Some time had passed and Isilme was spending a warm summer night alone, sitting out in the middle of a field and looking up at the stars. A warm breeze whipped around her with a swirl of wild flowers that nestled into her hair. She watched with delight and let out a little giggle.

"I thought I might find you out here." Connor took a seat on the grass beside her.

"Yeah," she said quietly as she leaned her head over his shoulder.

"Still feeling blue?" He wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

"Yes. I just… well… I hoped they would find something, you know? Old stories or… or something." She sighed.

"At least they caught the man, Issy. That's something to be glad for and to be proud of, really. You helped your friend." He stroked her shoulder. "And I did tell you not to get your hopes up."

"I know but… it would have been nice."

"And what would you have done? Gone to live in the city?" He chuckled, knowing how unlike her that would be.

"Of course not."

"Well, then, there's nothing to be blue about. You just have to accept it, Issy. It's part of the curse." He had a thought and laughed. "You sure have changed."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, when I first met you, you didn't want anything to do with people, and now you're sad because you'll never be accepted by society."


"Never. But that's alright." His tone softened. "You have to appreciate what you have."

She turned to look at him.

"Oh, I do. I am so glad that I have you and Oscar and Ena and Arnaira…"

"Good. Look, you don't need everyone's acceptance. So long as you accept yourself and have a few others who do as well, that's what matters most." He smiled softly and brushed her cheek with his fingertips. "I know you and love you despite all of your faults, maybe even because of them."

"I love you too." She poked his nose. "Even though you're such a know-it-all. You still think you have me all figured out?"

"I'd hope not!" He laughed and then leaned over to kiss her.

She briefly returned the kiss before shoving him backward and tackling him into the grass.

Author's Note

If you liked this, please check out my new story Love Notes, which takes place a couple hundred years before Sunshine at Midnight.

"I see you ever before me, just beyond my reach." A musician played every day in the city square hoping to be noticed by the prince and swept away in a romance. One day she found a rose and a note waiting for her in her usual spot… has true love found her?

This story contains many twists and turns and pokes fun at several popular love stories while also showing that even finding true love does not guarantee that things will be easy.