"Who would have thought my band could finally make it to the Crash Box Champs?" Ichigo Mayaka squealed in delight.

"Duh, we got you up there. Now, who's the most awesome band ever?" Mika Danayu asked with a wink.

"Lip gloss!" Denaye Hart shouted, popping her head around the corner of the kitchen.

"That's right, and who is the awesome band leader who brought the most awesome band into origin?"

"Ichigo Mayaka!" Ichigo fist-pumped the air.

Mika gave her a droll stare. "It was me. With my brilliant mind, I thought of the name that made us famous."

Ichigo's nose flared with annoyance. "Oh puh-lease! Without my help, your big headedness wouldn't have thought it up."

Mika looked offended. "Me? Big headedness? I resent that! And I didn't need your help! You're just jealous!"

"Girls, girls, enough with the fighting...I was trying to sleep," Vivian Price yawned as she shuffled into the living room, her dyed blue hair sticking every which direction.

The two girls stared each other down. Ichigo's eyes twitched and Mika ground her teeth.

"Yeah, you ladies argue too much," Vivian's twin brother, Val, yawned too, marching tiredly into the kitchen.

Ichigo rolled her eyes at the tall, muscular man, "Welcome to the girls' world, Val."

He yawned and stretched his arms above his head and mussed his dyed blue hair (like his sister) and fixed his nose piercing, a little hoop between his nostrils, and smiled, "I'm already there, Honey."

"Oh, sure, I forgot that there wasn't a fifth girl in here with us. I was getting ready to tell Vivian to get her ugly twin sister out of here," Mika said, pushing her glasses up off of her nose.

Val only laughed. "Yeah, yeah, we all know I'm the beauty and brains in the gang."

"Beauty my foot! You do know we're twins, right, and the exact same replica of ugliness? That's why the docs couldn't figure out which of the two of us were male or female," Vivian interrupted.

"That's because they were guestimating and didn't know whether to gender-blender us or take us to the other doc and ask him which one needed a pink blanket and which one needed a blue blanket."

Vivian frowned. "Now that was a little weird."

She and Val thought back to when they were kids, but Ichigo sighed impatiently, "Guys, we need to get ready!"

Suddenly, Mika slapped her forehead, "Oh dung!"

"What?" Vivian, Val, and Ichigo asked.

"I forgot to call Alexera for our clothes."

"What?" Ichigo seethed. Vivian sucked in a breath and Val raised an eyebrow.

"We need to call. Right now!" Ichigo made a dive for the phone, but Val's powerful arm stopped her and she slumped forward.

"We need a plan," Val said, nonchalantly.

Mika nodded, "Yes."

"How about we go shopping?" Denaye asked, popping up randomly on the couch. (o_O) (Anyways)

"Hey, how about we go shopping?" Vivian inquired, as if Denaye never spoken.

"Great idea, Viv," Val said and let Ichigo go. She slumped, but recovered quickly. She spun around and grinned triumphantly.

"Let's go!"