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"Boyfriend pt 1"

"Boyfriend" Alli doesn't come to Zack in the morning anymore. Cory Diamond, Alli's new boyfriend has taken over the job. Zack is used to the normal things he would do for Alli switching over to her boyfriend while she's dating and then switching back to him once she's single. Zack doesn't mind. It's not in his character to fuss about those things. What would he fuss over? Jerks trying to get into Alli's pants and break her heart. Cory was that kind of guy, Zack felt it, and the only problem was that he was the only one who felt it.

"I don't like him," Zack scowled as he watched Alli get ready for another date. It's been 6 weeks now.

She chuckled, "You technically don't like anyone besides your mother." She leaned into the mirror and applied a shimmering gloss.

"I'm serious Alli. I mean, Cory Diamond? If that's not the name of a con artist then I don't know what is."

Alli just laughs and shakes her head, "Cory is just an awesome guy who looks like he should be on the cover of magazines."

"Magazine cover guys are always the first to be dubious, fraudulent—treacherous even!"

"Dubious? Hanging around Bobby really upped your vocabulary hm?"

Zack blushed, "Focus on my point."

"Zack, until you have reason to hate his guts, get the hell out of my room!"

Zack matched Alli's glare before grabbing his book bag and leaving.

Some 6 weeks ago, Alli asked Cory out who smiled sweetly and said yes. It was only another day before she introduced him to Zack. Cory smirked and took Zack's hand to shake even though hadn't put his hand out for that sort of greeting. He was pushy, Zack knew. Did he have evidence? Nothing besides his gut telling him so.

"I think its ok to not listen to your guts right now," Bobby said in a low voice. Listening to him go on about how much he didn't like Alli's new boyfriend was fine but, Zack really didn't have anything to go on. He wanted to believe in Zack's word, but Alli seems happy right now.

"You should meet him," Zack huffed, leaning back against the wall. Its lunch time and they're sitting together on the roof. "Maybe if you saw him too, you'd believe me dude. Cory is bad news."

Bobby nodded.

"I'll admit that I'm not perfect. Every girl I've ever been with will tell you that—but I've never been mean. I've never used any girl. And now the most important one to me is dating that kind of guy. He's going to break her heart."

Zack looks over to Bobby who's wearing a strange expression. Zack sighed, "You don't believe me do you?"

Bobby bit his lip. "I think… maybe you're thinking too much?" Bobby didn't want Zack annoyed with him for not believing in him. Bobby has never met Alli's boyfriend, he couldn't judge him until he did. Not backing up Zack 100 percent hurt his chest though.

Zack rolled his eyes. Bobby is a practical guy after all. He liked that Bobby was practical, it made Bobby special compared to people his age that did things without thinking at all. Bobby is good and fair. He just wished Bobby would throw away that part of him for a second.

"All we have to do he catch him doing something."

"Something like what?"

"Cheating is doing something you know you wouldn't in front of the person you're with right? We'll follow him around and catch in the act." Bobby huffed a laugh. "What?!"

"N-Nothing. When it comes to Alli… you're so energetic."

"Alli's my best friend," Zack said, sounding somber. It made Bobby want to turn away from him. Even like this, Zack is so amazing to him. "You're my best friend too. I'd do it if I told some girl wasn't good enough." Best friends? When did they become best friends? Bobby combed through his memory to find out when exactly had it happened. He had a best friend and didn't know it? Did Zack really like him that much?

Bobby blushed. "I don't think you'd ever really have to worry about that."

"What? You're a good guy, lots of girls would like you." Zack thought Bobby was insecure being so nerdy and shy. But that's the part of him that Zack loved the most. And aren't nerdy guys in now? Who cares about a high school football star when you can have that sweet, sensitive guy with the broken glasses? There's absolutely no competition. Zack knew it as a fact!

"Uh…" Bobby blushed even harder, making Zack want to laugh. Was it natural to be so cute? What was god thinking when he made Bobby? He must have been on a sugar high.

"Listen, we'll talk about this later. For now, I have a great idea," Zack grinned, making Bobby a little nervous. "We'll follow him around and find out what he's really up to."

Bobby blinked. "So, stalking?"

"Err, when you put it that way, it sounds creepy." Zack made a sour face. Bobby made a thin line with his lips. Stalking? Definitely crazy! And he definitely won't ever tell Zack how crazy he was before. "But as insane as it is, we're gonna do it. It's for Alli after all."

Bobby looked down to his lap. "Isn't it deceitful though? If Alli thinks he's a good guy, then it's ok to trust just that right?"

"Just trust me!" Zack growled.

Bobby held his breath. 'Please don't be mad at me,' Bobby trembled, squeezing his eyes shut.

Zack froze, "Hey…" He ruffled Bobby's black hair. "Hey! I'm sorry ok?" His other hand found its way into Bobby hair too. "Don't make that face. I'll be too weak against it, ok? Just come along with me, I don't have anyone else to do this with."

Bobby nodded but was so embarrassed he couldn't bring himself to open his eyes again.

Zack didn't let up though, making Bobby's hair a wild mess. When that didn't work, he pushed Bobby down to attack his sides with wiggling fingers. Bobby started to laugh uncontrollably.

"Please! Hahhaaha—stop—hahahah—nooooo!"

Zack stopped, totally moved, from the deepest part of his heart, by Bobby's wide open grin. It panged in Zack's chest and he suddenly found himself confused. Bobby was really something, he already knew that, but there was suddenly a longing inside him to be even closer to the younger boy.

"Zack," Bobby breathed. Zack was staring, and it definitely wasn't good for his constitution.

The blond just grinned. "Are you going to come with me?"

Bobby's smile was as warm as the sun. "Yes."

Zack and Bobby were parked in Zack's car up the block from Cory's home. Zack wore large sunglasses and a giant dark hooded sweater.

"Don't we look silly?" Bobby wore a dark green shirt with jeans too sizes too big. He wore a matching pair of dark glasses. Bobby could hardly see pass his nose yet alone be helpful watching Cory from afar. Apparently, Zack can be quite theatrical about his stalk outs. He wouldn't take no for an answer buying all these things an hour ago.

"We don't just look silly, we look extra ordinary."

Bobby frowned, confused, he repeated, "Extraordinary?"

"No Bobby, EXTRA ordinary. If we looked extraordinary, we'd stand out like a clown at a Jewish funeral. Get your head in the game, Bob!"

Bobby took a breath, pulling at the hem of his sweater. He's burning up inside it. "Bob?"

"It's your extra ordinary name. You're Bob today and I'm Joe... Average Joe Smith." He winked at Bob before turning back to Cory's house. He completely missed how much damage he inflicted on Bob's heart.

"Look, there he is." John whispered, raising a pair of binoculars to his eyes.

"Where did you get those?!" Bob gasped.

"Shh, he's getting into his car."

Joe followed closely behind Cory's car. Bob sat quietly next to him, contemplating whether Zack had gone crazy or not. But then he guessed, for Alli, he'd do anything to protect her. Zack would turn into Average Joe for him too, just has he said he would earlier.

They were driving for about 10 minutes before they slowed to stop a block behind Cory's car. Cory got out of the car and skipped up the steps to someone's house.

"Maybe that's where his mistress lives," Joe gritted his teeth.

Cory rang the doorbell and a minute later, and elderly woman greeted him with a hug. Cory kissed her cheek before following her inside.

"Joe, I think he's visiting his grandma," Bob mumbled.

"Even bad guys love their grand mommies," Joe concluded seriously.

Bob found himself giggling.

Joe and Bob followed Cory everywhere that morning. To the dry cleaners to pick up a suit, back home to drop it off, to the barbershop for a haircut, and to another friend's house where he played video games (Joe watched them from the window).

"Is it ok to trust him yet?" Bob asked. It's the first Saturday he's ever spent with the blond. It was such a waste spending the way following Cory around while he did harmless everyday things.

Even so, it wasn't as if he'd find the nerve to ask Zack to spend time with him anyway. As long as Zack doesn't mind him being around, and is the one to invite him out, then he'll be happy with whatever Zack wants to do.

Even this is better than nothing.

"He's on the go again. This guys is pretty active ain't he?" He drove off behind Cory. "He drives way too slow."

"He drives normally." Bob corrected.

"Fast driving is what makes a man, Bob. When you're as old as me, then you'll know," Joe looked smug.

Bob laughed again.

"I think he's going to the mall," Bob thought out loud.

"Yeah, there's nothing else interesting down this way."

Once they reached the mall, Joe parked his car. Once Bob stepped out of the car, he tripped, face first into a patch of grass.

"Hahaha, Bob, you gotta stop hurting yourself man. You'll blow our cover, and ruin your face." He helped Bob get to his feet. "And if you ruining your face, you'll stop being good looking." Joe laughed again.

"S-Sorry," Bob blushed, his ears turning red as well and his cheeks. "I need my glasses."

"No! You're in disguise! Here," Joe took Bob's hand, "I won't let you fall."

It suddenly hit Bobby that he's never met Cory. Alli's boyfriend wouldn't know him if he stared right in his face. Bobby watched the hand that held his. It was hard to breath let alone speak up about it. Even so, if it means he gets to have this moment, and hold onto it the memory of this moment in the future, he won't say a word.

"There he is."

"I need my glasses…" Bob reminded him.

"Why is it that smart people always have terrible eyesight?"

"It's because we learn to read, and write, and do math before our eyes are properly developed. It's something my parents had forgotten when they started tutoring me when I was 2. Also…"

"Damn it Bobby, you're too much," He squeezed Bobby's hand. "I don't know if I want to hug you or hurt you right now," he laughed.

"Oh…" A hug would be nice… though it might give Bobby a heart attack. 'It would be so worth it,' Bobby thought.

"Anyway, he's just standing around, waiting for his other girl no doubt."

It was another five minutes before someone else showed up. Joe gasped, "Damn it…"

"Is it someone else? Poor Alli," Bobby whimpered.

Zack laughed and shook his head. "No… it's no one else. He was waiting for Alli."

"Oh…" Bobby said, though his tears hadn't stopped.

"Stop crying you." He pinched Bobby's cheeks. "You should be mad at me for dragging you around all day for nothing." He pulled Bobby's cheeks apart, stretching out his face and then smooshed his face in between his palms. Zack felt better making Bobby look silly.

"I'm… not …mad…" Bobby managed to say between whatever the heck Zack was doing to his face.

Zack laughed out loud before he noticed Cory and Alli walking towards them. Zack cursed under his breath and brought Bobby up against his body. "Shh… if we stay perfectly still, we won't be noticed."

"Zack and Bobby, why am I not surprised to find you two here?" Alli tapped her foot impatiently.

Zack sighed. It seemed impossible to fool any of the women in his life. He let Bobby go, who promptly dropped to the floor due to his weakened knees.

Cory laughed. "What's going on?"

Alli rolled her eyes. "Zack occasionally loses his mind in an effort to ruin my personal life."

"Ok, ok, fine, Cory is a good guy. You have my approval." He held his hands up in surrender.

Bobby regained control over limbs and stood up straight. He looked up at Cory. He's tall, maybe Zack's height. He's blond too, though it's a shade or two darker than Zack's. His face is perfectly proportional, a charming set of hazel eyes, long straight nose, and lips that widened into a sweet smile. Alli sure knows how to pick them.

"Give me a minute," Alli says before dragging Zack off to the side.

Bobby assumed Zack was getting a firm scolding.

"Hey," Cory brought Bobby's attention back to him. "I'm Cory Diamond." He put out his hand and Bobby gingerly took it. Cory squeezed hard on the shorter boy's smaller hand.

"I... I'm Bobby…" He avoided Cory's wildly intense gaze. "Nice… n-nice to meet you."

Cory laughed. "You're kinda shy huh, the opposite of Alli."

"Oh," Bobby reddened. "Yeah."

Cory put his hands on Bobby's shoulders. "You're cute. Let's hang out sometime."

"I'm what?" Bobby asked. Before another word from either of them can be spoken, Alli and Zack returned, both in better moods.

"Come on Cory," Alli smiled as she hooked her arm around him.

"Later Bobby!" Cory called out before disappearing behind the crowd with Alli.

Bobby blinked. Cory called him cute. That was… weird.

"Next time, we'll buy a couple of fake mustaches." Zack clapped Bobby's shoulder.

Bobby suddenly felt uneasy.

"Hey, you ok? You're not gonna throw up or anything right?" Zack wouldn't put it pass Bobby to have some type of motion sickness standing perfectly still.


"Um?" Zack blinked at him.

"It's nothing," Bobby said, he hoped it was nothing. Maybe he really was super adorable somehow? Maybe he's so cute Alli's boyfriend couldn't help himself. Maybe… maybe he's in trouble.

Bobby hoped to never have to run into Cory again.

"Let's go buy a slice." Zack walked ahead.

Bobby smiled to himself before following behind his crush.

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