She's stuck; she was dropped in an endless loop leaping through time periods as soon as she step foot in the time stream. He was stuck; obsessing over a girl he only saw once before. Jane stumbled into Adam's life once, she could do it again. This time, she accidentally brought him into the same predicament she's in- being stuck in the life of being a Time Traveler.


Time travel.

When thinking about it, it's the most impossible thing to happen- for a person to run around time, changing their past, or other's past for their own pleasure. Or for profit. Moving things around to make sure that everything will fall into their hands, according to their plan. Because of that, even though as much as the scientists wanted to, they refused to do anything related to make the process happen. They didn't want anything to harm the timeline they were in.

Little did they know that the timeline had been already changed. Severely. For decades, there exists an organization. Created during the First World War, the group was made of a small amount of people. The numbers increased over time, and so have been the alternate timelines. The group is made up of time travelers of all kind. They don't all have a field job, like some do. Others keep track of the changes, some monitor the Travelers. Meanwhile, the hot shots upstairs dealt with filtering their missions; which missions were good enough, and which missions didn't pay as much. At the top of their priorities are, obviously, the high paying missions.

No one in the organization chose to take part in any of it. Well, with the exception of the original founders. Back then, they handpicked the smartest and fittest people to join. If they refused, it was literally their refusal to live. The founders were nice, and smart men. When they had discovered the formula to time travelling, they had agreed to keep it a secret between them. Time passed on, then a couple more people. Their group was small. It had twelve people, and they were assigned numbers, thus making them "the Original Twelve".

Twelve and Six, were the founders. They were experimenting their formulas on a small scale, then when finding out the formula, they wired a door for it to be the time machine, and they used it when they liked from then on. Then, some of their friends found out by it, accidentally time travelling themselves, and then, the Original Twelve was formed.

Their work was harmless. All they did was use it for research purposes, like to make accurate details for their studies. Nine, for instance, used it for going back in history to observe their actions. They also used it for the purpose of fun, like what Three, did, going to the future and testing out the cars. Or for their own purposes, like what Six did, getting wines from the time, ripping off the cover, then hiding it somewhere, only to pick it up again in his time. Seven times travelled a couple of times to win the lottery, only to be scolded by Twelve. One used it for his work, Four as well. Eight used it for observing himself and his actions, being the forgetful man he was. Five helped Twelve with the formulas and how to use it through other items like a watch. Ten helped people by time travelling through different time lines. And Eleven used it for his filming. Two never used it, but agreed to keep it a secret. Twelve, on the other hand, only used it for the most necessary things.

When some local scientists found out, Six merely shrugged it off, saying it was no big deal. Twelve and Five disagreed with him. A couple of months later, they all had agreed to move away. By that, they threw away who they were, thus for the rest of the world only to know them by their numbers. They had told their families, and they had to move away too, far from them and to never try to find them. To insure that no one will ever find them, they all wiped away any source of their existence. From then on, the groups' only family was each other. They were slowly being forgotten after that, but their work continued. Years later, Twelve and Five managed to make a watch able to time travel. The twelve then used it, not using a door anymore.

But, it wasn't all good for them. Eleven was arrested and hanged, when caught trespassing, filming where he shouldn't have. Seven was shot when he was accused of cheating. Nine was killed too, when she was caught along a war. Three, he got ran over in the future. Eight got lost in the time stream, losing his watch in the process. And Six went mad, watching his friends fall apart one by one.

Two had almost left the group, but he decided to stay, remembering the fact that he had nowhere to go. From then on, there were only six; One, Two, Four, Five, Ten, and Twelve. They had moved again. When they did, they let more people in. As time passed on, they were a small organization, growing on and on. Their work was used for helping people, because of that, alternate time lines were made, and they had to keep track of it. The number system died out along with the remaining six. Twelve was the last one to go. Before he did, he passed his work down to his great grandson, Howard. Howard got lost later on, and handed it over to his best friend, who he worked with on numerous missions. He gave him orders to pass it on to his granddaughter when the time was right.

"How will I know?"

"When she risks everything she has. Just stop her in time so she can live, okay?"


"Don't let her get lost in the time stream, like others have. Promise me that," he coughed. "I have faith in you. Now, don't try to go back in time and try to save me."

"Why not?"

"Some things shouldn't be changed."