Chapter 5:


I looked from side to side but there was nothing. No demons. I frowned and took out my tracker. I swung around in a full circle. The tracker didn't pick up anything. I looked at Alex and raised an eyebrow.

"I thought she said there were high readings of demons lately? So far I'm not getting zip." I said.

Alex frowned thoughtfully. "Let's try in a different area."

I nodded and we walked off. I kept swinging the tracker around for traces but still there was nothing. That can't be possible. Isabelle said there were high readings and she never lies. Something was up. I turned to Alex.

"I think we should go back to headquarters. I'm getting nothing." I said.

Alex shook her head and put a finger to her lips. She cupped a hand around her ear and closed her eyes. I stopped where I was and listened as well. I didn't hear anything. But that didn't mean anything. Alex had always had better hearing than I did.

Alex's eyes flicked open. She turned her head to the right.

"I'm picking up something from over there. It's doesn't sound normal." Alex said.

Not being normal meant that it was a demon or had demon blood in its DNA.

"Well let's hurry up and go to it." I said.

Alex took off at her full speed and I sprinted as well matching her pace.

We rounded the corner and stopped in our tracks. What we saw was completely repulsive.

A vampire was kneeling over a human girl and had his fangs out. Blood was dripping from the tips of the fangs and the girl had a huge wound on the inside of her wrist where he must have bitten her. The girl looked like she was unconcious. The vampire released the girl when he saw us, but his eyes kept darting to her. He must have been extremely hungry to be this distracted. Usually, vampires were really focused on the enemy.

I took out my saber and pointed it at the vampire, ready to launch if it tries to harm the girl again.

The vampire snarled. "Leave me alone slayer. This is of no business to you."

"Actually it is. We slay demons and you are half demon. Also, you've fed on a human. So you've made it our business." Alex glared at the monster.

The vampire eyed my weapon with a glare. "Put your toy down slayer. If I don't feed on a human how am I to survive? Have you ever thought that humans do the same as us vampires? They kill and eat animals the same way I do. Except I drink blood and they eat the meat."

The vampire did have a point, but it still doesn't make it right.

"You've had your fill now let her live and we won't harm you." I said.

The vampire chuckled, but his eyes were cold and showed no hint of humor in them. "Harm me? Like a child had the strength to ever do that. Even if you are a slayer."

I smirked. "Oh, really? Well because for your information, I've slayed lots of vampires and didn't have a problem. Just watch out for the fangs and you're safe."

"That may be true, but I'm not any regular vampire." The vampire flashed his fangs at us in a warning gesture that was meant to threaten us. As if!

"Oh yeah? What makes you so special?" Alex smirked as well. His fangs certainly didn't frighten her either.

"I'm the leader of all the vampires you and your fellow slayers have ever killed. I have more power than you could ever imagine." The vampire smiled. It showed no kindness at all.

"Wow, I'm so scared! Please don't harm me! I'll do anything!" I mocked being frightened.

The vampire glared. If he had lasers for eyes, I would have been burned to ashes from the look he was giving me. Ah, that's what made this job so much fun. Antagonizing demons was always a pleasure.

"I've had enough of you. I'll spare your life for now, but your time will come soon. Until we meet again slayer." The vampire said and left at a superhuman speed.

I turned to Alex. "Well he was a pleasant fellow."

Alex rolled her eyes. "What did you expect?"

"That he would be on his knees begging for us not kill him. Or at least crying for his vampire mommy." I said.

"Really? Because we've never come across a vampire that did that before." Alex said.

I grinned. "Aren't you forgetting what happened in London?"

Alex laughed. "I forgot about that one. He was a pathetic excuse for a vampire."

I nodded. That was a funny day. When the vampire we had been tracking laid eyes on our weapons, we could hear the sound of running liquid running down his pants and onto the cold, cobble ground. It had been hilarious.

I picked up the girl and looked at Alex.

"Let's take her to a hospital quickly." I said.

Alex nodded and we raced to the hospital. We made it there in a couple of minutes using our full speed.

We removed our markings and entered the hospital.

We told the receptionist that we had found the girl in an alley like this. She called for someone to get the girl.

There were soon two nurses and a doctor rolling a stretcher. I put the girl onto the stretcher and the doctor's asked us if we knew how it happened.

I couldn't tell him the truth or he'd think I was nuts so I just shook my head.

"When we got there she was like this." I said.

The doctor nodded and took off with the girl. Alex and I left the hospital quickly and ran to a corner so we could put our invisibility spell on. We didn't want the doctors realizing the weapons we had with us.

"Let's get back to headquarters and report." I said.

Alex frowned. "I guess Isabelle had been wrong."

That made me suspicious. It had never happened before. Isabelle was never wrong about the demon levels.

We headed back to headquarters where we saw something I had never thought I would see for as long as I lived at the S.F.

Isabelle was there with her legendary dragon sword. She was slashing out at Daniel. Daniel kept crying out for her to stop but she wasn't listening.

Fury built up inside me. What was she doing? Alex acted quicker than me. She had her blade in her left hand and was charging at Isabelle. I followed suit and went to Daniel's aid.

"What are you doing?" I snapped at Isabelle.

"He's a traitor. I caught him planning an attack with a vampire!" Isabelle snarled.

Daniel shook his head quickly. Fear was flashing in his tear stricken eyes.

"No she's lying. I caught her talking to a vampire hologram in her study and she saw me. I ran as fast as I could, but she was too quick. I managed to get out here and stall her. She lied to you about the demons. There were none. She needed you out of here so she could plan." Daniel whimpered.

"Shut your yap traitor!" Isabelle snapped.

Daniel cried out. She had striked at him in the thigh with her sword. Daniel was now bleeding heavily. What he really needed right now was to lie down and be tended too.

I knew Daniel was telling the truth. I don't know how I knew, I just did.

I quickly turned to Isabelle and lunged. My saber plunged into her lower calf. She cried out in pain. Alex hit her with her blade in the shoulder tearing a thin, but deep cut on her skin.

"Stop it! What are you two doing?" Isabelle screeched.

I glared at her. "I'm saving Daniel's life. You can cut the act Isabelle. I know you're lying."

For a moment I saw disbelief in her eyes, but it quickly vanished. It was replaced with a knowing fear. In that moment, I knew for a fact that she had betrayed us.

"I'm sorry." I whispered.

Then I struck my saber into her chest. Blood poured out and soaked her body. She collapsed onto the ground. The life soon flickered out of her eyes.

Isabelle was dead.

Dunn Dunn Dunnnn….ah Isabelle was a twist aye? I tried to throw something in there that would be a sort of clincher. Did I fail? It wasn't the best, but yeah I had to throw it in there cause after her betrayal the story kind of sets its self-up for me. But! Please let me know if I need to fix anything for my story. But please nothing super long like one of my reviewers because even though I'm glad for some pointers, it was a little over the top…but still help is always welcomed to my stories! Because the truth is, the first two chapters of this story I wrote in fourth grade, so the structure wasn't the greatest. I had written it all down in a notebook at one time, and during sixth grade I had found it in the back of my closet when we were in the middle of moving. I thought, hmmm not a bad start I might be able to work on this sooo yeah that's the big masterpiece behind this story….anyways, I think I've blabbed on enough sooooo goodbye and please R&R! :D Ohh and this was definitely a short chapter after the long wait, but the next should be longer soo yeahh.