lines are stanza breaks

Water's Love Song For Fire

Sweetness at daybreak

When your passion is all but gone

You live and laugh in the embers

Of the burning dawn

Singing with the swallows

When early noon does come

A harp full of melody

You sing your song

You are beautiful, the songbird in the sky

As mysterious as the stars at night

And as lovely as the golden twilight

Yet my praise and croons never reach your ear

As you are to far from me to hear

My melodies, my songs, my ballads

All of you, my love

Upon my dismal velvet throne

I sit and ponder very much alone

Now it is clear to me that we

Sing of differing melodic beats

Your song is of wonder

Of awe, of dawn, of love

Mine is a more dramatic tone

Of the darker hues, silvers, and blues

So in rhythmic time and beat

We sing, yet are never to meet

As you are the morning sun

Capped in fiery gold

I am the midnight moon

Draped in a silvery fold