Beautiful Disaster




Time goes faster,

Welcome to our beautiful disaster.

I remember those years,

Some days were filled with laughter, some with tears.

These days are filled with sadness and angst.

I want to fill them with worth,

But is it a waste?

Some day's leave you hanging by a thread,

As our time speeds up,

Some continue to just give up.

Should I too,

Or should I continue to carry through?

The frustration cuts deeper and another tear is shed,

Don't give in to your dark days when beautiful days lie just ahead.

Remember what I said,

"Keep your head up"

Don't let these years take the best of you.

Backstabbing pains,

My heart's being broken day after day.

Betrayed by best friends,

No matter how I try things never mend.

Somehow everything you say,

It never comes out okay.

People always take it the wrong way.

I want to be forgiven.

I just want a reason,

To keep on livin'.

I go back to the days when friends became enemies,

I remember the anger; the hostility in my heart,

Every day was black and white,

Same old story another day,

I fought to try and find another way,

Some other game to play,

No one ever stayed,

They all turned and walked away,

So every night I would lay awake and pray,

That he would send some new friends my way,

People who cared,

Not the kind that would point and stare,

And not the kind that gave mean glares,

I thought those days would last forever,

I thought the thread from which I was hanging I'd have to soon sever,

But no…NEVER.

I promise you things always get better.

All their judge mental minds,

Their abusive words come in all kinds.

There harsh words make bruises to the mind.

I'm only waiting for the day I can shine.

I sometimes wish I can fast forward to easier times,

But in the end I know I'd only push rewind.

Tell me there's something better,

The wounds on my heart begin to fester.

Through all the strife,

I continue to love my life.

Though the storm remains

The burning joy in my heart continues in flames.

Keep strong,

These years seem to drag on and on,

But there the ones that stay in your mind forever long,

One day when time has past,

You might look back and say…alas!

I wish those days hadn't gone by so fast,

And now they're going even faster,

So enjoy those days as a beautiful disaster.