"Wake up!" I heard a voice yell violently in my right ear.

"What happened?!" I said as I jerked myself up from the position I was in.

"What happened? Your dumbass just had to go to Luna Park." The man who woke me up yelled.

"What did I do?" I asked.

"You awoke the creatures that were there. Now, they've followed us to the train station. We won't last 10 more minutes in this hell hole." He said.

"Then let me help. I got you into this mess, and I should help get you out of it." I said as I got up off of my back.

"Can you help 500 people?" The man said as he opened the closet door. What I saw shocked me. People were lined up against the walls of the hallway. Most looked hungry, tired, and scared. Most of the people there, looked to be women and children. "As I was saying, are you gonna help 500 people out of a hospital?" He asked.

I wasn't sure what to do. If I said yes, the lives of hundreds of people depended on me. If I failed, I couldn't be able to live with a burden that big. "I'll do it." I reluctantly agreed.

"Good. Now, we'll need you on the 1st floor setting up the barricades. Then on the 2nd floor, we'll need you to booby trap the staircases, in case the infected make their way up here. And on the 3rd floor, we'll need you unlock the entrance to the parking lot, so we can get the trucks there." The man instructed me. "By the way, I'm Jeremiah." He said as he shook my hand and handed me a gun.

"Whoa, are you sure you want to trust a 15 year old with a gun?" I exclaimed.

"It's not like I have much of a choice." Jeremiah said.

I sighed and took the gun reluctantly. I walked out the door and looked into the hallway where there were countless people lined up. I could see the fear in their eyes. As I went down into the stairway, I was stopped by a familiar voice.

"Wait, you can't go down there on your own." The person. I turned around to my own surprise to see who the person was. It was Dave.

"Dave." I said in amazement.

"By God, Luke, You're alive!" Dave yelled in a combination of relief and excitement. " How did you survive?"

"I'll explain that later. But is Matthew here?" I asked, hoping for a good answer. Dave nodded in response. He then yelled out Matthew's name and a holler came out in response. I was glad that I had found my best friends. Sadly, the reunion was short lived. It still didn't change the fact that I had to go downstairs and do exactly what Jeremiah had told me to do.

"Hey, why don't we go with you?" Dave said. "We've got some people that'll stay up here with the survivors."

"Sure, I could use the help down there. Who knows what we'll be up against?" I said as I took out the flashlight and pistol that Jeremiah had given to me…