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Chapter VIII: The Five Year Vow

"Never forget the name of your enemies. Never forget the names of your allies. And never forget the promises made to loved ones!"

Excerpt from Dragon-Hunter's book of the Draconic Arts.

Walter could not think straight. After the epic battle with Kaito Tsukumogami ended, Walter couldn't keep himself conscious afterwards and fainted. In his mind though, even in his current state, thought he heard the maniacal laugh of that creep ex-avian Vladimir and a dragon off in the distance.

Celeste was in shock. She had just witnessed two powerful Avians collide and saw the power of the ancient artes. As she stood there thinking of what to do, she heard something coming from the hole in the wall of the grand ballroom. It was a faint sound, but it was noticeable to the young wolf princess. She turned towards the hole in the wall to see none other than good old Spark limply flying through the hole in a great deal of a pain. When she saw the small temporal dragon she was happy, but she looked down and remembered that Walter wasn't awake at the moment to realize that his partner in crime was alright. Sort of.

The next sight she saw though left her overflowing with happiness. Standing by Spark now was none other than her father and General Shinai Cais along with General Cais's troops. She took a step towards her father in hesitation but she knew it wasn't a trick and she ran full speed into his arms. And she cried.

Walter woke up in the hospital the next morning feeling horrible. 'Man I haven't felt this sore since my first training session with dad,' he thought painfully. He tried to get up but his pain was worse than he thought. There was a sharp shooting pain that went through his whole being and decided for the time being to just lie there and accept it. No later did he regain his thoughts, did his kind and loving mother come in to check on her son.

"Walter honey you're awake!" She said with happiness.

"Yeah mom it just hurts to..." Walter was cut off mid sentence with a smack to the head by his loving mother. 'It hasn't even been five minutes yet!'

"What were you thinking!?" Mizuho asked her son, "What if something bad happened to you!"

After hearing this all Walter could do was stare at his mom with a "What-could-be-worse-than-this-besides-death?" look on his face. After that, he looked his mom in the eyes and noticed something odd. She was on the verge of tears. Just like when Ariana was taken by that demon Orikonso. He was going to say something but he believed it would be best to hold back any further comments on account to his mother's mood at the moment. Soon after the little exchange was done, Shinai came in to escort his wife out of the room to comfort her for the time being. And with that he was left alone with just his thoughts. Soon enough one important thought came to his mind... where was Spark and Celeste! But one of those fears were quickly put to rest as Celeste walked into his room. Her arm was in a cast but besides that, she looked perfectly fine. Celeste looked towards Walter's bed to find him awake. Feeling relief that her friend was somewhat okay, she ran over to his bed and gave him a one armed hug.

"Celeste i'm so glad you're okay!" He exclaimed.

"Same here," She said back now sitting on the bed. "When you fainted I was so scared. But when Spark and our fathers came, I was so relieved to be done with all this."

"Same here," Walter said but it took a while for the last thing she said to register in his mind. "Wait Sparks okay! Where is he!?"

"He's fine," She said calmly. "He was injured but I managed to heal him like I did myself but it wasn't much since I was still weak at the time. He is still a little bit hurt but he's resting in the room next to us."

Having heard this, Walter was at peace for the moment. Soon after, the doctor came into his room and asked Celeste to let Walter get some rest for now. And again he was left alone with his thoughts.

"Now Kaito Tsukumogami," Walter said, "Your judgement has been passed and this Divine Wind shall strike you down."

He struck Phoekenza into the ground and the hurricane collapsed onto Kaito. All they could hear was his scream as he was attacked by the wind. As the hurricane dissipated, Kaito's lifeless body fell to the ground. Still In his rage, Walter grabbed Phoekenza and turned towards a cowering Celeste. He raised the Illusion Spear and...

Walter awoke in a cold sweat from his horrible nightmare. That kind of destructive power. Where did it come from? How did I obtain it? What was that arte that I used on Tsukumogami? Why did it go so far? Oh well. I shouldn't fret on the past. I fought my hardest. Even when I couldn't fight anymore. It forced me to strive to win... to break the barriers of my very to win. I hope I never have to resort to such power ever again!

Miraculously, Walter was released from the hospital just a week after he was admitted. Celeste was released a few days prior and Spark a day before Walter. All seemed fine. It was a nice warm summer day and there was one thing on Walter's mind. Mischief. When Walter arrived at his house, he decided to go find Spark and his new best friend her royal pain. He found them in Walter's room oddly enough. What made it even weirder was that Celeste was asleep on his bed. Walter walked over to the Fenririan princess to wake her up. as she woke up, he couldn't help but blush a bit as the princess woke up. She looked so...so dare he think it, so cute. She got up, yawned and stretched. When she noticed Walter, she jumped up and hugged him real quick making the Avian blush a little bit harder.

"So," She said, "what mischief can we get into within the next two days?"

"Why only two days?" Walter asked.

"Because," she said sadly. "That's when I have to return to Fenrir."

"Well," Walter started with enthusiasm, "let me show you how much trouble we can get in in just two days!"

And so the two kids and Spark set out on the town to play and cause trouble on the local townsfolk. But like all good things, it came to an end. Celeste had to return to Fenrir with her family. The two said their goodbyes and just like that, she was gone.

Life soon returned to normal for Walter Cais. He went back to his daily training regimen: a six hours of practicing with Spark and two hours of sparring with his father if he was available. Soon enough, it was winter time in Aldevia and there was fresh snow falling. Walter decided for this one particular day to take a break from his training and go explore a place he hadn't explored in a while. The Shrouded Forest. The last time he went there was about nine months ago. The day Ariana was kidnapped.

Soon enough Spark and Walter found themselves in the Shrouded Forest. As they were walking through the forest as the snow fell lightly, Walter couldn't shake the feeling that something was amiss. The partners in crime found themselves in a new part of the forest that they had never gone into. 'Hmm,' Walter thought,'I wonder what could be back here.' But soon he he had that feeling again. It was like someone was watching them. Following them. Walter kept a worried hand on his spear Gungnir just in case. Then all of the sudden. There was a figure. One from Walter's memory right in front of him. It was Orikonso. He charged at the demon, Gungnir in hand and struck Orikonso. The attack harmlessly went through the demon as if he wasn't actually there.

"Hehehe," the demon laughed, "Nice try boy. If I was really here at the time that might of hurt!"

"What do you want Orikonso!" Walter shouted, "where's my sister!?"

"Soon, soon young warrior," Orikonso mocked, "Your time to die is not today. You still have another four years to live. I am being merciful in the amount of time I am giving you to live! Why the last time I let someone live that long... no I shall not tell you. Farewell young warrior. Try not to die before I get the chance to kill you!"

And with that, the demon left. Walter was stunned. He couldn't move. Spark came to his master with a worryful whimper. Spark grabbed Walter and returned home as fast as his wings would let him.

'Ariana, please be okay...please.'