Third Person P.O.V

Beverly Garland swept her hair out of her eyes as she walked up the front steps or the police station. She was 25 years old and a fresh graduate from the university of Leicester in England. She was back home in sun- kissed California to work as an FBI agent. All eyes were on her as she swept through the headquarters. Policemen and woman looked at as she went pass them.

She was beautiful no doubt. She had medium length chocolate brown hair and stunning green emerald eyes. She had black pants and a white blouse with a beige blazer. Her bag was a mustard satchel briefcase. She had on sensible penny loafers. She looked much more mature than 25, and you could tell she wasn't your average drunk university student.

She walked over to the information counter and the receptionist looked up. She had blonde hair with honey streaks, she looked to be around Beverly's age and her name tag read "Shela Riverson". Beverly smiled and said "Hi I was looking for Peter Johnson head of the special op division? I was wondering if you could direct me to his office."

Shela looked up and smiled "You must our new special unit agent, Beverly Garland! I'm Shela and this-" she swept her hand over to the guy next to her, is Timothy Kim, but we all call him Tim."

A Korean American guy that looked to be about in his early thirties waved at her "What's up? Welcome to the force!"

"Nice to meet you Tim and Shela! Well as Shela knows my name is Beverly, but you can just call me Bev. Its a lot easier." She gave a goofy grin to show she wasn't as intimidating as she looked.

Shela consulted her notes and looked back up. "Well Bev, Mr Johnson's office is down the corridor, then turn left, it's the bright red door. You can't miss it." Shela said in a breezy voice.

"Well, thanks Shela, and Tim!" Bev said as she walked away. "Good luck!" Tim and his partner said in unison.

She walked down the corridor, turned left and found Lt. Johnson's door. They were right; it was very hard to miss. With bright red paint and a sign hung in the middle that said "Lt. Peter Johnson" with gold plated letters. Bev took a deep breath. It was her first job. She was feeling more nervous than when she was taking the interview.

She knocked once and heard a voice telling her to come in. Despite Lt. Johnsons bright door, he was a rather typical looking man, a brown tweed jacket over a white long sleeved shirt, a simple black tie and dress shoes. He greeted her cordially.

"Welcome to the force special agent Garland. I hope you don't plan on having an easy first day because I bunch of paper work just arrived. You and your new partner would have to go through them. I will be introducing you too shortly. But don't worry, we wont give you much desk work, only on occasions where there is just too much desk work then we'll hand some over to the field agents."

She tried her best to hide her disappointment. Yeah sure she knew it was her first day and she shouldn't be on to a new exciting mission in the fields, but wanting to make a good impression she plastered on a cheerful smile.

"Sure! That would be no problem at all!" She said a little too cheerfully.

Lieutenant Johnson raised an eyebrow and smiled. She seemed like a good agent hopefully, unlike Rodricks last partner.

"That's great, I like your enthusiasm I'll introduce you to Rodrick in a minute, he should be here soon- ah, here he is."

A man who seemed to be about one or two years older than Bev with a nicely tan muscled body, messy light brown hair and blue eyes opened the door after the first knock. He was wearing a field clothes. Bev's new boss looked up and smiled.

"Ah, Rodrick your just in time. This is your new partner agent Beverly Garland. Agent Garland meet your new partner, agent Rodrick Brooks."

The two new partners exchanged cordial smiles, Bev felt slightly relieved, her new accomplice seemed friendly. She spent all those nights up worrying what her partner would be like for nothing.

They reached out to shake hands. "Nice to meet you agent Brooks." Bev said happily.

"Please no need for formalities, call my Rod." He replied easily.

Lt. Johnson coughed. "I'm sorry to break up your introduction but you two really need to start working, agent Brooks will show you where your desk is, its right next to his so hurry up and get acquainted already!"

"I'll show you your way to your desk." Rod offered Bev. She agreed, they said good-bye to their boss and walked out of his office.

They walked in silence for a bit, Rod broke the silence. "So I heard you graduated from England?" Bev smiled "Yes actually, I was suppose to graduate two years ago but I took a year of the travel the world." He looked at her in surprise "Woah, dude that's awesome. I wish I had done that when I was still in university, I hardly have time off now."

She let out a soft laugh "My parent were against it at first, but I convinced them that I'm not a little girl anymore."

"So, tell me about yourself." He said.

She shrugged "I'm not really that interesting, but here it goes. I'm twenty-five years old, I live alone in an apartment, I've always wanted to be a mermaid but it never happened. Your turn."

He grinned and replied, "My name is Rodrick Brooks, I'm twenty seven, I surf to get rid of my stress, Lt. Johnson is my father and my new partner is agent Beverly Garland."

She stared at him in shock "Lt. Johnson is your father? But you don't even have the same last name!" He threw his head back laughing. "Well he's my stepfather to be precise my real father died when I was sixteen-" A dark angry look came over his face. "I don't really want to talk about it. But Lt. Johnson is a pretty awesome father figure."

Bev could tell something horrible happened to his dad. As they walked down Bev inquired, "I don't mean to pry but what happened to your old partner? I believe her name was Lisa Ambrose?"

Rodricks, cheerful grin was again replaced by a dark angry expression. "The fucking bitch. Well she was a traitor, she sold all of our secrets to the head of the Russian mob. I used to go out with her, I asked her to marry me, that's when she admitted being a traitor. She was sentenced to life imprisonment."

Bev was shocked. She didn't say anything for the rest of the walk. "Here is your humble abroad." He said pointing out to her desk. "Mine would be about three cubicles down from yours." If you need anything, call e-mail, IM me or whatever." He walked away with a wink. Bev felt butterflies in her stomach. God what's gotten over me? She thought. She's sworn she would never have a boyfriend after what happened. She sighed and sat down at her cubicle.

Her work space was simple, a desk, a spinney chair and her laptop. She sat down. The paper work was piled up high on her desk. Taking another deep sigh, she got to work.

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