

"But I can't."

"I won't let you doubt yourself anymore! You hear me I love you too much to let you die." Ashley said

"I guess you're right…" I said

"You guess?" Ashley asked

"Alright I know you're right but you have know that parents aren't the best to get along with! They got into a fight with a teacher making come to this school."

"Doesn't matter I will fight for you. You have to life for me for everyone that loves you." she said

"I don't think I can!" I said

"Yes you can!"

"Hold me?" I said I hate it when I sound weak. Jade has always had to save me from everything gay basher, my family, my ex-girlfriend everyone that hates me…she came to my recue every motherfucken time!

"Yes let me get outta this first."

"Okay…" while she left I began to cry I just couldn't hide it anymore I need to let someone in and the only person that it can be is Ashley. Why does this hell have to be put on me?

"It's going to be okay, Luna. I promise…it's going to be okay."

Ashley's POV~

I let Luna cry on my shoulder as long as she needed it once she finally calmed down we both fell asleep. I wake up first the next morning I got dressed letting Luna sleep in after the night she had she really need to get some sleep especially if she wants to spend sometime with me! I've got something in mind that will help her with her self-esteem. I woke up the kids. Heh cute Drakkar sleeping with Lucine seem like the four of them had an all-out-night-out soda cans everywhere junk food wrappers, sigh what am I going to do with them.

"Lucine, wake up."

"Ashley, what's up?" Lucine said

"What's up, that's what you're going to ask me how many sodas did you drink last night?" I asked

"Ummm…I lost count after 15…" Lucine said

"15 CANS OF SODA! That's it I'm limited you on the sugar!" I said


"Please…I love getting a sugar rush!"

"It's not good for you I'm just limited it or do you want me to take it away all together?" I asked

"No that would be fine. I don't feel good…" Lucine said before she throw up.

"Okay you're not drinking anymore soda today." I said picking her up.

"Okay." Lucine said hey that's the first she didn't protest against me. I set Lucine on the bathroom counter to take her temperature it wasn't that bad she might have a stomach virus.

"You'll be fine."

"Go wake your brother and your roommates."


While Lucine went to wake the other kids I deiced that I had to wake up Luna she looks so cute when she's asleep I just couldn't leave her alone I started to kiss her neck that woke her up!

"What time is it?" she asked

"Time for you to get dressed!" I said

"Why it's not even 8 o'clock yet!" Luna said

"How long do you sleep on the weekends?" I asked

"8 o'clock to 12 in the morning…" she said

"Okay get up!" I said

"No…." she whined

"Don't make me drag you!"

"Let a chick sleep…sensei…"

"Very well than…" I said I was true to my word I dragged Luna out of the bed for such a small girl she puts up a hell of a fight she's worst then Lucine when I want her to use her inhaler. Somehow Luna tackled me to ground when I finally got her in the bathroom that's when she hit me in the gut that fuckin hurt knocked the wind outta me while I was catching my breath I locked the door when I looked down at Luna's left arm it was bleeding not again first her right wrist now the left.

"What did you do?" I asked

"I'm sorry…I left my knife on the sink when it fell on me." she explained

"This is going to hurt but it's the only way to clean the blood if you want to get sick."

"Alright…" Luna said wiping off her arm with an alcohol pad she didn't cringe once while I was helping her now you have to deal with hell for a long ass time to be a costume to pain like that I know it perfectly that's why me and Luna are meant to be.

"Now let's see the other one."

"It's gotten better over the night." I said

"I'm sorry this has to be really annoying to you. To deal with my cutting problems when you went through it already." Luna said sinking down to the floor I kneeled down in front of her caressing her cheek so sweetly.

"It's because I went through the same thing that I'm willing to help."

"I'll leave you to take a shower." I said when Luna tugged my sleeve.

"Don't leave me….just stay…please…"

"And do what I took a shower already?" I asked

"Just talk to me…" she said

"Fine I'll stay only if I can watch you clean."

"I'd like that…" Luna said

"Hell why not!" I said undressing stepping in the shower Luna's face didn't get any redder. I washed her really well her red locks looked so cute when they're wet kissing her on the neck with a slight moan I kissed her on the lips. I do know how dangerous this relationship is but I'm will to throw it away for her!


"Shhh…" I said trailing my kisses down her arm kneeling at her thigh leaving more kisses.

"Ashley…I mean it stop…please…"

"Why? You didn't mind last night." I said pinning her wrist to the wall pressing my wet body against hers.

"Oh my God. STOP IT ASHLEY!"

"Whoa…did I do something wrong? I'm sorry I was being a jackass." I said

"It's not you it's me…I just had a flashback of being raped by Kurai…he pinned my arms to the wall kissing me all over is felt weird." Luna said

"I am so sorry that I did that to you. I didn't mean anything by it." I said

"I'm fine why did you drag me out of bed though?" Luna asked

"It's a surprise." I said

"Jeez I hate surprises…last time I got a surprise was when my mother got me, my first girlfriend that abused me too along with my first attempt of a boyfriend…"

"Oh well you'll like this." I said taking her hand leading her down stairs.

"Hey you guys ready?" I asked

"Yeah!" Drakkar said

"You feel up to doing this Luce?" I asked

"I'm fine papa." Lucine said

"Good." I said

I drove us to my martial arts club it will give Luna a sense of control in her life it helped a lot for me when I was cutting so it will do the same for her I hope.


"Hey Mason!"

"Thought you'd never come here. The dojo still has your statue in it." Mason said

"Seriously!" I asked

"Hell yeah!" Mason said

"Amazing brah!" I said

"Mason, this is my girlfriend Luna Ai Takahashi." I smirked

"Ummm….hi…" Luna said shyly

"It's an honor to meet you, Princess." Mason said

"Thank you. Ummm Ashley why are we here?"

"Because I'm going to teach you how to fight!" I said

"What? You're serious?"

"C'mon it helped me stay sane. It also help me realize that cutting and burning will never help always having to hide the scars with martial arts you can have control over your life." I whispered in her ear.

"Alright. Arigato for everything you've done for me." Luna said

"It's nothing." I said


"Alright this is what I call, backward spinning thrust kick." I said

"Okay…" Luna said

"Take a battle stance." I said

"Ummm…okay…" Luna said

"No you see you need to have your feet a little more apart and your hands near your center." I explained fixing her stance.

"O-Okay." Luna blushed

"Alright once you take your stance you drag your foot in a half-circle bring your foot over your head then do a sideways backflip."

"It should look like this in the end." I said

"Whoa that's cool." Luna said

"Alright you do." I told her.

"Okay I'll try." Luna said

After a long day of teaching Luna all these martial arts moves we went back to my place where me and Luna got to be alone once again. The martial arts class drained the kids they fell asleep on the way back home. Now that Luna can fight she haven't said one bad thing about living, mission accomplished!

"So martial arts is what got you to stop cutting and burning?" Luna asked

"Yes it did. Gave me a purpose in life." I said. Why lie to my girl she can know everything about me and I wouldn't have it any other way!

"You know how dangerous our relationship is?" I asked

"Yes but I really don't care." Luna said

"I'm going to take the job at North Shinjuku High." I said

"And leave me behind?" Luna asked

"No, I'm going to teach over there cuz then you wouldn't be my student and we wouldn't have to sneak around besides I was thinking of becoming a singing actress." I said

"You can sing?" Luna giggled

"What's that supposed to mean you really don't think I'm good do you?" I hissed

"Heh…it's just that I don't see you as the singing type in the classroom you're all work, serious but when I'm alone with you, you let your hair down. I've never heard you curse that much you should do it more in class and be a little funny all the students are saying you're uptight." Luna said

"Uptight? Let me show you the real Ashley Kimaru!" I said grabbing her hand dragging her to another room in the house huge doors were opened when I showed off my band collection my drum set, guitars, bass, keyboard, microphones, my posters. Panic! At The Disco, Superchick, Evanescence, Breaking Benjamin, Skillet, etc. it sucks since I got all these posters and shit when I was visiting a friend in Missouri I love Hot Topic if only there was one in Japan oh wells guess I can always order off online. Anyways Luna's eyes lit up at all the different poster I had it was really cute.

"Wow…you got a Nicki Minaj poster oh my God! BREAKING BENJAMIN, PANIC! AT THE DISCO, EVANESCENCE, SKILLET I love all of these bands!"

"Didn't know we had that in common too. But my special wallpaper is where I keep all my priced guitars."

We walked in my closet when I show off my, My Chemical Romance posters.


"See this guitar when I was around fourteen I carry it with me cuz I wanted to make some street money with street music when I literally bumped into Gerard Way I didn't freak out like how some people would I said sorry he said it's cool you play guitar. I said hell yeah next thing I know I'm playing bass for them because one of their band member broke an arm Gerard signed my guitar when I didn't notice when I grabbed it to play it after I got back from LA I read. 'Thanks for helping us out, Ashley. Maybe one day your name will know around the world- Gerard Way' I freaked out by then!" I said

"You're so lucky!"

"Nah it was just a really great accident." I said

"You live the best life!"

"Not really I'm just human. I adapt to my surroundings." I said

"C'mon they kids must be hungry."

"Alright." Luna said

Walking in Lucine's room it was worst then that last time I was in here clothes everywhere, wrappers everywhere this doesn't get any better then this.

"Seriously? They're not even going to try using the trash can?" I said


"Hey Snow you okay?" Luna asked

"No I feel sick." Snow said

"You're burning up." Luna said

"Just get some sleep, okay? I will make you feel better, Snow." I said

"Okay…papa…" Snow said falling back to sleep.

"Did she just call me papa?" I asked

"That just means she likes she doesn't take a liking to just anyone now." Luna said

"Damn the girl sounds just like me." I said

"Hmmm now that's saying something." Luna teased

"Damn Lucine's burning up too." I said

"I think they're all sick. Lucine wasn't feeling all that good yesterday." I added

"Was it something they ate when we were at the dojo?" Luna asked

"Must likely." I said

"C'mon let's move them to your room it will be easier to keep an eye on them." Luna said

"Right." I agreed

Luna's POV~

Me and Ashley took the kids to Ashley's room where we took their temperature they defiantly had something alright. Lucine and Snow couldn't stop puking and Wolf and Drakkar couldn't stop coughing whatever got them sick was really bad.

"I feel really bad!" Snow said

"I feel like I'm dying!" Lucine said right before she upchucked again.

"Jeez you guys are really sick." Ashley said

"I feel really cold!" Drakkar said

"Here…" I said wrapping Drakkar and Wolf in a blanket to keep them warm.


"Try to get some rest that will do you some good." Ashley said

"Okay…" Drakkar said

"Quick question how many sweets did you eat yesterday." Ashley asked

"I lost count after twenty Twinkies …" Snow said

"TWENTY Twinkies? Oh my God I'm locking up the sweets tightly." Ashley said

"Good idea!" Lucine said

"Just get some sleep I'll make you something to eat." Ashley said



"Twenty Twinkies what am I going to do with them?" Ashley said

"Well at least we have an excuse to hangout now. Our kids become friends giving me a free pass in your house and no one will think otherwise." I said

"It's not that easy." Ashley said

"You've done this before haven't you?" I accused

"No never I never thought of dating my students you're the lucky one. I know it's not that easy because my friend Jessica had to do the same exact thing when she dated Samantha." Ashley said

"So how happen to their relationship?" I asked

"They got married." Ashley answered

"Really?" I asked

"Yeah once Samantha graduated high school Jessica proposed the school board didn't approve but Samantha wasn't Jessica's student anymore making it totally legal the school board still shits Jessica about what she did but Jessica didn't care. Fuck that's right she's coming over with her kids too seems like their sick too." Ashley said

"Interesting." I mused when the doorbell rang.

"Speak of the sexy devil, Jessica darling welcome." Ashley said

"You and everyone else in school won't stop calling me that!" Jessica said

"Sorry I couldn't resist. It's good to see you." Ashley said

"My sister still a pain in the ass?" Jessica asked

"You have no idea! Jessica this Princess Luna Ai Takahashi she's my best student in my 8th period class plus we share a common interest." Ashley stalled

"It's an honor to be in two princesses present. Welcome to the club of student-teacher relationships!" Jessica said

"Thank you, I guess." I said

"Hey Hikaru, Zen you guys feel any better?" Ashley asked

"No…Aunt Ashley…" Zen said

"Lucine and Drakkar are in my room you can go see them."

"Yes!" Hikaru said

"Still can't believe you adopted those kids." Samantha said

"Why would you say that?" Ashley asked

"They seem like a handful the type of family they come from that's just saying something." Jessica said

"You keep forgetting I saw my parents' murder too just like Lucine did! I was abused and beaten up like Drakkar so I get their pain that's why they haven't given me any trouble at all." Ashley said

"Lucky you!" I said

"What Snow and Wolf aren't that bad?" Ashley said

"They aren't it's just my family that makes having them seem like I'm putting them in danger." I said

"You know I can convince the school to let you stay with me they couldn't say no because I never had one screw up with loving a student so they could allow you to stay with me if I can really prove that your parents aren't fix to take care of you." Ashley said

"Oh they aren't!" I said lifting the side of her shirt with bad bruises like I was kicked repeatedly, which I was.

"Damn that explains a lot more!" Ashley said

"Well yeah how would you feel if you got the shit beaten outta you then had sex with your girlfriend later that day!" I said

"Okay point taken!" Ashley said

"C'mon lets see if the kids are okay." Ashley added


When we walked in to check on the kids they looked worst then when we left them! I really didn't think that this was just being sick…

"Hey you feel any better?" Ashley asked

"No…ugh…" Lucine said

"I can agree with…that." Snow said right after she upchucked.

"Oh jeez eat this you'll feel better." I said


"Wow they're finally asleep." Jessica said

"So what now?" Ashley asked

"Just stay in here and talk." I said

"Ugh…I feel dead!" Wolf whined

"Sleep, you won't feel dead than!" Ashley said

"…I can't!" Wolf said

"Just try." I said

"Okay…" Wolf said

Later the kids did fall asleep I told Jessica and Samantha my story every detail leading up to giving birth to Snow and Wolf to finally confessing my love to Ashley.

"And that's my life story…" I finished

"That's bullshit!" Jessica said

"I agree no one should be beaten because of their sexuality." Samantha said

"Yeah…" I said

"It's nothing to be a shame of Luna it's who you are!" Ashley said

"But I hate it! My parents don't look at me the same way! I only have two friends in this world that understand me! Someone wrote on the bathroom wall 'Luna's a lesbo!' or 'Luna's a fag!' sometime I don't look at myself the same way anymore!" I said truthfully I couldn't fight it anymore the tears in my eyes just…fell out when I said that…when Ashley hugged me from behind.

"Don't worry about them! You have me I'll stand and fight with you if you want me too." Ashley said

"Yeah…I'd liked that…" I said

Third Person POV~

It was Wednesday at West Shinjuku High the students that didn't want Fs on that paper turned them in. It was take your child to work day so Ashley brought Lucine and Drakkar with her. The whole class loves them! Lucine and Drakkar may be six and four but they're smarter than their age…Luna brought Snow and Wolf with everyone calling her a whore…but shut upped when Lucine and Drakkar started talking to Snow and Wolf. Ashley had everyone read their paper out loud to the class…as much as Luna hated Ashley for doing that she didn't really care anymore because one: Ashley's her girlfriend now, two: Ashley knows about her problems and three: it just felt really cool to let all this emotion out Kylee was second to last Luna was going to be last.

"And that's why she was born to rule the school!" Kylee concluded

"Kylee I told you to write about an emotional story that connects to real life problems your emotion wasn't even an emotion. Sit down you got an F for not following directions." Ashley said

"Sensei I wrote that all weekend I had to cancel my plans to the movies!" Kylee said

"Well you should've asked a classmate what the assignment was suppose to be about. Luna read your paper and show Kylee what I was looking for!" Ashley said

"Alright sensei." Luna said

"A girl that lives hell at school and at home the way she gets away from it all is to drop dead no one will miss her not her parents or her friends I mean what friends she never had one from the start. Always having to hear people call her dirty names 'You whore!', 'Check out the slut', 'You lesbo faggot!' hell is all that she can give her life! But if only someone would try to open the book she is than judging the cover she wears then maybe she wouldn't feel so alone! Abuse going on at home then coming to school getting jumped that same day hell is where she feels must save. When will someone look pass the cover and read the inside of her? All she wants is to be heard and not feel alone in this world." Luna said

"Thank you, Luna for doing what I asked. So far no ones came up with a story as deep as Takahashi-san maybe she's just a great writer." Ashley silently flirted

"Ummm thanks sensei." Luna said walking back to her seat when Kylee tripped her.

"Watch where you're going next time, freak." Kylee said

"You tripped me now I see why Tony broke up with you!" Luna said

"Fuck off!" Kylee said

"Kylee, stop it if you don't want to get suspended again." Ashley said

"I don't give a damn!" Kylee said throwing a punch at Luna when Ashley smirked a small smirk when Luna caught her fist.

"Kylee just leave my room if you don't want to learn let me teach the ones that do!" Ashley said

"Not in till I finish this!" Kylee said when she started a fight with Luna when it dragged itself to the hallway, Ashley had no chose but to break up the fight as much as she's proud that Luna fought in self-defense she had to stop the fight as a teacher but it spun out of control when it became an all out brawl against Luna only a few fought back against Kylee even though Luna took Ashley's martial arts classes it wouldn't work in this crowd.

"Jump the lesbian!" one guy said

"Cat fight! Cat fight! Cat fight! Cat fight! Cat fight!" the crowd chanted

"Eat this bitch!" Kylee said cutting Luna's left cheek, legs and arms then when she got bore of having Luna duck her cuts she just stabbed her in the left shoulder with the three inch blade.

"AHHHHHHHH!" Luna screamed

"Mama!" Snow and Wolf said

"Fucking bitch!" Kylee said kicking Snow and Wolf aside.


"Kylee that's enough!" Ashley yelled throwing Kylee into the lockers when she return her attention to her bleeding girlfriend.

"Luna do you feel okay to walk?" Ashley asked

"No…she cut my legs and shortly stabbed me there…agh…" Luna answered

"I'll carry you to nurse then. Snow and Wolf c'mon." Ashley said picking up her girlfriend.

"Okay Lucine, Drakkar lets go!" Wolf said


Ashley did carry Luna to the nurse's office when the nurse asked Ashley what happened Ashley told her that Kylee got pissed cuz Luna got an A+ on her paper for doing the assignment as it was layout the plus was for turning it in on time and maybe cuz Ashley loves Luna.

"Will she be alright to walk?" Ashley asked

"Not really does she have anyone at home that will help her with walking with crutches?" the nurse asked

"No one at home helps me with anything…agh…" Luna said

"I know I might be asking much Kimaru-san but I'll ask the principle if you can look after her at your house." the nurse said

"What if someone thinks I'm dating her?" Ashley asked

"I know but if what Takahashi-san says is true then she will never heal the properly. I'll the principle right now." the nurse said walking out of room to call the principle's office.

"Now I can have you at my house again." Ashley said

"Right…" Luna said leading in to kiss Ashley that's when Kylee show it but she was too stupid to take a photo to prove it when she started to see Luna walk to Ashley's car she really thought she was going to get her old rival in some serious trouble.


"C'mon let's get you a shower." Ashley said

"Okay." Luna said

"You kids have some fun and don't go over board with the sugar!" Ashley said

"We won't." Drakkar said

"Right we learnt our lesson!" Lucine said

"Good cuz I wasn't going have to go through that all over again!" Ashley said

"Yeah we get it. C'mon lets play Digimon!" Snow said

"I call Renamon!" Lucine said

"No fair it was my idea to play it!" Snow said

"You feel any better?" Ashley asked

"Yeah now that I have you to take care of me." Luna said

"Heh…I guess I would too." Ashley said

"Now about that shower…." Luna said

"Alright, c'mon." Ashley said picking up Luna to the bathroom. Once they got there Ashley carefully undressed Luna. Helping Luna in the shower.

"Your shoulder feel any better yet?" Ashley asked once she got Luna in the shower sitting on edge of the tub.

"A little…did that ever happen to you? I mean when you fought Kylee?" Luna asked washing her body.

"Pretty much I mean she did bust me over the head with a bat after bashing my head in a mirror." Ashley said

"Wow…that sucks." Luna said turning to face Ashley blushed shyly when she noticed Ashley staring. Ashley giggled giving a break of embarrassment by looking away.

"Well its fun being the teacher now I can really fail her you should see what she writes." Ashley said

"Well I can! I am in your house!" Luna said

"Alright, let's go." Ashley said

Ashley helped Luna get dressed after her shower helping her balance on her crutches when they got to Ashley's room. Setting her crutches on the side of the bed Ashley pulled out Kylee's graded papers with a fat red F on top of it.

"Wow…I've never seen an F that red." Luna joked

"Well believe me it's easy grading her papers just look at them."

"Remember the assignment I gave that class to write a persuasive essay?" Ashley asked

"Yeah I picked mine on gay rights." Luna said

"Well Kylee did her own thing and didn't let me see till the day it was due." Ashley said

"What did she write about?" Luna asked

"Why she was born to rule the school…"

"Wow…I feel sorry for you." Luna said

"Just read it!" Ashley said

"Gurls like mah self waz born 2 rule the skool. Only peoplez tht been the skool as long as I waz thn thems…"

"Yikes that wasn't Japanese hell it's not even English that was Ghetto!" Luna said

"She keeps asking why she has an F in my class. I just keep saying that she's not doing work as assigned or studying for any tests at this rate she could go back to first grade."

"Seeing Kylee repeat freshmen year would be amazing!" Luna said

"Ha-ha-ha! That would be a sight to see." Ashley laughed

"Agh…" Luna cringed

"Alright you need to lay down. Just relax let me see your shoulder." Ashley said Luna did she was told when Ashley kissed Luna's wounded shoulder when the cut started to grow smaller.

"W-What did you do?" Luna asked

"It's a gift I got I can only heal my lover by a simple kiss." Ashley said

"So you really do love!" Luna said

"I thought we went over this before…yes I love you!" Ashley said

"So does that only work on wounds or other things?" Luna asked

"Just wounds…as far as I know." Ashley said

"That's amazing, Ashley!" Luna said

"Yeah…I know."


"What's with the sigh?" Ashley asked

"Nothing…I'm just tried…" Luna said

"Get some sleep. What would you like to eat when you wake up?" Ashley asked


"I'll make sure to cook you some." Ashley said


"Anything for you, my Little Moon."

After Luna drifted off into sleep she had that same nightmare but it was different somehow, this time she didn't bleed out it was Ashley. That nightmare will forever hunt her she was crying when Ashley came back to the room. Luna was wimping so loud that Ashley felt heartbroken for leaving her alone when she finally fell asleep.

"Luna. Luna sweetie wake up."

"Luna, wake up." Ashley said kissing Luna on the right cheek.

"Ahhh! Oh Ashley!" Luna said hugging Ashley tightly.

"Hey, what happened you had another bad dream?" Ashley asked returning the hug.

"Y-Yeah…y-you…were there…when…I was…getting…jumped…b-by…Kurai…then…then…" Luna cocked

"Shhh I don't care what happened next just let all out…"

"I-I…just…stood…there…while…you…bleed…to death…I didn't…even…try…t-to…help…"

"You still want that pizza cuz I brought you slice?" Ashley asked

"I'm not hungry." Luna said

"You know what you need?" Ashley asked

"W-What is it?" Luna asked

"You need to be pleasured!" Ashley said stroking Luna's right cheek.

"Y-You know I can't have sex…" Luna blushed

"That's why you're not doing anything. Just relax." Ashley said when Luna succumbed to caressing her check. Trailing her kisses down Luna's body when Ashley slowly took off Luna's clothes along with hers licking Luna's left cheek.


"Forgive me…" Ashley said sliding her finger in Luna's clit.

"Feel any better?"

"Ashley…could you…" Luna trailed off blushing.

"What is it? You can trust me." Ashley said

"Could you push harder…?" Luna blushed

"Oh…you little devil…" Ashley said trusting her finger harder and deeper in Luna. Luna moaned when leaned in on Ashley. Clinching the bed sheets with ever trust got closer to Ashley placing her head on her shoulder. When Luna started to sync her hips to Ashley's movement after she reach her climax releasing herself all over Ashley's hand, collapsing on top of Ashley catching her breath. Ashley didn't mind having Luna's heavy body on hers.

"You sure you not hungry cuz we feed each other chocolate cover strawberries." Ashley said

"That sounds sexy!" Luna said

"I'll take that as a yes." Ashley said when she got the chocolate cover strawberries.

"That tastes so good!" Luna moaned

"Close your eyes." Ashley said

"Okay…" Luna said when she yelped when she felt something cold on her breast.

"Did you really have to use wipe cream?" Luna asked

"I'm sorry couldn't resist!" Ashley smirked

"That's it wipe cream war!" Luna said

"Oh shit…" Ashley said getting up off the bed while her and Luna were enjoying the wipe cream fight when someone little peeping tom was watch the whole thing. Kylee was watching the whole thing to prove that Ashley's dating Luna she recorded the whole thing but she didn't get much from it but you know Kylee she doesn't check things till last minute.

"Alright, alright, alright I give!" Luna said

"Not yet you don't!" Ashley said when the wipe cream nasal was jammed.

"What the hell?" Ashley said when it decided to work at the worst possible moment. It popped when the wipe cream went flying straight at Luna's right eye.


"Luna! Don't move…"Ashley said licking the wipe cream off her loves eye.


"Well guess it was a draw…" Ashley said

"Help me get dressed?" Luna asked

"Yes I would."

Once Ashley got Luna dressed once more and herself they both went downstairs Lucine, Drakkar, Wolf and Snow were asleep on the couch again watching "Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon" when they started to wake up after Ashley turned off the T.V.

"Why is it that the four of you always end up falling asleep on the couch?" Ashley asked

"I was watching Onee-chan and Onii-chan battle each other!" Lucine said

"What?" Ashley asked

"Snow and Wolf, Onee-chan and Onii-chan!" Lucine said

"Hey papa are you ever going to get married to Luna so Snow and Wolf can be our real Onee-chan and Nee-san?" Drakkar asked

"Yeah Ashley when are you going to marry me?" Luna asked

"Soon promise!" Ashley said

"Yay!" Lucine cheered

"Than can I call you…papa now?" Snow asked

"Heh…sure…" Ashley said

"Can…we eat now?" Drakkar asked

"Yeah c'mon."

Sitting at the table they looked like an actual family Lucine and Snow acted like sister the first time they met which isn't surprising. Snow was telling a story that she and Lucine came up with guess the two are great storytellers.

"Ummmm papa how did you and Luna meet?" Lucine asked

"Well Luna always had my eye first time I saw her." Ashley said

"Ashley wouldn't stop flirting with me inside or outside the classroom!" Luna teased

"That's not true! You flirted with me!" Ashley said

"Oh like you could do better!" Luna said

"Oh sweetie please you're looking at the high school flirt in my time!"Ashley said

"Oh…" Luna smirked

"Shut up!" Ashley said

"Why?" Luna asked

"Everyone had a crush on me in school no biggy." Ashley said

"Well that really hasn't changed you know! Kylee claims she wants to date you!" Luna said

"Well that already happened that's why she's still in high school!" Ashley said

"What?" Luna asked

"When I broke up with her I stop giving my homework to her. Tony never gave her his homework that's how she must likely fell back not having someone to steal notes from." Ashley said

"It must've been so cool going to school for you!" Luna said

"Nah cool isn't what I had in mind. They teachers hated me and the students because I'm different than the others." Ashley said

"How so?" Luna asked

"I'm not afraid of dying we're all going to die so why fear…that what I always said when I was in high school. I love guns and swords been around them all my life everyone assumed I'm anti-social but they never really thought of talking to me beside I'm use to not talking when I'm not expected too." Ashley said

"Interesting…" Luna said

"Heh-heh-heh…" Ashley giggled

"I'm getting sleepy again…" Lucine said

"Alright time for bed." Ashley said

"Carry me?" Lucine asked

"Heh…sure thing Hime-chan." Ashley said


The next day in school Luna was still walking on crutches but she's gotten better at it. Nobody knows that she's been hanging with Ashley she still secretly leaves school with her. She was having a great day at school this day. She was in her fourth hour when she heard on the intercom for her to report to the principle's office this wasn't good. She was starting to get nervous but she didn't let it show that was one thing she learned from Ashley the days she's been over there. She grabbed her backpack and crutches to go to the principle's office once she got into the off she felt relieved that Ashley wasn't in the room but it was Kylee which didn't help her much, I mean Kylee is the one that put her on crutches!

"You wanted to see me principle?" Luna asked

"Yes sit down." Principle Ogami said

"I'm not in trouble am I?" Luna asked

"Oh don't act so innocent!" Kylee said

"Samson-san let me handle this." Principle Ogami said

"Kylee has brought to my attention that you've been leaving school grounds in Kimaru-san's car before you were on crutches is that true?" Principle Ogami questioned

"What not at all! Ash….Kimaru-san's just helping me out…" Luna said if she had called Ashley by her name in the principle's present she would be in trouble.

"Alright than I'll ask Kimaru-san herself then." Principle Ogami said calling Ashley's classroom.


"Hai principle." Ashley said

"Come to my office I want to talk to you about a student."

"Alright I'll be there." Ashley said

While Ashley was getting to the office Luna was glaring at Kylee the two of them were having stare off when Ashley came in Kylee jumped a bit but Luna didn't move not once not when the principle was grilling her with question she's became a really good actress being with Ashley.

"You wanted to see me, Sir?" Ashley said when her heart started to race seeing Luna sitting there she eased her heart beat before speaking any longer she knew this would happen by dating Luna but she wasn't sure if it was that moment just yet but Kylee and Luna were in the office they did get into a fight the other day so she thought that possibility of being called out during her planning period was a likely hood too.

"Yes I did. Kylee told me that you gave Luna a ride home in your car is that true?"

"Yes but I was driving her home she said her parents were late picking her up. I didn't want her to stay any longer you know what happens after school hours." Ashley lied

"Samson-san told me that you brought Takahashi-san to your house."

"Now how can Kylee know that…unless she was following me." Ashley said

"Beside the point she told me she recoded this when she saw you and Takahashi-san went into your house." Principle Ogami said

"Now…about that shower…shhhhhh…just rest…that wasn't even English that was Ghetto…that would be sight…shhhhhh…papa…will you…were…mar…shhhhhh…c'mon Snow you're winning…"

"I didn't hear anything of us dating in that…" Ashley said

"What that can't be! I saw you two having sex!" Kylee said

"So you're a peeping tom? I didn't do anything to Luna." Ashley said

"I find that hard to believe." Principle Ogami said

"Why?" Ashley asked

"I got this in my e-mail this morning." Principle Ogami said with a picture of Ashley carrying Luna was attached with these words on it "Can you trust you star teacher and student to be alone together? I'm sure she's getting extra credit- R".

"Well that's just signed by Rick Patrick must likely! R for Rick…that's photo was taken when I had to carry Takahashi-san to the nurse after Kylee stabbed her in legs that's why she's on crutches the nurse wanted me to look after her to make sure she heals, you want her to heal properly Ogami-san she is your star hacky player and boxer." Ashley said

"Very well then….Kylee you are suspended for lying to me and injuring our star athlete!" Ogami said

"What she was never an athlete to start with she just became great ever since Ashley got into martial arts!" Kylee said

"Kylee I know we were old classmate but I'm teacher now remember that!" Ashley said

"C'mon Luna you want me to walk you back to class?" Ashley asked

"Sure, can you help me carry my books and backpack?" Luna asked

"I'd be glad too."Ashley said

Outside the principle's office walking down the hallway Ashley and Luna didn't talk in till Luna said she had go back to her locker which was oddly back around Ashley's classroom. Once they got to her locker it deiced to be a bitch and not open.

"Dammit I hate this shitty locker!" Luna said

"Here let me try." Ashley said making sure no was around when she tapped the lock and it just undid itself.

"What was that?" Luna asked

"I'm really great in witchcraft I'm in fact a werewolf-elf! But that's another story." Ashley said

"Cool…" Luna said

"Aren't you going to get something from your locker?" Ashley asked

"Oh right…" Luna said grabbing three notebooks that are labeled, free writing, drawing and poetry.

"I didn't know you drew." Ashley said

"Yeah it's all I did when I was in freshmen year." Luna said

"I did the same thing in my freshmen year too…" Ashley said hiking Luna's backpack on her back carrying her books for honors-biology and calculus walking half way through the hallway Luna had to sit down.

"Hey you okay? You look a bit red." Ashley asked

"Yeah I'm fine." Luna said before she upchucked.

"Hey you sure not okay?" Ashley asked

"No…I'm…just. Agh!" Luna screamed

"Luna!" Ashley yelled pulling off her girlfriend's jacket when the stab wound reopened and started turning black!

"What in the hell?" Ashley said

Not too far from them a certain student started to laugh evilly at this whole thing. While she walked off seeing her work unfold her ex-boyfriend walked over knowing exactly what to do but it couldn't be done here not in the hallway he quick picked up Luna and asked Ashley to use her witchcraft power to teleport them out of the hallway.

"Ashley, you have to teleport us out of here if you really want to save Luna's life!" Tony said

"Nice to see that our friendship hasn't died ever since these years." Ashley said

"Yeah now do it before the bell rings!" Tony said



"W-Where are we…" Luna asked

"Don't worry about that." Tony said

"Kylee must've poisoned and cursed her pocket knife! Ashley do you love Takahashi-chan?" Tony asked

"Well…yeah…I do…"

"You must give her some of your blood you have too or she'll die!"

"I'll do it!" Ashley said cutting her left palm.

"Now gently slid that over Luna's shoulder it should release the curse and poison she'll be bleeding regal red blood." Tony said Ashley did as her friend told her when Luna's should started to turn back to its pale color. When Luna stopped cringing then eased up that's when Ashley did it, she imprinted on Luna to make their love stronger she did love her at first sight when Luna was a freshmen she did it then too but it wasn't strong enough.

"Uhhh…" Luna moaned

"Luna, you okay?" Ashley asked

"Yeah I'm fine…just that…" Luna said coughing fire.

"What was that?" Ashley asked

"I'm a fairy-dragon…" Luna said

"Okay, I have to admit that's a tight combo." Ashley said

"Thanks…" Luna sighed

"Wait…Tony…" Luna said

"Don't worry he's a friend actually his stayed back to protect you for me." Ashley said

"Is that true Tony?" Luna asked

"Yes every single word."

"Cool! Umm Tony did you really get Kylee pregnant?" Luna asked

"Not my fault she did that on her own she punch a hole in the condom that's why I broke up with her but I got the kids better with me than her where she'll just use them to hurt Lucine and Drakkar." Tony said

"You're a really good father, Tony." Luna said

"Arigato I really think I am too Brad and Missy were what Kylee wanted to name them so I let her when I took them cuz all she was doing was abuse them I asked if they wanted to change their names and the only one that wanted to was Missy so she's known as Shadow Wolfie "Wolfram" Claw I really like that name. I in fact was going to name her that in the first place."

"That sounds so cool." Ashley said

"I know this is asking much but I have to leave Japan for awhile my uncle in Canada died and they want me to be there since I was the only one that was really close to him. Could you look after Shadow and Brad for me, Ash?" Tony said

"Sure thing I have to look after this one anyways!" Ashley said

"Hey that is so unfair putting out on the spot like that!" Luna pouted

"Don't worry Luna I'm not going to tell anyone you're dating Ashley you two are made for each other." Tony said kissing Luna on the forehead, making Luna blush in embarrassment.

"Ja Ne!"

"Guess Tony's the only friend I have that I can still trust even though I'm his teacher!" Ashley said looking at Luna.

"That's the first kiss you got from a guy wasn't it?" Ashley asked

"Well…umm yeah kinda…" Luna muttered

"Don't worry Tony loves you like a sister now c'mon let's get outta here before the cops find us." Ashley said

"Carry me?" Luna asked

"Yeah." Ashley said picking up Luna, she leaned her head in Ashley's chest.

"Why does love have an age limit? I don't care if we're eight years apart I still love you!" Luna said

"Well I guess it could have an age limit with pedophiles." Ashley said

"What does that make you than?" Luna teased

"I'm a werewolf I imprinted on you it's like love at first sight. I just made it officially when being released from the cruse." Ashley said

"You're really sexy you know that right?" Luna said kissing Ashley's chest.

"When did you get so bold?" Ashley asked kissing Luna's forehead.

"Just that you made me a better person." Luna said

"I get that." Ashley said

"I still think we should tell my parents that we're dating…" Luna said

"I'll just tell me when you're ready I'll be there for you." Ashley said

"I love you, Ashley-chan."

"I love you too, Little Moon." Ashley said when Luna fell asleep.

To be continued