Every little thing was done
to hold you up, strip you down,
and I watched and laughed
until I didn't kiss you.

If they said you were wrong,
I tore them apart and
let nothing stand without your
heart's little flame of happiness.
And why, then, have I not been
ruined? I should for my unfair
courses and teasing and unintentionally
unromantic attitude.

You waited for me-
dammit, I should have
hurried the fuck up. I should have
tried so much harder, because I
need you so much more now.

That's what I get. I'm an idiot
and I ignored you when you
were there for me. I shone the light
on my petty scars instead of
what I know lies broken in your chest.

When you weren't okay,
I said nothing.

And now when I'm not, it's
only fair that you
don't speak either.