The Historic Poems

I find things easier to remember in poems, so I'm writing lots for my History. We're studying the American West, so if anyone else on here is, feel free to use these poems.

We start with the Sand Creek Massacre- 29th November 1864.


Death, death everywhere
Babies screams fill the air
I'll tell you how this horror started
Violence, as usual, was the cause

The Cheyenne were starving
They began attacking
But they took only food
No need for the people to get in a mood

For three years they lasted
Until they were blasted
Settlement was offered
So they set up a camp

With the white flag up
They thought they were safe
When the white men charged
It became a race... For life

Death, death everywhere
The sound of silence fills the air
When just last night...
Massacre, massacre, massacre...