Note: Even though the time period is set in the 1900s, this story is not chronologically accurate. This story is purely fictional and is not meant to be a direct translation of the 1900s.

"No, please don't take her from me!"

"I will return her to you when you behave! I promise you, I will break her in front of your eyes if you cross me again!"

There was a young boy, gripping an older woman's leg, bawling his eyes out. The older woman struggled to get through a door, but the excess weight of the boy and a bunny-like object in her hand made it near impossible. With one final act of strength, she kicked the boy aside and ran out, slamming the door shut.

"Nnnn, she took her…" the boy lamented. He continued to sob, not even feeling the pain of the kick he received.

This boy was Yuri Forsythe, about 8 years of age. He didn't appear to be tall, but he was never the one to worry about that. He had warm inviting lavender eyes that were now amassed with melancholy and had semi-long platinum hair, ruffled by the impact. His outfit would be considered a bit orthodox, but only to people who have not seen him before. Yuri had a rather black Victorian-style jacket that was closed at the moment, creating the illusion that he was shirtless underneath. The pants he wore were possibly made of sterling silver, but in reality, they were just painted with a silver color. The remainder of the outfit consisted of short black boots on his feet and a gold necklace on his neck.

Although he appeared to be young, Yuri had the mind of an adult. The only instance when that persona faded is when it involved the bunny-like object that was taken away from him. Yuri appointed the name Celes to the object, and he treasured it as if it were a little sister.

He received the object four years ago, as a gift for his fourth birthday. His mother Mana, the woman who took the doll away, decided that it would be the perfect thing for him. Little did she know, it would prove to be a grave mistake. Throughout the four years with the doll, Yuri ignored the outside world, even his siblings and mother. Mana assumed that it was just a phase and it would fade away soon. However, it never did; in fact, it got worse.

The Forsythe family is imbued with the magic, and Mana warned her offspring that they would not use it without her permission. A year earlier, Yuri used a spell to make Celes come to life. The mother assumed that Yuri was playing with one of his siblings. When she heard an unknown voice utter…

Thank you so much for freeing me, Yuri-kun…

…it was at that moment that Mana starting taking the doll away whenever she heard the doll talk. It happened seven times after the first incident, and each time, Mana always threatened to break it. She was never able to do it. She knew it would torment Yuri, but she wanted to teach him a lesson somehow. In the past four years, she never found one, and has yet to find one.

"Mama might have taken Celes away, but she won't stop our bond."

When Yuri uttered this, he went into deep thought and his hair started to rise a little from gravity. He had just conjured a telepathic spell that was only applied to Celes. He had another telepathic spell for everyone else, but he mostly used the special version. The invisible spell struck the doll and the spell was linked.

Celes-chan, can you hear me?

Yuri-kun? The doll had the voice of a young girl, and her tone was semi-pained. What are you doing? If your mom finds out we're talking like this, she'll break me!

She won't. She always says that, but she can never abide by that promise. Are you doing okay? You sound hurt….

Yes, I'm okay. Ngh, your mom has a tight grip. I feel as though she's crushing my organs…

How I wish I could help you, Celes-chan…

The doll let out a weak chuckle. Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. It's so nice that you care about me.

Yuri couldn't think of anything to say.

I'll try communicating with you later, Yuri-kun, when I'm not having my organs pulverized.

Yuri heard the doll let out a reassuring giggle, to which he replied: All right. You'll get through this, Celes-chan.

The spell was broken and Yuri let out a sigh mixed with relief and worry. The tears were starting to dry and his body regained balance.

"That foolish boy… I specifically told him not to use magic without my permission!"

Mana continued to grip the object in her hand, narrowing her almond-colored eyes and walking along a hallway. Grumbling to herself, she sporadically glanced at the doll.

She was a rather old woman, about 47 years of age, yet she appeared to have the body and the face of a 20 year old. Her straight long hair held that effect, as well. It was meant to be grey, yet it could easily be mistaken for silver. Her demeanor, although cruel, is meant to better her sons and daughter. Even if they take her words out of context, Mana can at least sleep in satisfaction. Much like Yuri, Mana's outfit was Victorian; a white dress with elegant patterns racing through it. Her neck and cleavage were partially bare, with a platinum heart necklace providing some privacy. She had silver bangles on her wrists and crystal heels graced her feet.

Mana had more magic than her offspring combined, up to the point that she can kill a human with a simple flick of the hand. This was only when she was truly aggravated, however, and it can be directed to anyone, even her offspring.

Mana's husband, Tadao, unfortunately passed away 10 years ago. Tadao was 36 when he was diagnosed with coronary heart disease, nine years after marrying Mana. He was able to live for a few months before dying from a failed heart. The young woman, at the time, wanted to erase the disease with her magic. However, Tadao was oblivious to the concept, and Mana didn't want to scare him. Unfortunately for the two of them, Tadao's life was unable to be saved, and he was never able to see Yuri come to life.

For Mana, it was a rough 11 years after Tadao's death, and she didn't want to let him down, even in the afterlife. She dearly loved him, and there was one phrase that her husband uttered in his final hours that made her whimper every time she remembered it.

If there's anything I cherished in the nine years we've been together…it's that I was glad to see you as my final vision. Please…take care of the kids, and tell any upcoming children that their father will always watch over them… I love you, Mana.

She knew that she couldn't ignore his wish, and it was from that moment that Mana developed a stern personality with her offspring. She needed to have the body of a mother with the aura of a male figure residing inside to create the illusion of a father. Since Yuri was not able to see his father, he can at least see a glimpse of him in Mana.

"Now, I'll put you here. You better not run away from me this time," Mana uttered as she entered her room. She walked towards a drawer with a small pedestal on top of it and placed the doll on it. She giggled and winked at it, as if she were truly talking to it.

"If you run again, I'll be forced to break you!" she happily warned.

With that said, Mana exited her room and slammed the door shut, sending a loud echo throughout the house. The doll was staring at the door, its eyes in stilled fear and pain.

The doll itself was pretty plain, but to Yuri, it was the greatest treasure he ever received. It was made of marble, with wide eyes that had purple irises, a mouth that was formed into a petite smile, and hair that was a deep blue color. The clothing was considered elegant, for it was a one-piece white dress that had pink frills on the corners of it, and stunning white heels with sheer white stockings.

On the head, there was a bunny ear headband, but it was never included when Yuri first received the doll. The young boy knew that the doll was beautiful, but he felt that it needed something extra. When he was six years old, Yuri crafted a makeshift bunny-ear headband with two pieces of fluff and a small wooden board. When he became a bit more advanced with magic, he was able to create an authentic bunny-ear headband. The headband was removable, whether the doll was animated or not.

At this moment, the ears were starting to droop slightly.

"Hm, looks like nii-chan got in trouble again. Will he ever learn?"

There was a young girl sitting on a chair, her eyes sullen yet disappointed. There was a small mirror-like orb floating around her. This girl was Asami Forsythe, 15 years of age and older sister of Yuri. She was a rather fair maiden, with crystal eyes that contained the embodiment of the color blue in them. Her hair was tied in a small ponytail that was dyed in a sunset color. She didn't appear to have the bust of a growing woman, but what did it matter to her?

Asami's outfit was fairly casual; a short white gothic-style vest with a red dress shirt underneath, a black three-layered tiered skirt that nearly reached her ankles, and a pair of white Victorian-style boots. There were two gold hoop earrings dangling from her ears.

While she is the older sister of Yuri, Asami isn't really that loud-spoken. She's timid most of the time, and the only time she speaks a lot is when it concerns her family. In terms of magic, she's better than Yuri, but less than Mana. She can use telekinesis, but she isn't that strong with that. She can lift light to medium weight objects and, in rare cases, distort a human body. She has other magic, but she mainly likes telekinesis.

As for the organ distortion, it happened a few years ago. Asami was minding her own business when an attacker rushed her. The attacker had just made off with stolen goods and threatened to kill Asami if she stopped him. Scared, Asami couldn't control her power, and in seconds, the attacker started to feel some internal pain. Unfortunately for him, his heart was beating rapidly, but that wasn't the worst of it. He felt his ribs close in, his bones disjoint, and his overall body caving in on him. Asami could remember the pained yell the attacker made before he lost his life. All that was left was a body that was so deformed it couldn't be identified as a human being anymore.

Asami kept the secret from her family for quite some time, and she considered it to be a sin against her mother. If Mana were to find out about her illicitness, she would truly make Asami pay.

"Asami-san, may I talk to you for a bit?"

The teenager gasped as she heard her mother's voice. The mirrored orb quickly landed in front of her lap and she tried to keep her composure.

"Yes, mother?" Asami calmly asked.

Mana opened the door and saw her daughter. There was a worried look in those almond eyes.

"Mother, is it about Yuri?"

Mana gasped as she lowered her eyes.

Asami continued, "I overheard the two of you yelling earlier. Did he get caught with reanimation?"

The mother nodded slowly. "Yes… I just don't know what to do, Asami-san. No matter how hard I try to change him, he never listens. He needs to know that living in this place is dangerous if he can't control his powers."

Asami softly laughed. "He must really love that doll so much that he has to bring it to life. But he needs to know that loving an inanimate object is futile. I'm not even sure what he truly thinks of that doll."

"I want to teach him a lesson," Mana sullenly replied, "but there doesn't seem to be a way that will make him understand. If I break the doll, he'll be eternally sad; if I let it live, then he'll continue to go behind my back…"

Asami smiled softly and brightly stared at her mother. "What if I talk to him, Mother? I'm sure he'll listen to me."

Mana was lightly overjoyed. "Oh, thank you, Asami-san. A word of advice, don't be so hard on him. I'm sure he's still a little rattled after what I did to him."

The teenager got up and walked towards the exit. She was still smiling, and as she passed her mother, Asami put a hand on Mana's shoulder.

"You did a good job teaching him a lesson, Mother. Please don't feel bad about yourself," Asami warmly said.

Mana laughed softly and touched her daughter's hand. Asami took her leave; before she left, she tossed the orb towards the bed, landing perfectly in the middle of it. Mana was now left alone, watching her daughter leave.

"I should be grateful that I have you and Makoto-kun to watch over Yuri. But, does this mean I'm a terrible mother?"

Mana stared at the mirrored orb that was on the bed. She could faintly see her pale expression reflected on the surface. She sighed solemnly and left the room as well.