Darkness enveloped the trio. Only their silhouettes could be seen in the dim moonlight. All remained still, nothing shifted, for everything feared the destruction that waited.

Lightning flashed and the trio lit up. Two strongly built boys with dark hair, each looked like even a Mack truck wouldn't move them, and one fragile girl with light blond hair, who looked like a leaf could break her, stood facing each other. The males' eyes shined bright yellow and began to glow in the darkness as their bodies transformed to monstrous mountain lions.

The moon shifted from behind the clouds and touched the scene as thunder cracked, shaking the entire Earth.

The girl stood facing the enemy, her small hands clenched into fists. Her enemy was not two but three: the eldest cat, the youngest and time. Her peaceful time was almost at an end, but she no longer feared it. She had finally accepted her fate, but she wished death could be simple, not violent.

Lightning struck again and when the thunder roared, the cats leaped at her. She closed her eyes and spun from their claws. With deadly elegance the girl flipped away from the first cat and sliced her knife into the arm of the second. Luckily she had taken dance and martial arts classes.

Blood. How she loathed the sight and smell. She wiped the red ooze from her hand onto her skirt. She was a rose. Beautiful, yet had thorns that could bring a grown man to tears.

The cats hissed at her. The second licked the blood from his paw till the girl stepped forward as the lightning flashed. Everyone froze. She had challenged them. So they waited.

'One,' echoed loudly in her mind.

'Two,' the second was a bit softer.

'Three,' a voice had joined the first, both calm, yet still loud.

'Four,' the tone was comforting.

'Five,' the word was dangerous.

'Six,' time was almost up.

'Seven,' their voices had become softer.

'Eight,' softer and threatening tone.

'Nine,' calm, yet deadly.

'Ten,' whispered, and the cue. The thunder roared.

Both cats leaped again. The girl moved like leaves on a willow tree. She sliced the knife into the second cat and dug it deeply. Then yanked it out. She flipped away quickly perched on top of a yellow Volkswagen and tipped her head as she grinned devilishly. The moon hid, and all grew quite.

The smell of blood glued itself to everything as it dripped from the cub's paw and from her blade. A help call sounded far in the distance. The sound reminded the cats that they were supposed to feed then help them kill the vermin over the hill, but it reminded the girl how short on time she was.

She stood on the roof of the car. "Let's be realistic and honest. It's my turn to give blood," the girl stated solemnly. When the lightning flashed the cats and girl disappeared. A dreadful slash sounded, but nothing could be seen.

Seconds later the girl again perched on the roof of the Volkswagen, but the cats lay on the ground drained of most of their blood. The knife she had used was lodged in the open throat of the young cat. They never responded to the call they had been given.

The girl on the car looked to the moon with a smile. Dark blood dripped from her elongated teeth and covered her lips. The dark red liquid stained her white shirts and trickled off her hands. But her eyes were the most disturbing sight, for the bright blue crystals held happiness.