My Weekend With Jeff

-{ At Jeff's House }-

After the movies, Jeff and I decided to go to his house. And sort of just end the night there. As we walked in I took off my shoes and he took my jacket and hung it up. He looked over at me and asked me if I wanted to watch TV in his room. Shyly (considering he was my first love and all, being in the same room as him gave me butterflies) responding I said, "Umm, sure but why not watch TV in the living room instead? It's um… less stuffy and more spacey?" He looked over at me pouting slightly, "But I want to lay down and cuddle in blankets."

"You can do the same on the couches."

"Yes, I could. But I like my bed way better." He responded with a sexy mischievous smile.

He took me by the hand and lead me upstairs. I walked over to his bed then turned around to face him. Little did I know he did the same and was now towering over me. I looked up at him slightly blushing as he gave me that sexy have grin, as he gently pushed me on the bed. I feel back with ease landing on the soft blankets, that smelled so much like him. He climbed on top me and stared at my face, as if he was trying to read my mind. I looked back up at him, heart racing, casually thinking; "Am I ready for this? Am I really going to go through with this?" He leaved over as if he was going to kiss me but instead said, " So what do you want to watch? Or do you want to watch a movie instead?" I stammered embarrassed thinking that he was actually going to kiss me. "I-I donno, something relaxing and-"

"…sets off the mood?" He winked at me and smiled. "N-no, I was going to say funny. We just came from a scary movie, I wanna watch something to keep my mind off things." His face fell serious and he responded casually, "Oh, iight."

Then he got up and disappeared into the closet. I started thinking, "What the hell do you need in the closet, when the movies are over there? Is that where you hind your condoms?" I smirked to myself then grew nervous to the idea. So I got up and went to go look for Koji. Sadly, Koji was no where to be found.