The first time it happened, I ignored it. It was just my imagination. The second time, pure coincidence. But the third time was just creepy, and I'm curious to what will happen this time. The fourth time.

I carried the heavy trash bag outside, careful not to let the foul liquid dripping from the bottom hit my legs. I had to put it down a second because it was so hefty. Then it happened again, I felt someone staring at me, I heard strange music and a soft, cool wind blew around me. I looked all around, but no one was there, nothing else was moving in the wind either. It was almost as if the wind was only blowing for me. The music, playing only for me. I hurried back inside and as I closed the door, I could've sworn that I saw something flash by.

I lay awake for hours. Strange noises filled the house. After hours of listening, I finally got out of bed and investigated.

I heard something fall and I jumped, whirling to my right. Broken glass littered the floor.

"I-is someone there?" I whispered into the dark. A shadow flashed beside me, I reeled to my left. Suddenly the scene changed, the house melted away, like wet paint slowly drips off of a canvas.

I was in a graveyard now. It was cold and I heard the music from earlier. Soon things started moving all around me. I couldn't tell what they were in the faint moonlight. Animals? People maybe? As they got closer, a strange scent filled my nose. The smell of something rotting. The smell of rotting flesh. Something reached for me. I looked up, hoping to find a normal person standing there. But did I get it? Of course not, I got a rotting zombie that made me shriek my head off. I backpedaled quickly but I hit something.

I turned slowly, expecting another zombie, but instead, I saw a cloaked figure. The figures head was covered in black fabric. Its head lifted slightly and I stumbled back as bright red eyes glared at me. The zombie from behind grabbed me. The others started coming too. Soon I was being torn apart limb by limb, screaming until I was sure my vocal chords would explode. And then the hooded figure came towards me, he lifted his hand and the zombies crumpled, their souls leaving. He walked toward me and looked me over. He grunted slightly and pulled out something long and sharp. Before I could react, he sliced it through my throat and walked away. So now I lie there. Bleeding to death and gasping for air. And I felt sad. Sad for the figure. I knew him. I had loved him. He didn't want to do this, but he was only putting me out of my misery. Or at least that's what I'll tell myself. For now anyway.

When I woke, I was in an unfamiliar bed. The sheets were white, the covers were white, and the pillow was white. I sat up quickly and looked around. The walls were white. The door was white. The carpet was white. Where the hell am I? There was another bed across the room. It was just as white, just as plain. What's the last thing that happened to me? I can't remember anything… not even my name. This can't be happening. This only happens in movies, not the real world.


I jumped and looked around quickly.

"Jumpy, aren't we?" a girl asked.

I finally spotted her, standing by the door. No wonder I didn't see her at first, she blended right into the wall. She was wearing a white gown, her hair was bleached and her skin was white as paper.

The girl giggled, "You look like you've seen a ghost!"

"W-where am I?" I asked.

"You don't even know? Now that has to be creepy. Don't worry though, Ms. Gray will explain everything."

"Ms.… Gray?" I asked.

She nodded. The door opened and the girl looked surprised, dodging so it wouldn't hit her.

"Oh, hi Ms. Gray!" she said enthusiastically. The woman ignored her and turned to me.

The woman was tall, yet slightly chubby. She looked to be over fifty and had an artificial smile plastered to her face. "Why good morning, Ms. Abner."

"Abner? Is that my name?"

"Oh no sweetie, that's your last name. Do you still have no recognition of what happened?"

I shook my head.

"Well I suppose your memory will come with time. I'm sure you're rather frightened, so I'll explain parts of what happened, ok sweetie?"

I nodded.

She came and sat on the end of my bed. "It may be a little hard to understand, sweetie, but you're in a group home. You've been ill for a while and should've been treated sooner. Now it's gotten rather bad. You may never be cured"

She waited while I processed that.

"Will I die?" I asked.

"Oh no, sweetie. Not physically ill. It's your mind. You're mentally ill."

She doesn't try to hide the truth.

"You see, sweetie, you've done something bad. And I know it wasn't your fault but you've been sent here to overcome your problems. You'll go to therapy every day and work out your issues. Now, why don't you come down and meet everyone else?"

I have problems? I'm mentally ill?

I nodded, leaving my questions behind in a half-daze.

Ms. Gray led me down the stairs to the kitchen. I caught sight of a clock and saw that it was eight in the morning. When we got to the kitchen, I noticed that there were more people here than I expected. After counting quickly, I saw that there were six people crowded around the dining room table. I noticed that they were all around my age, about 15 more or less. Four of them looked up as I came in.

"Children, this is Sophie. We didn't get a chance to introduce anyone last night. Bradley, why don't you start off the introductions?"

"Of course, Ms. Gray." A boy with short brown hair replied. He looked over to me and smiled a genuine smile. "I'm Bradley Jakobs, age 16. It's nice to meet you."

I nodded slightly. "You too."

The girl next to him started talking, "I'm Ashlyn Heckler, and I swear to god-"

"Don't swear." Ms. Gray scolded.

"That if you call me that, I'll kill you. Everyone who likes living calls me Ash."

I gulped slightly.

"Ash, you forgot your age." Bradley whispered.

"Oh yeah, and I'm 16, too. Not that you should care." Her attitude matched her look. She had stick-straight bright red hair cut short towards her face. She had a lip ring and a choker necklace. I stopped studying her when the next person started introducing themselves.

"I'm Daniel Thomson. Not Dan, not Danny, just Daniel. I'm 17 and that's all you need to know." Daniel had dirty blonde hair and from where I was, I could tell that his eyes were blue.

"I'm Zachery Levine. Call me Zach. I'm 15 and completely available." He said and winked. He had long brown hair that brushed his shoulders.

"Uh, hi. I'm Emily. You can call me Emmy though… I'm 15." A small blonde girl said. She had big blue eyes, the same shade as Daniels. Maybe they're related.

There was only one person left now. He didn't even look up. He just continued eating his cereal. He had kind of long pitch black hair. He looked heavily built with lots of muscles, but he wasn't huge like a body builder.

Emmy, who was sitting beside him, poked his shoulder lightly. "Will, you need to introduce yourself."

He dropped his spoon with an emphasized clack and looked up at me with an unreadable glare. "William Henderson. You'll call me Bryce."

"Your age, Will." Emmy whispered. He glared at her and didn't even bother to look at me when he said, "16."

"Ok, well I'll let you get to know each other." Ms. Gray said and walked out.

"Hey Soph, you can sit here." Bradley said, smiling and gesturing to the seat beside him.

I thanked him and sat down.

"Where're you from?" Zach asked.

"Um… I don't remember."

Every head, except Bryce's, looked up.

"You don't remember… Where you're from?" Ash asked.


"Do you know why you're here?"

"Not really."

Everyone was quite.

The girl from earlier walked in. "Hey everyone!" She exclaimed. No one even looked up as she sat down beside Bryce.

"Sophie… what are you staring at?" Bradley asked.

"Don't you see her?" I asked.

"See who?"

"Her." I said and pointed across the table.

"There's no one there."

"Yes there is."

"No there's not." He said, concern crossing his face. "No one else lives here. The only other person who was here before was…" he glanced over at Bryce.

Bryce glared at him. "Lindsey. But she drowned last year."

I remembered what she had said earlier…

"You look like you've seen a ghost!"