See the world through the eyes of a child,

Uncorrupted and unimpaired,

Hate does not cloud their judgement

Because to them everything is black and white,

Good and evil only occurs in comics

And heroes are for movies.


When you're a child, everyone's nice

People help you when you graze your knees

Or someone says something to you,

Someone holds your hand.

And you're okay.


Until they let go

And suddenly you're running,

Through a life of deceit and hate,

A race to survive with business, money and associates.

Real people don't have friends.

Because, evil is not just in comic books,

And everyone has specks of hate,

And sometimes that's all you see.


Until someone takes your hand

And holds you close,

With three words, the world is healed.

They make your remember that heroes do exist

And for a moment you see the world through the eyes of a child.

You see love.

And it is beautiful.