A/N: This is the first time I have really tried something like this before soo here goes nothing. Also the more "humorous" content happens later this is a set-up chapter.

-Dorm 399-

Tydros sighed. It had been a trial to get through the last twelve years of school. He had made so many friend his Senior year and had been voted prom king. And now most of the friends he has made went their seperate ways and went to different colleges.

Oh well. He thought looking out the window of his dorm room, number 399. He always seemed to arrive first to places and there was never anyone to talk to. He watched as countless cars flooded through the gate to the vast campus and teenagers, or as the dean called them: young adults, piled their belongings out of their cars or even parents cars to dash away and place their belongings into their assigned dorm rooms.

Tydros had been a lucky one. He had been selected to participate in a program to be roomed with three other college freshmen, not only did that mean he did not have to buy quite as much stuff but he also had the luxury of arranging the room how he like it.

"I suppose it wasn't a bad idea getting here early," his thought verbally leaking out of his brain.

He stared out the window for what seemed like ages watching other students come and go. He did not mind, he knew that the three other guys he was paired with would either be awesome or boring shut-ins. Slipping into a daydream about college. He thought about sitting in class intently listening to his lectures, studying with a group of friends at the library, the knocking on the door.

Tydros snapped back to reality and turned to face the door. Climbing down from the his perch he quickly travelled to the door. He wondered many things in the less than a minute walk to the door. What was this roommate like? He wondered more than any other main question. Just as he reached the door it flung open pinning him between the now-ajar door and the wall.

"Well it seems. Like our fourth is exploring the campus." One of the new arrivals said making his way into the room.

"Hmph, what a lame roommate not even waiting for us before exploring." Another said as he set his stuff on the floor.

The third one made no noise as he entered the room and set his luggage right infront of the room.

"Should we go find him?" The first one asked farther away from the door than the first time he spoke.

"There's no reason." Tyrdos groaned regaining composure from his initial meeting with the heavy oak door, "Now if one of you doesn't mind can we please move the bag of bricks away from the front of the door?"

The sound of shuffling could be heard on the otherside of the door and then the door flew open.

"Dude it's Tydros!"

Tydros blinked a few times adjusting his eyes to the now cluttered room and the three other people standing around him. Once his eyes had adjusted to the changed atmosphere he noticed the others.

"How've you been man!" The first one and one of his closest friends, Will shouted slapping his gigantic hand on Tydros's shoulder effectively knocking him over.

Tydros looked looked up at his friend with a smile, "You haven't changed a bit Will."

And it was true, ever since their freshman year in high school Will had been naturally built and tall. He was the star football, basketball and tennis player all while maintaining a 3.5 gpa.

Tydros scanned the other two and realized he knew them as well: the second voice he heard belonged to another friend of his and a very tech saavy guy named Adam, and the third and the quietest kid he met in his entire life was Ryan. He noted his luck for future reference. Not only was he with three of his high school friends he knew his college career had just gotten even more interesting.