You asked if I could ever like you.

No one answered,

You heard merely silence.

If I were there I would've told you it's not rocket science.

Can't you see the desirable stares I give?

Don't you watch when I gaze into your beautiful eyes?

Always thinking I'll never have a chance,

That you'll never give more than a passing glance

A wave hello goodbye is all I'll ever be given from you.

I swear I thought this true.

But just now,

Just then when she told me,

Said that the possibility

Of you and me,

Was so high,

I was trying hard not to let loose and just fly.

I tried so hard to hide,

The overpowering feeling of happiness that was exploding from my heart.

I was so happy in that moment

I couldn't prepare myself

For the words that would tear myself apart.

Is it true I'm too late?

I honestly didn't know

So just wait!

When our hands touched,

Did you, like me, feel the sparks?

When our eyes met that day in the woods,

An overpowering feeling overcame me

That's all I understood.

When we went our ways,

I knew these feelings couldn't stay.

I tried to tell myself I can't do this.

I tried convincing myself that we're not good for each other.

But all those feelings quickly melted away

So please don't lead me astray.

All these years did you really think I hated you?

Did you not read my quote?

It's for you, the one I wrote.

"When I say I hate you, assume I love you,

When I say I love you, assume I mean it."

I'm not ready for love just yet,

But you better not forget

Me and how I said we're not history.

So you can have your little girlfriend for now,

And I'm not going to stop you because

We're under no vow.

But if I say something about him,

Don't take offense,

I'm only waiting to see a hint

Of the boy I fell for

The man I still want

The guy I'll always like.

So ask again,

My so-much-more-then-a-friend,

"Do you like me?"

There's silence,

But it's not rocket science.

For that burning spark of hope

I've kept alive over all these years,

Has just caught on fire.