The cool night air pushed the dead leaves across the paved parking lot. The crescent moon was the only light and it reflected in the puddles. Short dried grass lined the far left side of the lot; here a black haired twenty-year old female stood trying to unlock her Ford Taros.

A leaf crunched and she jerked around. A dark haired and deep tanned skin man stood before her. "Who are you?" she asked the shadowy figure. His only response was to step forward slightly. She pushed herself against her car grasping her brown handbag. When he stepped forward again, she threw it.

"Go ahead, take it. Please, just leave me alone," she stated frantically. As she heard the low growl, her eyes widened. The bulky man let his eyes connect with hers. His eyes were like flowing lava, but her eyes were like blue crystals. "Please go away; I want nothing to do with you," her voice broke in fear. "Take the money and leave." But the man had other plans, for he leaped forward read to break her in half.

The girl dropped to the ground, just in time, and slid beneath her vehicle. Loud angry growls sounded around her. Within second the moonlight again touched her, but where the man once was, stood a Werewolf on his two hind legs, it slashed at her just as the moon hid behind the clouds, but bright lightning lit the sky. Then the thunder crashed all around.

When the clouds released the moon, it revealed the lot. The girl pulled herself from beneath the bulky man. Blood covered her black dress and hid the skin of her arms. Once she stood, she looked to the man, whose blood decorated the earth, and spoke, "I told you, I wanted nothing to do with you, but you persisted," she scoffed slightly, "Stupid mutt, you should have listened; if you had, you wouldn't have had to fight with an Elder Vampiress. Your kind is so gullible. You're not even worth draining," she laughed as she evaporated into a thousand particles.