no rhyme or simple melody can wind
itself around the city; these chanted
charms are not enough to interlace
the threads of this symphony—brassy
thick-stemmed sounds of trumpets and
crystal voices of silver flutes tumbling
in broken harmony over the walls:
a layer of mermaid scales.


i trace the gilded accents of
this spindle that will capture me in
the tide of this deep dream, spin
me a lullaby riddled with nectar and
honey. i've left my breath far
behind in pursuit of the shooting
stars anchored here, cutting my
feet on the diamonds in the sand.

blinded by the light tangled in the
facets of every stone, every corner
leading onward into the showers
of pale dawn where night and day
are charged with color,
losing all distinction.

i am chasing
seconds of insomnia:
the price of paradise.

lost abroad
in clichés of summer nights and
lightning bugs—a fantasia worthy
of looping through the chain link,
locking in place. this is the sweet
discord of thorny roses, crossing
memory lanes; i'll wander through.
this splendor has swallowed me whole.

the city lights the dreams
i smile into.