I'd rather live in wonderland. I can't stand this place I live in now. People throw out hate and fight all the time while wonderland is just a picture of madness that I'd like to lose myself in now. Things have broken down into pieces, till all I am is the joke that people refer back to; oh remember that time when you messed up? We do which is why we're still laughing. I think I'd be better off in wonderland where I could have tea with the mad hatter; they've taught me all I know. A prime example would be that if you don't think then you shouldn't say. Now why isn't it that we live by this motto? It's because we fault certain aspects of ourselves so we have to find fault with others to build our self-esteem. I am merely a walking laugh that people can point to before dropping to the fall laugh, laughing so hard their sides are splitting. My head is still whirling with the hate that slogs round my brain; there is no escape from it because my mind relives the moments that I wish were locked away for definite. I'd rather live in wonderland where I could lose what little marbles I have left while enjoying the scenery that flows with life; instead of waiting for more hate to engulf because I'd have run out of reasons to hold on and fight like the rest.