'Hope is the dream of a waking man.'

- Aristotle

'Everyday for the whole week I've had the same dream. Isn't that strange?'

Tammy looks at me. 'Not strange for you.'


'Never mind. What was it about?'

'I dreamt I was in a wolf's jaws, and it was about to bite and kill me. But every time I thought it was going to, it didn't. It would just drop me and I would get up and try to run away and it would catch up with me and grab me again.'

'Maybe it was. But I wasn't scared. Every time I tried to escape the wolf would just drag me back.'

'Interesting.' She checks her phone. After a moment, she starts to tap rapidly on the buttons.

I stand around for a moment, waiting for her to finish. When she doesn't, I return to listening to the teacher. I see that he is already looking at me, and I jump. I notice that the entire class is looking at me. 'Care to share just what is so interesting, Verne?' he says.

'No sir.' The class snickers.

'I insist.'

'I was telling Tammy about a dream I had.'

'Really? What was the dream about, Tammy?'

Tammy shakes her head. 'Something about wolves I think.'

Mr. Boletto looks at me expectantly.

'I said every day for the same week I've been having the same dream. I am in a wolf's jaws but it won't kill me. It lets me down every now and then but when I try to get away it chases me and drags me back.'

'Better up the Thorazine intake Verne,' Lester says. The class laughs. I ignore him and the rest as usual. I am still looking at Mr. Boletto and he is looking at me back. He opens his mouth and is about to speak, but he shuts it suddenly and shakes his head. The class laughs again and I ignore them.