Chapter 1:


We sprinted down a narrow corridor. We were tracking a shadow demon. Those suckers sure knew what they were doing. We were almost near our target when one of his minions came at us. I had my trusty two feet long blade in my left hand. The demon came at me and I sliced it with the blade. It hit his lower calf and it cried out in agony. I brought this blade for a reason. It had major effect on demons.

The demon's eyes were blazing with anger. It came charging at me, but with less force than before because of its wound. Zack, my partner and best friend, decided it was time for him to step in and fight. He used his favorite weapon for killing demons, his silver cavalry saber. He had put a special spell on it before we left. If it made contact with the demon's throat or heart and cut through its flesh, the demon would be dead instantly. That was exactly what he did. He lunged his saber into the demon's heart and made a gash in the demon's body. The demon screeched in pure agony and collapsed to the ground.

"Let's hurry before the target gets away." Zack said and took off running at full speed.

I hurried and ran beside him. We couldn't let the shadow demon get away. We had been tracking it for three days and had finally come this close to killing it.

Zack and I are both fifteen. We have been killing demons and other monsters since we were ten. Now I know what you are thinking, a ten year old learning to kill these monsters? But we had no choice. If we are to stay alive we must know how to defend ourselves. Especially when every supernatural monster was out to kill us. Both of our parents had been killed by demons. We were sent to the Slayer Foundation around the age of nine. We hadn't known each other before then, but we quickly became friends. We depended on each other to survive. Since we began learning how to fight at the S.F. we had always stuck by each other's side. If either of us were struggling with something, the other would help.

Zack was tall and was built with muscles from training. He had shoulder length golden-brown hair and electric blue eyes. He was a pleasant person to be around and always had my back. He was always ready to fight and was wickedly good at it too. I was the best fighter out of the two of us, but he was able to catch up with me at times as well. There was no other partner I would pick for a fight.

My name is Alex Blade. I am two inches shorter than Zack who is six feet. I have long brown hair that goes past my shoulders by a few inches. My eyes, as Zack says, are honey milk brown. Most people say that I am one of the strongest fighters of the entire Slayer Foundation. I'll explain more about the S.F. later.

I saw a figure flicker in front of us. I recognized the shadow demon we were tracking. We were catching up to him!

Let me explain what shadow demons are so you aren't confused. They are creatures of the dark that like to slither around and enjoy killing humans for their own amusement. They are slimy and disgusting creatures. They have really foul odors that they use as a weapon in combat. If you get near one of them you would want to retch on the spot. Most shadow demons are taller than six feet. They have thousands of teeth in their mouths that can pierce flesh easily. They are massive in size and are able to persuade people's minds. To humans, they look like male models because of this force that prevents humans from seeing what they really look like. Although, personally I don't know how a human can ever think that they did.

I am only half human so I can see through the force that shields them and know what they really look like. My other half is demon slayer blood. Demon slayers, as you might have guessed, are warriors trained in fighting to terminate monsters who destroy innocent lives. My sworn oath is to kill every last demon on this planet. I will make them pay for what they did to my parents. They were killed when I was six years old. Zack's parents were killed when he was five. We were sent to a care home, different care homes, and taken care of there. At least, until the S.F. took us out of the place.

Personally I was glad to leave. I always knew there was something different about me and was treated badly at the care home. I never got along with other kids and the people who took care of us were cruel. They never beat us; instead they would use harsh words that some kids shouldn't be allowed to hear at such a young age. When the S.F. came and took me away I was glad. I didn't care that my life would always be in danger. I knew who had killed my parents and I was now skilled enough to track them down and kill them.

Zack flicked his saber from his right hand to his left, his sparring hand. The demon looked back at us with fear in its eyes. It knew we had it cornered. I got my blade ready and sprinted at full speed with Zack right at my side. The demon quickly turned around and got ready to face us, knowing it was pointless to keep running. I glanced at Zack and he nodded. The shadow demon let out its toxic gas, no pun intended, and I quickly used the spell for immunity against foul smells.

I took out my Crystallite and carved the spell markings into my skin. It burned my skin but didn't cut through it. It never did. Only if we tried drawing on a non-demon slayer would it cut through the flesh and possibly kill the person in the process. The markings began to glow a dark purple and I took a breath of the air. No odors at all. Not even the regular smells of New York City.

I looked at Zack and he had done the same thing. But demons don't know about our spells and it was confused that we weren't either choking or retching on the ground. I launched at the demon while it was still confused and my blade tore through its slimy flesh. I got the mark I had aimed for. The creature's big and slimy stomach. It made a huge gash right in the middle of its stomach. Then before it had time to react, I went for its throat. One of Zack's daggers was sunken into the creatures' side. I took it out at lightning speed and used the dagger and my blade to cut its throat. I threw the dagger into the side of his neck and I could see the other end sticking out the other side. Then I used my blade to chop the beasts' head off. It was dead now and the body was already fading away back to its own realm.

Zack gave me a smile. "You didn't need me did you? You could have taken care of it by yourself."

I shrugged. "The dagger helped me out. Plus it's always good to have back up and you're the best back up I have."

Zack's smile grew bigger.

I grabbed the handle of Zack's dagger and pulled it out of the demon's slimy neck. Then I took my cloth out to clean the black blood off of it.

"Let's get back to headquarters and give our report." I said, giving him the dagger back. Headquarters was our nickname for the S.F. it was a long name so we called it headquarters instead.

Zack nodded and took the dagger.

We ran back through alleys avoiding having to go on the streets this late. New York might be fine in daylight, but even if I am a demon slayer, those humans that live here can be really frightening when the sun goes down.

We got out of the city into the deserted building of headquarters. At least, that's what regular humans think headquarters looks like. The S.F. was a massive building. It had a big iron gate wrapped around the whole building to keep "unwanted guests" from entering. The entrance had a charm on it. The only people that could enter were demon slayers or humans that a demon slayer invited in. Demons, vampires, and werewolves couldn't enter. Occasionally a vampire or werewolf could enter through a back door of the S.F. if a demon slayer opens it for them. Warlocks were a whole different matter. If it was a healing warlock then they could enter at any time they wanted as long as a demon slayer or a person who works at the S.F. was inside the building. If it was any other type of warlock, well, we hadn't had any other warlock come here so I don't really know.

We walked inside the doors and were greeted by Lucy. Lucy is the same age as Zack and me. She was beautiful and all the guys drooled over her. All of them except Zack that is. He never really drools over girls he notices them, but nothing else.

Lucy had long blonde hair that went down to her waist. She had pale blue eyes. She was an inch shorter than me and really slender. But don't get fooled by her looks. In battle, if I didn't already have Zack, I would pick her for my partner. She uses a bow and arrow for her main weapon in battle. She had deadly perfect accuracy. She shoots at great speed, after she launches one arrow, before you could blink an eye she already had another arrow coming right after it.

"Did you get the shadow demon?" Lucy asked.

Zack and I broke into grins.

"Do you even need to ask?" We both said.

Lucy smiled with us. "I guess not."

"So what's for dinner?" Zack asked.

I rolled my eyes. If there was one thing Zack liked more than killing demons, it was eating.

"Your favorite." Lucy said.

Zack pumped his fist in the air and cheered.

Lucy and I laughed.

Lucy led us both into the kitchen where everyone was already seated and waiting for us.

Isabelle, the head of the Slayer Foundation, gave us a smile when she saw us.

"I'm guessing you killed your target?" Isabelle asked.

Zack and I both nodded.

"I shouldn't expect any less from my two top fighters." Isabelle said.

I heard Daniel give an annoyed sound.

"What about me?" Daniel asked Isabelle.

"You are improving, but they're still a lot stronger than you." Isabelle said.

Daniel sighed. "I've been training so hard though."

Isabelle nodded. "I know you have. But just training isn't going to make you a better fighter than them and they have been doing this longer than you."

Daniel nodded.

Daniel was thirteen. He had a bit of a temper and could sometimes be sarcastic. But his heart was always in the right place and I think that he will make a great slayer one day.

Daniel had short black hair and smoky gray eyes. He was five foot five in height and had a slender figure. With more training he would gain more muscle and have a bigger build in a couple of years.

Zack and I took our spots at the table. Zack sat on my left side and Lucy on my right. Zack grinned when he saw his plate. He picked up his fork and devoured his food.

I rolled my eyes. "I wouldn't eat that fast Zack. It can't be good for you."

"I doh car. I'm hongre." Zack said between mouthfuls.

I laughed. "Well I do care so slow down."

Zack glared at me for a second then started to slow down. But it was still faster than I would ever eat.

I started to eat my food as well, but at a lot slower pace than Zack.

After we finished eating we gave Isabelle our report.

Isabelle smiled. "Terrific job you two! You defeated the fiend so easily. I'm very impressed."

Zack and I both shrugged. "It was nothing."

Isabelle rolled her eyes.

"So where's Paul gone too?" I asked.

Paul is Isabelle's husband and a wickedly awesome demon slayer. I might be the best slayer for my own age, but he was a lot stronger than me between all the ages.

"Out patrolling the perimeter. The humans are having a huge party tomorrow night. My sources say that a demon is going to be at the party and is going to lure humans to it and is going to either kill them or eat their flesh." Isabelle explained.

The rest of us shuddered. Eating a humans flesh. Those demons are repulsive creatures that shouldn't be allowed to exist in this world.

We all got up from the table and walked back to our rooms. Daniel went back to the combat room to train.

When I got into my room, I plopped down on my bed and got out my sketch pad. Whenever I'm bored, I like to draw. Zack saw one of my drawings once and said I was really talented. But I still wacked him because he only saw the drawing because he had stolen my sketch pad.

I began to sketch out the battle we had earlier. I drew Zack with his saber and dagger in his hand, charging at the shadow beasts' minion. I drew his face with great detail. The way it always got so serious and deadly when he was in combat mode. His eyes showed the cold hatred he had for demons. I also drew me beside him with my blade ready to strike at the minion. Next, I drew the demon minion with all its disgusting features.

When I was done, I decided to catch up on my sleep. I haven't gotten much because we had been tracking for the past couple of days and didn't have time for a lot of sleep.

I saw Zack and another guy in the dream. They both were loaded with weapons and were charging at a clan of werewolves. I was with them in the dream and my blade was flashing brightly while I was charging. I didn't recognize the other guy with us. I've never seen him before. The werewolf strikes at the guy and I cried out. I didn't want the guy to get hurt. In my dream I felt like I knew him personally. The werewolf made a deep gash in the middle of his chest and the guy collapsed to the ground.

I woke up sweating and breathing heavily. I looked at the clock beside my bed. Eleven o'clock in the morning. I sat up and swung my feet over the side of my bed. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

My mind kept wandering back to last night. Who was the other guy in the dream? Why did I freak out when he got hurt? It felt like my heart was being shredded into a million pieces when he got attacked.

I shook the thoughts out of my head and turned the water off. I threw on my white blouse and my favorite jeans that Zack joked about me looking cute in. At least I assumed he was joking. It was hard to tell when he was being serious or not.

I put my slayer belt on. It had three daggers on the right side, and my Crystallite on the left side.

I walked out my room and almost ran into Zack. He was wearing his favorite black shirt and leather jacket. He had his jeans on and had his slayer belt on as well. We never went anywhere without our gear. No matter where we were.

"Isabelle wanted me to come and get you. She says that we have another mission today." Zack said.

I nodded and followed him into the kitchen. Lucy and Isabelle were the only ones there, along with Paul.

Paul had a huge built body from many years of slaying. He had dirty blonde hair that was an inch above his shoulders. His eyes were a hazel blue-green and were full of humor and kindness. But they quickly changed in combat to cold and deadly, all warmth gone from them.

"Great you guys are here. Remember the huge party the humans are having? I need you two to be there and watch out for any sights of the demon." Isabelle said.

Zack and I nodded.

"What time do we need to be there? Also where is the place?" Zack asked.

"It's at midnight. We'll send you the coordinates to where it is once you leave. For now you can just stay here until it's time." Paul said.

Zack looked at me. "So what do we do until it's time?"

I shrugged. "Go get a bite to eat?"

Zack and I walked out of the kitchen and out of the building.

I could feel Zack's gaze on me and I turned to face him.

"What?" I asked.

Zack shook his head. "It's nothing."

I frowned.

We walked outside the iron gate and Zack suggested going to our usual diner.

I nodded with a grin. "I've really been craving some Werecakes."

Werecakes are pancakes that were discovered by werewolves and are a demon slayers favorite food, well, all the demon slayers we know. They have all the nutrition's a human need for a year. But for demon slayers, it isn't enough. We have to eat a lot because we run out of energy twice as fast as any human.

We didn't bother charming our appearance because it didn't matter if a human saw us. We weren't hunting so we didn't need to be so secretive.

We got glances from girls and guys our age. We're pretty good-looking compared to regular humans so we usually got stares when humans saw us. I didn't really see how we were though. I never was that type of girl so I just ignored the stares.

We walked to the deserted part of the city, well, to humans it was deserted. To us it was packed with creatures. Everywhere we looked we saw creatures and other demon slayers. I saw warlocks mostly because they like hanging around here almost as much as we do.

We walked into our favorite diner as well as getting glances from some other people. Well, they were people to us. We sat down in a booth in the back. Zack sitting across from me. A female warlock came over to our table and asked for our order. I could tell that this was a weak type of warlock and a healing one so I relaxed. I know how some people call the female warlock witches because they have magical powers and some can be evil, but it isn't right to call them that. Most warlocks are our allies and it's disrespectful to be calling a female one a witch.

"We'll have our usual." Zack said.

The warlock nodded and left to get our order.

"I can't wait until midnight." Zack said with a smile.

"Me neither. I'm ready to kick some demon butt and slice it in half." I grinned back.

A male warlock came up to our table.

"Is your name Alex Blade?" The warlock asked Zack.

Zack shook his head and nodded towards me.

"If you're looking for Alex that would be her." Zack said.

The warlock turned towards me.

"I have a message for you." The warlock said.

He dug in his pocket and slipped out a black envelope. It had my name written in cursive on the front.

"Who's it from?" I asked.

"I'm just a messenger I don't ask questions from paying clients." The warlock said simply. He then handed me the letter.

I nodded and he left.

I ripped the envelope open and a letter fell out.

Zack raised an eyebrow.

I unfolded the letter and read it aloud.

Dear Alex Blade,

I would like to meet you in exactly three weeks. My name is Louis Thornheart. The place I want you to meet me is at the largest hotel in New York. I am on the top floor and my room number is 4C. You can bring one friend with you if you think it is necessary. I will cause you no harm I just want to chat with you about something urgent.


Louis Thornheart

Zack frowned. "Should we go?"

"I'll ask Isabelle what she thinks and decide." I said.

Zack nodded.

The waitress came back with our meal and we dug in.

Once we were done we left our tip on the table and walked back to headquarters.

Once we got there, we went and told Isabelle about the letter.

Isabelle frowned in thought. "Well it could be a trap, or not. The letter doesn't say that you can't bring your weapons so you'll be safe if it is actually a trap. But I don't think it is. He's letting you bring a friend and all your weapons so I don't think he's planning on hurting you. But either way you should be very cautious."

Zack and I nodded.