It was dark in the streets of Camelot. A small child could be heard crying. No one dared go near it for it had come straight out of a twister. It was obviously the work of witchcraft. The king of that time was told of this mysterious child. He took the priest of Camelot and went to see the child. When he arrived he saw the Child was a boy. When the other people noticed who was examining the child they all bowed down.

"Your Majesty. What do you want done with the boy who came from the swirling wind?" said a servant.

The king paused for a little bit before replying," We shall see what the Priest says."

The priest went to the boy and tried picking him up. He was met with a great shock and was sent backwards. Because of the shock no body dared touch the boy. Soon afterwards everybody left. A dark sorcerer came up to the baby and by using a cloth took the baby. He and a band of dark sorcerers raised the child in the way of the dark arts. They called him Merlin. At the age of three he was already more powerful than the dark sorcerers. He was sent out to do their bidding and did it better than they hoped for. They soon became jealous of Merlin's abilities and wanted him destroyed. Everything they tried to do to kill him would not work for he was to powerful. They couldn't get him to die so when Merlin was 13, he was sent away. He nearly starved to death many times. One day he was walking in a dark alley way and he heard a whip crack. Following the whip crack was a scream from a girl. Merlin wanted to see why the girl was being whipped. So he went to investigate. He got to the door and saw the master of the house was not there. Because he figured he wouldn't be long, he went in. The room was dark and strapped to a wall he saw a young girl who was wearing very dirty rags. The girl had a tortured expression on her face. She had a lot of blood coming down her arms and torso. The whip marks were still very red. When she saw Merlin she immediately scowled. Merlin looked at her curiously.

"What do you want?" The girl said.

Merlin scratched the back of his head and said, "I heard you screaming and wanted to see the commotion. My name is Merlin. What is yours?"

The girl was about to answer when the door opened. Her face went to horror and anger. The master of the house had returned.

"What do you think you are doing? She is rightfully my slave. I won her fair and square. And boy is she a good worker. So unless you are here to be my slave as well I suggest you leave." The master of the house said.

Merlin looked at the girl again. She was sad. He turned away and said, "Very well…I will leave…"

With that he left. He felt really bad. The next day he went back to visit the girl. She was cleaning the floor. The master of the house gave her a break after she finished and allowed her to go to the bathroom. In the bathroom she always cried to herself. From outside Merlin followed the sound of her crying and went to the wall next to the bathroom. From the inside of the bathroom the girl heard Merlin outside.

"Merlin…? Is that you?" The girl said.

Merlin laughed and replied, "Yes. It is. I felt bad about leaving you yesterday…so, I have to know…what is your name?"

The girl laughed a little and replied, "My name is Guenhwyvar."

Merlin said, "Guenhwyvar…..I promise to get you out one day."

Guenhwyvar smiled and said, "Thank you Mer-"

She was interrupted by screaming from her master, "I thought I told you to go away and not talk to her! I will kill you if I see or hear you again. As for you Guenhwyvar…I will deal with you later."

Merlin ran away listening to Guenhwyvar screaming in pain. Merlin went to the town smith shop and found a sword he really liked. He put a spell on the smith and took the sword. He enchanted the sword with every spell he knew. He called it Pure Heart and Soul for it would save a pure and innocent life, Guenhwyvar. He went to Guenhwyvar's master's house. He knocked down the door and went to Guenhwyvar. She was chained up to the wall again. It was obvious she was whipped. Merlin looked her over. He swore to himself that he would never let anything hurt her again. Then he realized that she was unconscious.

"I thought I told you to never come back. You must really want to die…." Guenhwyvar's master said. He had a large sword in his hand.

Merlin looked him right in the eyes and said, "I challenge you to a duel. The winner gets to slay the loser and keep Guenhwyvar. The loser obviously dies."

Guenhwyvar's Master laughed, "I, Lokima, accept your challenge. Prepare to die."

They fought for about a minute before Merlin knocked the sword away from Lokima. Merlin was about to kill Lokima but decided against it. He told him that he was to leave and never come back. Lokima nodded and left. Merlin went up to Guenhwyvar and got her out of the bonds. He took her limp body and carried it out of the house. He went into a nearby forest and used magic to make a log cabin. He then clothed Guenhwyvar. He stroked her hair like one would to pet a cat.

"Guenhwyvar. I will watch over you. I won't let any harm come your way. From now on. You'll be my Guenhwyvar. My Guen."