Ms. Gray called for me to come inside for chores. I was in such a haze that I didn't even say goodbye to Blaze as I stood and walked away.

I had folding duty, so I had to fold every ones clothes. Except for the guys', and that I was extremely thankful for. I really wasn't in the mood to be folding any guy underwear. And this also gave me comfort knowing that none of the guys would get ahold of any of my delicates. I was especially worried about Zach. He seems to be the player/pervert type… I don't know what it is about him… just the look in his eyes… ugh.

I shivered as I folded one of Emmy's shirts and placed it in her pile. At least I don't have to guess on who's clothes I'm folding since their names are written on the tag. I picked up a black leather mini skirt and automatically threw it in Ash's pile. I didn't even have to read the label.

"Sophie…" I jumped slightly at my name. I turned around and saw…


Someone's probably just playing a prank on me.

"Sophie… please help."

I ignored it, hoping whoever it was would stop.

I heard a loud crash and yelped in surprise. I looked around me. There was glass on the floor… this seems like deja-vu.

The shards of glass started shaking and moving. They lifted into the air and pointed straight at me. I screamed. I heard footsteps pounding down the hall and the glass fell back to the ground. I saw Ms. Gray, Ash, Bradley and Emmy turn the corner.

"My lord, what happened?" Ms. Gray asked.

"I-I-I w-was j-j-"

"Ms. Abner, I expected better from you!"

"I-I didn't… it wasn't…"

"I don't want to hear your excuses. This is unacceptable!"

"She didn't do it."

Everyone turned to see Bryce in the doorway to his bedroom.

"Did you see what happened?"

"No, a talking squirrel came from the magic tree and told me she was innocent."

It me a whole minute to figure out that he was being sarcastic.

"Don't be smart with me, Mr. Henderson."

"Of course I saw what happened. She started freaking out because she thought she saw a rat and accidently knocked over the vase. Case closed. We may be mentally ill but we're not crazy."

"Right…" Ms. Gray said unenthusiastically. "Well… clean this up." She glanced once more at the vase, sighed, and continued down the hall.

Once she was gone, Bradley came over, careful not to step on the glass. "Are you ok, Soph? You're bleeding…"

"Y-yeah. I'm ok."

Bradley turned to Bryce. "So what really happened? Unless that squirrel really told you of her innocence." He smiled his usual smile and winked.

Bryce didn't even lift the corner of his mouth when he said, "I have no idea. She did freak out, but she wasn't the one who knocked over the vase. It flew off on its own and attempted to slice her to death." His voice was emotionless and I almost wondered if he did it.

"And you're sure that you're ok?"

I nodded. I glanced over at Bryce shyly. "B-Bryce…"

"What do you want?" He asked, not even glimpsing my way.

"Thank you. For lying for me."

"It wasn't for you. It was just annoying hearing Ms. G yell so much. God, she almost blew my eardrums out." That's what he said, but something I saw in his eyes told me that wasn't why.

"Either way, you saved my butt. So thanks."

He grunted something that sounded like "It was nothing," and made his way down the hall.

Ms. Gray called us down to dinner but I decided to stay in my room. I wasn't that hungry and I just didn't feel like sitting there while akwardly picking at my food.

After a little while, (presumably after dinner) Bradley came to check on me. I sat up.

"Hey Bradley what-"

He ran forward and placed his hand firmly over my mouth. He had a sadistic smile and his face and a crazed look in his eyes. "I'm going to take care of you once and for all." He held me down and I couldn't move, he was too strong.

He stroked my cheek with the hand that wasn't covering my mouth. I tried to scream but couldn't. "Naughty naughty." He whispered and stopped stroking my cheek. He pulled something from him pocket. A gag. He tied it around my mouth and bound my hands and feet, witch were trying to kick and thrash. I let out a small whimper of fear as he pulled something else out. I saw it gleam in the light and tried to scream again.

A knife.

"You're so pretty…" he said and pressed the knife into my cheek, causing blood to run out of the new wound. He pressed harder and I started to cry. I don't get it… he was so nice.

"That's right…" He said, "Cry… let me hear your pain."

And I did. I sobbed and tried to fight. But I couldn't, no matter how hard I tried. He cut swirly patterns on my face, arms, legs, abdomen and back for hours. Laughing when I sobbed louder, pressing down harder when I didn't.

"I can't let you talk to Lindsey. You're a necromancer. Shes a ghost. I can't afford her talking to you and telling you that I killed her."

My eyes widened.

"That's right. I killed her. She was getting too attatched to Bryce… my Bryce."

Is he in love with Bryce?

"This is a lesson. Stay away from my Bryce. He is mine and mine only." The knife went deeper and I let out a choked, muffled, cry.

Bradley chuckled. "Your pain sounds beautiful… a perfect harmony… and your face when you're in pain… priceless."

I was covered in wet, sticky blood now. It was all over me.

"And now," he started, "The finale."

He lowered the knife down to my eye and began to cut. I screamed so loud that I was sure everyone in the house would be able to hear me, even though I had the gag. But no one came. I felt the pain and blood explode from my eye. I couldn't close my eyelids, he held them open. I couldn't turn my head, he held it in place. So I had to sit there and suffer. Until blackness filled me and I left consciousness.