Title: Reapers

Chapter setup: Switches between first and third person.

Rating: Rated M

Warnings: Language, violence and slight slash

Chapter 1: A Twisted Game

I'm still waiting for someone to say "cut" or "that's a wrap" but no one had yet to say anything. I don't get it. Did I miss a scene or is someone improvising? I mean, I'm here. I know I am but if I am then what's my body doing in the hospital bed?

'It's not really me…It's just a dummy. If I poke it, it'll be plastic. If I poke it, it'll be cold.'

I poked at the arm. It wasn't cold. Far from it. Ok, so it's a person. Fine, but will someone please yell "we got the shot!" Something? Anything! If this is supposed to be a joke, it's not funny. I'm not laughing. I find this to be in sick humor to say the least and when this finally ends, I'm going to have a long talk with my agent.

I'll wait since I have nothing else better to do anyway. I mean, I'm not sure if I should even leave though this place is giving me the chills. To be honest, I don't recall a hospital scene even being in the movie and, even now, the props here seem much too life-like. I know they're supposed to be but there's always a stagehand maneuvering or operating them. There's no one here except for me and this person who happens to look like me. I want to say they're just a stunt double. I pray that he's a stunt double but that eerie beep coming from the monitors, the bandages wrapped along visible portions of skin and along his head are creeping me the hell out.

Since no one else will say it, I guessed I'd have to.

"Cut!" I yelled, looking around the room.

I had yelled that loud enough to possibly wake the dead and yet no one said anything; the double not even moving. He must be good at staying in character but this really had gone far enough. Now, I just really wanted to go home. Maybe if I called Aiden, he'd probably come and get me. Well, if he's not still mad about the job I accepted. I love him; I do but damn, he's so overbearing sometimes.

Whatever the case, I'd still call him.

Fishing through my pockets, I realize that I didn't even have my cell phone; not even the one he gave me.

"Damn it."

Wherever it is, I hope that idiot hadn't call me a thousand times just to see if I'm ok. I hate when he does that.

"Right this way."

I turned my attention to the door as I heard it open. First came a doctor; glasses, stethoscope, white uniform and a clipboard. Standard in a hospital. Whatever, I guessed he was in on this stupid movie bit as well. Then in came a redhead, my boyfriend, Aiden.

Feathery, dark red hair, cut at angle so that his long bangs fell over his left emerald eye. Slightly tanned skin, due to the fact that he had just flew back in from Hawaii after doing a photo shoot. Toned arms, legs and his chest.

A tall, twenty-five year that was mine.

Men, you stay away. Ladies, he's taken.

God, how I love that man but I couldn't help but to wonder why he was actually in the hospital. This being a movie set and all, I didn't think his presence would really be required unless it was to take pictures. And I didn't see a camera around his neck.

"Is he…" my redhead trailed off.

'What's going on?'

He looked terribly frightened but I don't see why? I'm standing right here after all. If this was some kind of setup to scare him, I think the brains behind this succeeded nearly tenfold. And when I found out who was behind it, I was going to kick their ass. But to the point, I couldn't let Aiden continue to look so distraught.

"Yo' Aiden!" I called, walking over with a smile. I stood a few paces in front of him and the doctor with one hand in my pocket, the other waving in front of his face. "Hello?" He didn't react. "Hey!" Nothing. "Ok, if this is a joke, you can drop it now," I said. "It's not funny."

The single green eye was just focused on the one on the bed, the redhead's mouth still slightly agape as if to say something.

"He isn't gonna' die is he?" Aiden asked, his voice much lower than I remembered and not in the sexy way either. It was scary and I even had to hold myself to keep from shaking. "Doctor…will-"

"He's stable for the moment," the other replied, glancing at the clipboard in his hands. "We've managed to stop the internal bleeding and remove the glass shards. Remarkable how nothing managed to seriously scar his face. Lucky him."

"Jayden did always say it was his moneymaker," my boyfriend replied cheerlessly.

"I do not always say that!" I yelled, grabbing onto the sleeve of his red jersey. "If anything, I've only said that a couple of times!"

"Is it ok if I stay here for a bit?" Aiden asked quietly, his head tilted down to the point where I couldn't even see his face. "If not, will you at least keep me posted?"

'Ok, there's a camera somewhere in this room,' I thought as I looked around frantically. 'This is some kinda' stunt.'

"Visiting ends in five but you can come back in the morning," the doctor said, patting the other on the shoulder.

"The morning…" I didn't like the way Aiden had said that. He just sounded sadder if that was even remotely possible. "I…when does visiting hours start?" he asked.

"At eleven," the one in glasses replied, "but if he wakes before then, I will be sure to call you personally."

"Ok, thanks."

That's all he said before I watched him walk away, his sleeve slipping out of my hands as if I wasn't holding onto it for dear life. The doctor looked at me. Well, the me on the bed, once more before walking out after Aiden, closing the door behind himself with a small click.

Again, I was left with that beeping sound coming from the monitors. That room soon felt a lot emptier despite the double laying in the bed.

I couldn't say in there. I refused to and with that notion, I walked, practically ran, to the door and twisted the handle.

'What the hell?'

I couldn't get a firm grasp of the thing though the doctor had opened it with ease a few seconds ago.

"Will someone please yell 'cut'?" I shouted.


Someone else was actually there. During my whole damn ordeal, someone had actually been there, quiet, watching.

"The hell?" I muttered half to myself.

"Now that I've said it, will you stop panicking so much?"