When Guenhwyvar woke up, she saw she was in a field and in a dress. She was very confused. She then noticed Merlin laying down in the field as well.

"Well, good morning Guenhwyvar. I have good news and bad news. The good news is you never have to worry about your master again. The bad news is you are now my slave...and I free you. Lord knows I would be a bad slave owner...I'd do all the work!" Merlin said while laughing.

Guenhwyvar looked at Merlin. He was still laying down with his eyes closed. Even his mouth was closed.

"Confused yet? I am using a method of speaking through the minds of people. I like to call it 'talking to other people by talking to their minds' or telekinesis. It is actually quite easy. All you have to do is focus on the person you want to talk to and then just think speak. Also anything you don't want to be heard just think as if there is a door there. So Guenhwyvar. Can I call you Guen? I think saying Guenhwyvar all the time is a mouth full."

Guenhwyvar nodded. Merlin smiled and pointed to the nearby house. He then showed Guen around and finally asked her what she was going to do.

Guen shook her head and said," Honestly I don't know. I just became free. I... look. Merlin. Your a nice kid but...I have a family...I want to get to them. I don't want to be a slave to a 14year old boy even if he "freed me." You don't own me so you can't free me. I'm sorry if this seems mean but...I just don't want my family punished for my actions. And me running away is definitely a cause to go after my family...for that was the deal. I stayed his slave and in return he wouldn't harm my family. Thank you anyways..."

Merlin looked away. He didn't know how to feel. "...well...if its what will make you happy...then I'm not going to stop you. If you change your mind... I'll be here..." Merlin said. He could hear Guen walking away. He clenched his hands together and felt horrible. He held back tears.

When Guen got to the town, she decided to go see if her family was ok. She went around the town and found her families house...or what was left of it. There was only ash. She fell to hear knees and cried. She blamed Merlin for this and swore she would one day kill him.

"If he had never come and found me I'd never have lost them...Now they are gone...unless they weren't there when the house burned. But...no...it is still Merlin's fault." She said. She went to Lokima's house and he wasn't there. In fact the house was empty. Not even the chains she was once in were there. She looked all over the house and found one thing. It was a schedule written by Lokima. The first thing on the list was 'Burn down Guenhwyvar 's old house'. She was furious. This note had proven that because of Merlin her house was gone. Then she saw the date to the note. It was the same exact date she had become a slave. Her family was killed the day she entered slave hood. And now she couldn't blame Merlin. She starting crying again. Mentally she screamed to herself. Then she remembered Merlin's tiny rant on telepathy.

"Merlin...? Are you there?" She said mentally.

After what seemed to be hours she got a reply,"Yes Guenhwyvar. I am here for you. What do you need?"

Guen told Merlin about what had happened to her family and then asked if she could still stay with Merlin. When Merlin said she could she ran out the door and went to go fine Merlin's house.