Chapter one: Gargoyle's Rage Seventy-three years ago, the human race was nearly extinct. Forty-two years before that, the vampires began a massacre. Twenty-one years before that, there was supposed to be a cure that changed everyone's lives. Well… It did. Now humans were used much like livestock, only to be used for food. Werewolves took care of the humans, but the vampires lived in luxury in high estates and did whatever they pleased. Gargoyles? Well, they're about to get real serious. Soon. When the vampires took over, they destroyed many buildings to where they were only ruins now. There was barely any plant life or any wildlife anymore. There was dead, dried grass everywhere and the trees were blackened. The only other kind of life there was, were annoying flies and roaches. No one really understood why so much died here, but no one really cared either. The skies constantly had clouds, so the vampires could roam wherever they pleased, but only for a time. Even though the sky was covered, the sun still shone on the other side. The vampires, being the smart bloodsuckers they are, decided not to risk anything and wait till the twilight came to roam about. There were ranches, just for the humans. Ah, yes, the humans. How did they survive if there is no food for them? Simple, the werewolves made them eat the dried grass and even the bugs. Some smaller humans were used for pets for the younger werewolves or vampires. Other then that, humans were only used for food. "Ah! No! Please!" A woman begged, struggling to get out of the grasp of tow farmer wolves. "Maybe we would've been nicer if you weren't a runaway!" snarled one of them. The woman struggled more, wanting to run into the ruined building behind them for safety. She screamed, begged and pleaded them to let her go, but they were just as stubborn as she was. "Well," Started a calm, dull tone. The two werewolves looked up at the top of the ruined building. Standing there, was a stone creature with two curved, black horns, icy blue eyes, a large crack on the right side of its head and one under its right eye, three toes and fingers, curved wings and a long tail with a thin spike at the end of it. The creature sighed, hopping down to "greet" the wolves itself. "Now, I know that you two know how to treat a lady. So there shouldn't been any call for it." It said. Its voice sounded as if it were a male, and remained at the same dull, calming tone. "She's ours! She's just a stupid runaway human!" Shouted the one werewolf that had snapped at the woman earlier. "I agree, humans aren't the brightest creatures. But they do need to be respected. After all, without them, you all would starve to death." The woman continued to struggle out of the two wolves grasp, muttering swears under her breath. "Curs, pigs, rats! You're all nothing but stupid-" "Shaddup!" Snarled the other wolf, snapping his jaw to scare the female. The stone creature sighed. "I have to admit, she's right about you being curs-"And with that, the two night dogs charged after him, claws and jaws ready for attack. The creature sighed as he simply turned sideways and let his claws do all the work. Before the werewolves knew it, the creature's claws dug into their sides, causing them to howl with pain. They fell to the ground when the stone beast's claws caught on their ribs. "Morons…" He hissed, glaring at the two, causing them to shiver in response. The creature took his claws out of the two and turn to the woman, but she was gone. Probably ran off again… The creature sighed and turned to take off, stretching his wings. He heard something move and when he was about to turn for a third time, a force struck him back, slamming his back on the tree. He looked up and saw the woman, a thick rusty pipe in her hands. "Who and what are you and why did you save me?" She growled. He stood up slowly, raising his claws up to show no harm. He only looked at her with cold ice blue eyes. "Who and what are you?" She screamed, threatening him with the pipe. He stretched his bat-like wings and only spoke one word, "Gargoyle." And took off with incredible speed. The woman only stood there, mouth agape. He landed on top of an old bell tower. Sure, it was stereotypical for a gargoyle to be in a place like that, but he liked it. It was a place that was quiet and safe… For the most part. The tower was old and it was only a matter of time before the vampires take it for their own. He sighed and sat on the ledge. The ruined town seemed interesting to look at when he was up here; high above the town. It was like looking back on what happened, trying to figure out what made this what it was now and who once lived here. Sure, this gargoyle wasn't the most poetic, but why would he? There was no one around for him, not that he didn't mind being alone. He never really felt lonely, nor did he care about what happened to another race. The only reason why he saved the woman was because he knew it was wrong. He knew that what the werewolves were doing was wrong. He knew everything around him, was wrong. That's why he was saving and rescuing the humans; because they were meant to rule. He didn't care for the fame or glory, or what would happen to him if this was all done. He just wanted to do the right thing. The gargoyle has a name: Kamara. The name meant rogue in a different language. He didn't remember where it was from, but he liked the sound of it. His tail moved about on the stone floor as he sat, letting his thoughts wander. "Well, well, well…" Started a voice, which had an odd accent. "Lookie who we have here…" Vampire… Kamara stood and spun around quickly. He was right. The vamp looked young, probably only a few decades old. Thing must've been one hell of a human then in the past… "I thought I would never see a gargoyle. But, I suppose I was wrong…" His voice was taunting, mocking, and irritating to Kamara, but he tried to keep his temper down. "What do you want?" Kamara asked through clenched teeth. The vampire sighed. "Is that any way to treat a guest?" No reply. "Ah well… Any who, I have a l'il job for ya." Kamara turned his head to the side slightly, showing interest. The vampire chuckled. "I thought that might get your interest…" "The job?" The vampire smirked. "Ah, you're an impatient one, aren't ya?" He purred. "Anyway, yes. A job. As you see, towns like these have been ruined for a good couple ah centuries." Kamara nodded. "Your point?" He asked impatiently. God, he hated vampires… "Just wait!" The vampire snapped. "My point is, these used to be thriving towns and whetnot, and we vampires are running low on food. We both team up and we can accomplish more than ya think!" Kamara didn't even have to think about this. "No." The vampire looked flabbergasted. "Wha-What?" He stammered. "No. I refuse to work with a blood-sucker like you. Go away." Kamara growled. The vampire quickly stepped in front of him, hoping to try some reasoning. "Come on! You're the remaining few of your kind! Don't you want to make the vampire empire, heh that rhymed, suffer?" Kamara gave him an odd look. Why was this vamp pushing him so much? "I said, no. Your kind was the reason for mine's disappearance. I refuse to work with or for the likes of you." The vampire was getting irritated at this. "So, what, you think you're more superior than me?" "Blood-sucker, you are much more inferior compared to me. I could kill you with a simple object that is made of wood and has a point. I could torture you by making a cross touch your skin and pour holy water on you. Gargoyles are made of stone. We have no weaknesses." Kamara growled. "Besides, why would I work with you if I don't even know your own name?" The vampire snapped out of his little daze and chuckled. "My apologizes, my name is Sakura. And you are…?" "Kamara." Sakura nodded in approval. "Good name, has a nice ring to it, eh? Anyway, still 'no' for the work, hm?" Kamara nodded. Sakura sighed. "Hm, very well then. I suppose I'm off then." He turned and walked towards the edge of the tower. "Oh, and by the way…" He looked over his shoulder to look at the gargoyle. "You aren't the last one. Your kind is actually slaves. The only reason why no one's caught you is because you are ruthless and you fight back no matter what. Why else would a vamp like me, ask someone like you for assistance?" Before anything else, he leaned over the edge and fell. Kamara didn't even bother to look. Sure, if the vamp dies, he dies. Nothing to worry about. But he didn't hear a body fall onto the pavement. Carefully, he walked slowly to the edge and looked over. Nothing… Nothing at all… "Nice l'il trick, eh?" Kamara quickly spun around to see the vampire once more, but in a different appearance. Before, he wore a crimson robe with a hood that hid his face. Now the gargoyle could actually see the vamp. He had black hair, red eyes (a normal thing for vampires), his bangs were silver. He wore a dark blue shirt with a crimson claw design on his sides and dark jeans. Perhaps now, he was changed when he was only a teenager… "Nice accent I did, huh? Not one of my best though. But you had to admit, it was a damn good British accent, huh?" Sakura chuckled. Kamara only glared at him. Sakura's chuckling died down. "Sorry, but how else was I gonna get you to listen to me?" "What do you want?" Kamara growled through clenched teeth. "I already told you. Our food's going down and we think-" "Who's we?" Sakura sighed. "You gotta let me finish a sentence, 'kay?" Kamara growled again, tail twitching in irritation, but he remained quiet. "We think that if humans thought they ruled again, our food supply will grow again." Kamara only stood there in silence for a while before asking, "Are you finished?" Sakura nodded. "And I already told you, I am NOT going to work with or for a blood-sucker like you! Humans are supposed to rule!" "Humans are now food! They don't rule anymore!" Kamara gritted his teeth. "YOU used to be a human, or did you forget that?" Sakura shrugged. "No matter anymore. I'm more superior to humans now. Their only purpose is to be our food." Kamara had it. He charged after that vampire in rage. Sakura took off, knowing that he ticked off the stone creature. "Why do you care for the humans? They were the ones that enslaved your kind!" "This is not about my kind!" Kamara snarled, clawing at Sakura. "This is about your stupid ways and how you practically ruined everything that I once knew! Ruined things that I don't even remember anymore! Everything!" Kamara couldn't control his voice anymore. He was shouting so loud that Sakura's ears began to hurt. If he was human, his ears would've definitely been bleeding… Sakura thought fast and in a second, he was gone. Kamara stood there, on the top of the tower, in full rage, looking for the irritating vampire. He couldn't have just disappeared into thin air… Could he? After standing there, panting and looking around, he finally calmed and came to the decision that Sakura could teleport, even though it seemed highly unlikely. After four days and three nights passed (he could detect days when he "slept" through the light hours), he started flying towards an old library. The library used to have lion-like gargoyles there, until the vampires took control and destroyed them. Kamara wondered what it must feel to die in his sleep, but the thought sent chills up his back after only a few seconds of thinking it. The building inside was dank and dim. Most of the books couldn't even be read because of the moist air inside affected the pages greatly. He hadn't been there in a while, so he supposed that there would be peace and quiet there at least (owls have a tendency to follow gargoyles around since both are creatures of the night). The library building had large gaping hole on the roof. It was large enough for Kamara to land inside without using the rotting wood door. The outside walls were covered with vines and green/blue moss or mold. The inside had a few vines in there as well. It also stank because of the moss and mold, but Kamara could not smell. It was one of the many advantages of being a gargoyle. Once he landed inside, a few ravens flew off, shrieking their annoying calling. No one hunted ravens or crows because everyone thought that they were creatures of pure evil and dark magic. If someone were to eat one, it is said that the raven's flesh would turn on you and the talons would somehow find you and choke you in your sleep, and the raven's head would peck and eat your own eyes. Kamara shuddered at the thought and went back to what he was supposed to be doing. He looked around the old library for something… A very old, thick, book. He remembered it had a dark, blood-red cover and the words were gray. Where was it…? A raven flew down and landed on the library desk. Kamara looked over at it and two things came to his mind. One of them was the image of himself being chocked and eyes eaten. The other was a little voice that popped into his mind… He remembered reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland years ago… "Why is a raven like a writing desk?" It was a thought that puzzled him, even now still, but it was the mad hatter after all. He wasn't supposed to make sense. The raven cawed at him, causing him to snap back into reality and walked down the basement of the building. He looked… And looked… And looked, but he could not find the book. Perhaps it's upstairs after all… He thought and retreated to the stairwell. Before he could even get his foot on the first step, he heard a 'caw!' behind him. Slowly, he turned, seeing a raven perched on a blood-red book. He walked over to it, but was unsure how to remove the book from under the bird. As if it knew what he was thinking, it flew off. He picked the book up, figuring he could ask himself later and opened the book to the first page. Blank. He kept turning the pages, until he found something that caught his interest. "Charms of Amidarus…" He muttered as he read the line. He heard the 'caw' of the raven again and decided to go upstairs. He continued reading the paragraph, until- "So! You think that you would be smart and figure this out yourself, huh?" Kamara snapped his head up, looking straight at the black and silver haired vampire that he spoke to three nights ago. "You're after the charms too huh?" Sakura accused, pointing at the gargoyle. "Uh…" Kamara muttered. His mind was elsewhere, so no proper words could come out. What was he talking about? What are these charms? Why was he getting all defensive about it? "Don't play innocent with me! I know what you're after!" Kamara needed to get out of here, and fast. The vamp's gone nuts! Ha! I knew one of them would crack soon! Quickly, he flapped his wings as strong as he could to get out of the area, clutching the book in his claws. The vampire vanished, but then appeared again in front of Kamara, pure rage in his eyes. "I have no idea what the hell you're talking about!" He shouted, but Sakura didn't pay any attention to him. He was lying, he knew it! They all tried to deny, but in the end, they tried to betray him and get the charms themselves. "Not this time! Not again!" With the struggle in the air, Kamara had finally managed to kick Sakura's face, which knocked him off of him, but he caught the book. "I won't have another charm slip from me!" Sakura was insane! What on Earth was he blubbering about? Kamara tried to yank the book from Sakura's grasp, but that ended up with the pages falling out of the book. Sakura smiled and even started chuckling as he fell. And with a second, he vanished once more. This left Kamara puzzled and left him wondering what was so special about the Charms of Amidarus?