God save the Queen,

A regal majesty,

In a delicate frame,

While sixty years,

Are relived just for an instance;

She remembers them,

As if they were snapshots of yesterday.

Times when people rejoiced in street parties,

The community as a whole.

But even now, she is admired by many.

She has watched with grace,

As she has seen years pass at a tortoise's pace.

For her, it was only yesterday,

When she was handed Britain as a gift from her father.

For her, it was only yesterday,

That she married her prince.

For her, it was only yesterday,

She held her baby in her arms.

Now the tomorrow has caught up with her,

She has had to weather the storm,

When tragedies exploded into a reality,

From the gruesome nightmare where they should have stayed.

She has seen her grandson marry his princess,

And thought back to her own happily-ever-after.

She has seen so many things,

Some she longs to forget.

And yet, she never asks anything of us.

She has never asked for a thank you.

Instead she has always been there,

Like the framework that holds up Britain,

Because without her we wouldn't know what to do.

But for me, if I could say anything it would be,

It not only would be a thank you,

But it would also be,

God save the Queen.