The brotherhood of the Traveling Underwear

The year was 1943 and Mitch had just purchased a new pair of Pearl's Wool Undergarments; they were siad to be the best underwear in teh history of the world, so he bought a pair. When Mitch got home, he found that the add did not lie, he rushed into the living room and told his wife that he had purchased the most comfortable pair of underwear in the world. Later that year his wife divorced him, her reasoning: obsessive about underwear.

Despite the fact that he was divorced, Mitch still had six kids with his ex wfe; five of which were girls. Brad, Mitch's son, was the next in line to inherit the wool underwear, but he would have to go through hsi sisters to get them. AFter much fighting, Mitch said that the underwear would just be shared. Each member of the family (excluding his ex-wife) would wear the underwear one day of the week. This plan worked brilliantly until, it was time to pass the underwear again. It was decided that the fried person to have children would get to pass teh underwear done. Surprisingly the first to have children was the youngest daughter, Agatha.