Chapter II - The Four

It could be said that the best way to die is to die having fun. And well, those people were certainly having it when the Fall happened.

Turns out that a week earlier, in order to celebrate springbreak, the richest kid in the school had the amazing idea to throw the biggest, sickest party in all city. He invited everyone, literally. Even the unpopular, even the nerds, even the fat chicks, hell, even the teachers. It was going to be the best party ever, period. The rich kid's parents were out on a business trip and left him with the mansion to abuse. He contacted his dad's beer provider, and told him it was "a really important date for my dad, and that you have to bring all the fucking beer in the universe." And he, as loyal as he is, obeyed. The rich kid continued like that to supply the food and the services and the strippers and so on. If he could have, he would've brought freaking dinosaurs just for the hell of it.

And thus, the biggest, sickest party in the city, hell, maybe the world, was set. The Football Championship that the school had that same week paled in comparison to the hype that "The Party" had. People began skipping classes, people began to arrange dates, people began to freaking masturbate in anticipation, even if they weren't getting laid. It was the second coming of Jesus. It was the World Cup, Super Bowl, and World War III combined. Even people from neighboring cities found out, and were preparing themselves for the trip of their lives. Newspapers even heard of the notice, but decided against posting it, fearing that civil unrest might happen. And if they had, it might just have happened.

And so, on that fated Tuesday afternoon (it was going to be so awesome that they began the party at little over noon), the biggest, sickest party of all the galaxy happened. You name it, booze, strippers, fireworks, the freaking professional basketball team, the football team, the baseball team, the hockey team, the soccer team, the whatever team was there. Everyone. Every single individiual in the city was there. There were too many, so they began kicking random people out of the mansion. How unlucky of them, to be the first ones to die.

But to the ones who managed to stay inside, it was heaven on earth. Nerds getting laid, fat chicks finding love, underage orgies. It was better than what the bible said of heaven. It was better than the collected wishes of the human race combined. It was better than God. It was better than Nutella (yeah, it was -that- good).

And God or Luck, angry that they didn't get invited, sent the Fall. Washington's decimating explosion was expanding, reducing everything to nothing. And when it arrived to the mansion, it took away the biggest, sickest party with it. But hey, no one can complain dying like that. Guys dying in the middle of their climax, in the middle of their make out session, in the middle of the dancing, in the middle of their drunkenness, in the middle of their heaven. It was gone just like that. The mansion crumbled, killing everyone who managed to survive the explosion. Everyone that was partying outside never even stood a chance. The red filled the air, and the violent wind roared its presence.

Everyone in that state died, with the exception of four. Well, who knows if they wanted to stay alive or if they wanted to die at that moment, considering the situation, but they made it. Fraser, Josh and Damon were sent down to the storage room for the fiftieth round of beer, while the only female survivor, whose name is unknown, took shelter in that same storage room due to finding his boyfriend having sex with the whole basketball's cheerleading squad. How could any man have declined such opportunity? How could they blame him?

That room was nuclear proof and it closed on itself when the Fall happened, saving those four of sweet, merciful death, and throwing them to the cruel Dead World. The three boys, who thought that they were being played a mean joke, tried to open the door, but the strong gusts of the explosion didn't let them, as if it was saying to them that they had to survive the Fall, that they could not go out just yet. Screams of "Cut it out, man! Not funny," filled the room. They didn't hear anything back. They didn't hear the muffled, last second screams of death that everyone seemed to have. They heard nothing but their breathing for the next twenty or so minutes. And when they tried opening the door after that time lapse, it finally did.

Earth as they knew it was long, long gone. As if he suddenly made his bags and walked back home, being replaced by his Dead little brother of twenty minutes of age. And well, their reactions weren't really uncommon. Fear, confusion, sadness, grief, panic, whatever.

"What the fuck is this?" was the favorite sentence of those three boys for the next hour or so.

And the girl? She wiped her tears, completely oblivious to what happened, and walked out to the Dead World herself. Her loud, screeching scream alerted the other three that there was another survivor. She frantically searched for her boyfriend in the midst of destroyed, melted, gutted bodies. And there he was, atop a cheerleader, burned to a crisp. She cried, loudly at first, and culminating silently, until only spasms where left. Her cry combined the death of her boyfriend with the confusion of what happened and why everyone was dead and why the radiation's stench was so hard to forget.

As she cried, the boys arrived to her. They let her be for two hours worth of eternity. Damon even wept. Fraser went outside to witness the death of everything. Josh simply sat down. And when the couple of hours ended and when they were reunited again, they finally decided what to do.

They had to get out of there, with the vain hope that there might be survivors somewhere. Funny, considering that the only other survivor left in the continent, apart from the ones in Australia and them, was way down in Mazatlán, Mexico. They stocked supplies from a Wal Mart and made their way south.

Those were long, long days. The sun was clouded in the red clouds of radiation, and its stench followed the four everywhere they went. Josh became the leader, and was the one in charge of keeping the optimism and hope to acceptable levels, so that the other three would not kill themselves at any given hour of any given days.

They made it to a city, resupplied with canned food, and moved on forward.
They made it to the next one, resupplied again, and moved on forward.
They made it to yet another one, resupplied, and moved on forward.

And well, the hopelessness can destroy any human being, Fraser not being the exception. He began having panic attacks, delusions and the like. He wasn't really willing to continue anymore, but Josh and the others urged him on, although they themselves weren't really optimistic at all.

His pain culminated about a month later, when he had a nightmare remembering how he was molested by a bully. When he was about twelve, this bully used to take away his lunch money, in typical TV fashion. However, not as sugar coated. He'd beat Fraser to a pulp, and leave him hoping for death in the locker rooms. It continued for two or three weeks, until Fraser finally managed to rile up all the courage he had against him in one, clean punch. It broke the bully's nose like it was nothing, and he, not too happy about him, began kicking him to death. The bully's rage made him blind, slowly reducing him to a primal instinct oriented human being. Now all he wanted was to kill things and fuck shit up. So he took down Fraser's pants, and did him. It happened slowly, Fraser remembering every instant of it, until he finally collapsed unconcscious.

He supressed that memory from then on, with ocassional outbursts every now and then.

But that day, well, it wasn't really a good time to bring that up to a near-broken Fraser. He became enraged, he became afraid. He let all of that shit get to him, until he became the bully himself. He now wanted to kill things and fuck shit up, and what better objective than the poor, poor, frail girl. So he went to her and began ripping her clothes off. It was not long until her screams woke up Josh and Damon.

"Fraser, what the fuck are you doing!" they screamed as they took him off of her.

Not a good idea, as they entrusted him two days before with their only weapon, a baseball bat wrapped in nails. Why they had made a weapon like that, they did not know. And their regret soon showed when Fraser swung it towards Josh. He evaded it barely, but Damon wasn't lucky with the second one, suffering a clean hit to the head, sending him to his death. The girl ran away, and Josh did the same.

They both ran and ran all night, taking shelter near a riverbed. They hid in a small cave for the remainder of the night, and when the sun came out, they continued their way. They had to keep moving, or Fraser might catch up to them. It didn't help that the burned down trees couldn't hide them very well. They were in plain sight, but it was their only option, to keep moving forward.

But in the middle of the day, they heard steps.

They looked frantically in search for Fraser, but he wouldn't show himself. The girl began crying, Josh shutting her up, reminding her not to let their location known. They began walking slowly for about a minute, until the girl heard the steps again. In a fit of panic, she ran, the most appropiate and intelligent decision that she could've made at that time. Josh ran after her, and so did Fraser, who finally showed his face.

It was a marathon, the girl soon gave out on exhaustion, and Josh carried her the next ten miles, until he had finally given up himself. They were at the mercy of Fraser, who was slowly catching up to them. Knowing that a confrontation will happen, Josh took the only weapon he could find, a decent swinging stick. He calculated that it would be able to resist two or three swings from the bat. But even so, how could he knock Fraser out?

Then, he remembered that he took a pocket knife from a supermarket three weeks ago. He told the girl to take out the duct tape (it never hurt to bring stuff like that along) from her backpack, so he could build a makeshift lance. So Josh, hoping to remember his fencing skills from a long time ago, prepared to face Fraser.

An hour later, he arrived, with a maniacal grin on his face, only longing to kill and fuck shit. Josh told the girl to hide, in hopes that she might strike Fraser with a rock or something in a surprise attack. He told the girl to run if things went wrong, but she was not going to abandon him anyway.

Long story short, it was over pretty quickly. Fraser wasn't really intelligent with his swings, he was blinded with rage, and Josh took advantage of that. Even with his exhaustion, he took down Fraser pretty easily with a clean stab to his neck. And while he was stumbling, the girl appeared and landed the rock on his head.

Thus, Fraser was dead.

But his death brought back the question of the future with those two. It was clear that there was no hope left, and the girl and Josh became aware of that. They had walked through the whole United States, to no avail. They had nothing left going for them, so they made the decision to kill themselves. They stopped in a city and found a gunshop. And on that night, they were ready. Josh would kill the girl, and then off himself. He readied his gun, and was ready to pull the trigger, but he collapsed in tears before he could do it. He couldn't kill another person like this, even when the girl was begging her. She cried too, but told him that it was fine, kissed him, grabbed the gun, and killed herself. Josh didn't waste anytime in following her.

Thus, the Fall's survivors, without considering the ones in Australia, were reduced to four, not including the dog.