With each curve,
sharp corner,
straight line,
I'm instantly reminded
of dreams
contained in dreams.

The magical adventure
where the hero is killed,
brutally massacred in the name of morals
in protecting a love
that easily could be broken
as twigs.

With a snap,
a whistle,
a clap
the backdrop is white
and I fall to another world
of falsehoods.

The well needed trophy
lost due to the
unworthy star,
a captain that could not lead
and not live up
to the expectations
or the pressure.

Once again the screen changes colors
flipping between channels
to the next unfulfilled goal
leading to the tragic end

Sweat dripping,
breath shortened,
and lungs taste of the thin lining of blood
encased by the organ.
Jab, jab, punch, duck, kick
The battle lost
2 rounds in the fight
by knockout.

pure black
eternal darkness
lost in between dreams
between scenes
between life and death
and I'm left in the middle
finding me.