The village where the Forsythes lived in was a rather quaint one. It was named Memoria. The purpose behind the name was because the village had a special ceremony when it was first founded in 1905. It was called the Memorial Movement, a decennial ceremony in which all villagers are required to abandon their memories, mental and physical. The founder of the village, who died in 1912, believed that the resurrection of memories was a frugal aspect of humans. It makes them live in the past instead of making them look forward to the future.

The Memorial Movement was held in a chapel that was located in the northeast section of the village. Inside the chapel was a grand statue of the Greek goddess of memories, Mnemosyne. It was a marble statue that depicted her features, such as her long auburn hair and olive-colored eyes. It held an immense amount of magic, more than the entire Forsythe family combined. When the Movement is initiated, the eyes shined a violet color and a magic aura enveloped the chapel. It lasts for a few minutes, until the memories are completely erased.

Be they good or bad, every memory is wiped from the mind. The villagers don't know if Mnemosyne truly destroys the memories, or if they are kept in a separate space in time. All they remember before and after the Movement are the statue and its purpose.

As for the village itself, it was rather lively for one that loses memories. Nearly all of the villagers were kind-hearted, but a village cannot be truly called one without a few bad apples. Merchants and taverns were plentiful, satiating anyone's needs. There were three grand houses that loom over the village. One belonged to the Forsythes; another belonged to the Tollmaches, neighbors of the Forsythes; the last house belonged to the mayor.

Yes, the village of Memoria might be considered to be the village of dreams, but there was a dark past hidden beneath the sweet exterior. Since 1921, many villagers feared the statue of Mnemosyne and its magic. Some even believed that it was the work of the Devil. Starting in 1924, those same villagers went on raids to kill anyone that was guilty of siding with the Devil. When it began, however, it only brought pointless bloodshed to innocents. This lasted for many years, until the mayor ordered to put a stop to this senselessness.

In 1936, there were two people who had used magic. They were immediately killed, but it didn't stop there. After five years, 71 magic users were killed, which brought fear to the villagers. The span of 20 years was known as the Malignant Erasure, as the mayor called it. Now 1956, Memoria appeared to be safe, and even though the villagers appeared to be nice, they were secretly suspecting everyone else.

There was no such thing as safe in Memoria, and there may never be.

"Father, please! I'm not going to meet them! I just want to step out for a bit!"

"You will do no such thing! This entire family is forbidden to meet the Forsythes, and you will obey that rule!"

A door slammed in front of a girl, making her flinch.

"Are you really that scared of them, old man?"

This girl was Kiyomi Tollmache, age 20. She was a beautiful maiden, with gracious tangerine hair that reached to her shoulders. There was a white flower headband that was placed on her head. She wore a sleeveless ethnic vest with black and red accents racing along it. The vest was open in the back, exposing her bare back and revealing the sides of her breasts. On her arms were detached sleeves of the same color. Her legs were graced with a black ruffled skirt clinging to her waist and long white boots. On her neck was a jeweled pendant, but it appeared to have lost its luster.

Kiyomi's features were marvelous as well: Soft, inviting crimson eyes, skin as smooth as silk, and a rather ample bust. Her lips were small, yet full of beauty, and there was a beauty mark by her right eye. However, her features were now tarnished by anger. The "old man" that she was yelling at was Hisashi Tollmache, age 51, father of Kiyomi.

"You can't keep me here. I'll step out when I want to."

Kiyomi turned to her window and opened it. A waft of fresh air entered, but it didn't matter to her. There was a grand oak tree that had been planted by her room since she was born. She leapt towards it, grabbing a branch and safely descending the tree.

The girl kept a dark secret from her father. When she was 15, she met Makoto. They got along together quite well, and Kiyomi felt some sort of attraction towards him. When Makoto accidentally released a small spell, he feared that Kiyomi would tell the villagers. However, she saw it as a beauty enhancer, and promised to never reveal the secret to anyone. She's been successful for five years, but she wondered if there was a way to help Makoto. If she could find him, she can ask.

"Nii-san, what do you think of the other family? Are they really bad people as Daddy says?"

"No, I think he's just being paranoid. Everyone is."

On an outdoor bench, there were two people with worried expressions on their faces. A little girl was clinging to an older boy's arm. The pair was observing the villagers, who were busy living their own lives.

The little girl was Aya Tollmache, age 9. She was a rather naïve girl, believing almost everything she hears. All she had on was a brisk summer dress that was as bright as the sun and a pair of white flat shoes. Her neck-length hair was drenched in a jade color and her eyes were tinted silver. Aya, much like Yuri, can think like an adult, but, unlike Yuri, it happens rarely.

The older boy was Hajime Tollmache, age 15. He was the older brother of Aya and younger brother of Kiyomi. He was a fair man, with short silver hair that was parted down the middle and eyes tinted vermillion. He had on a black buttoned vest with white frills on it, smooth silk pants drenched in white, and dress shoes with a brown sheen. He was the opposite of Aya, not taking everything to heart.

"I honestly don't believe the Forsythes are bad people. I mean, the Malignant Erasure ruined all of our lives. Because of that, we constantly live in fear, make empty accusations, and kill innocent people."

Hajime crossed his arms and drew a sharp sigh. Aya retracted her arm and looked at her feet.

"But, nii-san, can't we change that? Can't anyone change that? I know I wouldn't want to live in this place anymore if we have to experience this every year…"

The older brother chuckled and rubbed Aya's head. The little girl was pouting slightly.

"How I wish we could, Aya-chan. However, this is how we humans are. Once something sticks to our minds, we have no choice but to go along with it. It's a horrible thing, but it's the truth."

Aya lowered her eyes as she swung her feet. "I want to get out of Memoria. There's no point in living like this. I want to live happily! I want us to live as a normal family! I want…to be happy."

Hajime slowly got up and stretched a little. He put his hand on his hip and stared at the sky.

"Aya…we can do just that. The whole living as a normal family thing, I mean," he happily said. "All we have to do is obey Father. Although…I would like to meet one of the Forsythes."

"Oh, so do I! I'm sure they're wonderful people!" Aya exclaimed, jumping up. She then sighed sadly and continued, "But if Daddy finds out that we're talking to them, he'll surely punish us. And his punishments are scary…"

Hajime winked at Aya, which made her tilt her head.

"He doesn't have to know, now does he?"

"Kiyomi is so stubborn. I'm only doing this for her own good, yet she disrespects me!"

Leaning against the household was Hisashi Tollmache. He was rather tall for his age, sporting yellow windswept hair, fierce crimson eyes, and a stern look on his face. He was wearing a blue gothic jacket with yellow accents, with a solitary silver bracelet on his left hand. His pants were made of hard leather, yet appeared to be crafted by an expert seamstress. His shoes were almost as old as his age, if not less.

He, much like most of the villagers, believed that no one is safe ever since the Malignant Erasure. When the Forsythes arrived, he was quickly suspicious of them. From this suspicion, he made it a rule to his offspring that they must not make contact with the Forsythes in any way. Aya and Hajime had followed that rule since they were born, but Kiyomi was the lone flaw.

Kiyomi truly believed that the Forsythes are not bad people, and she tried all she could to change her father. However, her words always fell on deaf ears As Hisashi observed the other villagers, he sighed.

"Why is that there is always one bad seed in every family? Is that how we're meant to live?" he grimaced.