I close my eyes for only a second

When I open them, you are gone

You promised you would stay

You said we were forever

Is it my fault for believing?

Or is it yours for lying?

I hoped you would be the one

But you said goodbye so easily

All I can do now is watch

You leave me behind with nothing

I gave you everything

But it wasn't enough

You were once my dream

Now you are a nightmare

You broke me

You look away

I call out once more

You become deaf

You no longer see me

You became blind

Even if I try to speak

I become mute

You destroyed me so much

What else can I do?


Till the sun sets

And the moon rises

Till the sun returns

And the moon falls

Cry with every beat of my heart

I must let go of every breathe I had for you

Cry till I can no longer feel

Cry till I can no longer taste

Cry till the pain is numb

Cry till you are no more

Everything I have left of you

I must let go

Cry with every ounce of my energy

Let go of all my emotion for you

My anger

My love

My hatred

My care

My worry

My happiness

My sadness

My pain

Everything I had for you must be gone

Cry till you are forever gone

Forever in the end became tears

But tomorrow I will smile

Today I will cry