I Miss You

I see your silhouette in my mind.

I reach for you.

I call for you.

I call to you.

My voice must be weak, or you would turn.

You would turn, wouldn't you?

You wouldn't leave me this empty, could you?

I still love you.

I still miss you.

I still want you by my side.

My fingers must be frail, because you have slipped by.

You would turn back if you felt me grasp, wouldn't you?

You wouldn't leave me, could you?


I strain to hear.

I strain to listen.

I strain for your sounds.

My ears must be injured, because there is no sound reaching me.

You would have raised your voice so I could hear, wouldn't you?

You would allow your voice would resound in me, couldn't you?


I want you here.

I want you by my side.

I want to be held by you.

My wishes must be weak compared to others, because you are not here.

You would be with me if my longing wasn't so selfish, wouldn't you?

You would be beside me, couldn't you?


I love you.

I miss you.

I want to hear you.

I want to speak to you.

I want to be in your arms.


I want to, but I've already burdened you.

I would be with you, but it isn't in my destiny.

I could support you, but I'm not good enough.

I can only miss you, and love you.

I will always care for you.

I love you, my natal mother.