Prologue: The Fall

It happened without any previous warning. It was an event that could not have been predicted, even when considering all the variables, as insignificant as they may be. Nobody wanted for this to happen, of course, but it did. In the blink of an eye, like angels falling from the sky, we met the end of our times. Funny thing, as the bombs that fell were nicknamed after Catholic angels.

Lucifer (named this way because it was the most destructive of them all) fell straight on Washington, and decimated the entire population of forty seven states. It just fell, and with its huge explosion of death, wiped out everything. Buildings fell, houses were torn apart, grass was burned, dogs were gutted, and the people were destroyed, with their last sight being a huge shining light before their eyes were melted.

It took only a day for the government to retaliate with Malachim onto Chinese land. Although not as powerful as Lucifer, managed to decimate three fourths of the country. The Great Wall, in just a tiny little instant, was reduced to just a pile of rubble. With the deaths already amounting to millions in just two days, humanity knew that the ending was here.

Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, and Seraphim fell in the most important parts of the world, reducing Earth to a barren, rotten wasteland. It all happened in less that a week, and nobody could have known that it would be over this quickly. There were close to no survivors, and most of the few who made it died soon after of radiation, starvation, assassination, or a combination of those.

The only safe place that was left was Australia. Somehow, by God's will or by Luck's charm, the bomb that was supposed to land in Sydney (Ophanim) deviated its course because of a malfunction. It landed in the edge of the continent, and managed to decimate most of the cities, leaving only the states of Victoria and the island of Tasmania alive. Broken, but alive.

It would be hard, but humanity just might make it. It's just a matter of staying close, trusting each other, and being intelligent. And with a surviving population of less than two hundred, it might not be that complicated. They would rebuild the world in no time.

...But what about the ones who managed to survive the Fall? Of course, there has to be a certain amount of people who made it, be it by God or Luck. How will they stay alive, if the world's become just a barren, destroyed shell, and with next to no means to make it to the haven of Australia?

The first one to wake up alive after the Fall was Victor, a twenty year old boy living in Mexico...