It was the first time we had sex, and it was also the first time we met.

"Tamara I'm trying to hurry, so stop nagging me woman." I frown. I had just finished up at work and was late for the date Tamara set me up. This guy, Harrison, at her work apparently saw me when I came to pick her up for lunch, and ever since he's been dying to get to know me. Admittedly I was flattered, but didn't think much of it.

Tamara had took the initiative and set us up.

She says it was a sign because she was about ready to sign me up with eHarmony anyway.

I hustled through the busy New York streets to Dalgaard on Fourth. I had heard that their food was phenomenal, so there really wasn't reason for me to say no.

I had given up dating after my recent string of bad dates.

There wasn't anything wrong with some menial flirting or one night stands.

Tamara had talked Harrison up, so I gave it a go. But apparently I was the one being a bad date since I was running 20 minutes late.

My pastel red A-line dress grazed the back of my legs as I stopped to catch my breath. Man I really need to start running again.

My dress was cinched at the waist and flared out a bit. My brand new mustard yellow pea-coat was starting to keep me a bit too warm. Damn I really do need to run. I smoothed my coat out as I checked myself in a window. My hair was messy, teased and in a high ponytail.

Even though I didn't get to touch up my makeup I thought I looked pretty damn cute.

I started up again, but chose to walk the rest of the way.

"I'm so sorry for being late," I apologize as I hurriedly sit down. Tamara had described him well enough for me to locate him sitting at our table, but she didn't do him any justice. He was beautiful-pretty almost.

I was smitten at first sight.

"No don't worry about it; I'm the one who wanted to take you out on a Tuesday night. We haven't formally met, I'm Harrison Payne." He smiles and his big brown eyes just have me melting. He casually holds his hand out for me to shake.

"Cadence Snyder." I say amused. I take his hand for a few seconds. Man his hands are soft, "And I normally don't have this much work on Tuesday, but go figure." I shrug. I take my coat off and put it on the back of my chair, as I've noticed he's done as well.

"So what do you do exactly?" He asks as he takes a sip of his water.

"I'm in design-did you not order yet?"

"I wanted to wait for you." He smiles.

Awwww, the first guy I went out with, on my string of bad dates, was halfway through his meal by the time I got there.


Harrison's eyes drift next to me and I turn my head to see our waiter coming.

Dear god am I just surrounded my beautiful men today?

"Hello, I'm Bennett and I'll be your waiter today." He smiles at Harrison then at me. He looks a bit taken back when he sees me, but I might have just imagined that. I can't look that bad…

Bennett is beautiful in that sexy I want to ravage you in bed sort of way. He looks to have that amazing swimmer's body.

While Harrison is beautiful in that blond pretty boy sort of way that you want to marry.

"What can I start you guys off with anything?" Bennett asks. His voice is kind of hoarse and husky. I cross my legs and turn my attention away from him and to the menu.

"Have you been here before Cadence?" Harrison asks.

"Nope…"I bite my freshly manicured finger out of habit. What to eat?

"I recommend the calamari," Bennett says happily, "And the caprese salad."

I look up at Harrision. Both sound great right about now.

"How about both?" Harrison says, but it comes out as more of a question.

"Yeah great," I give him a half smile.

"Fantastic, I'll be right back with that for you both." Bennett jots down our order and leaves.

Damn he's hot. I just want to run my hands through his dark down hair and stare into his bright green eyes.

"So I know you work with Tamara, but what do you do?" I ask.

"Well I handle accounting for the company."

"Isn't that boring?" Math and really anything related to numbers just bore me to death.

"Not really. I always loved math. I'm guessing you had a fondness and talent for art and design?"

"Hm yes and no. I love art and design, but there was this period where I just stopped. I picked it up again though and fell in love."

"I always wished that I could be an artist."

"It's a tough industry though, but I guess I got lucky." I shrug.

Bennett comes back with our appetizers and we thank him. Harrison doesn't seem to notice it, but I really think Bennett is staring at me.

"So are you two ready to order?" He asks.



"Great," Bennett says, "I'll start with the pretty lady then." He smiles and looks at me.

The attention and compliment flatters me, but I'm not one to blush or 'go weak in the knees' for anyone.

I quickly glance at my menu one last time, "Could I have the filet tips with au Gratin Potatoes and garden salad."

"Great choice," He grins at me, "And you sir?"

I close my menu and can't help but sneak a peek at my phone. I try to check my messages without being caught but Bennett nudges me lightly with his foot. I hand him my menu and notice how huge his hands are. Oh goodness.

Halfway through the dinner things had gone pretty well. Bennett had visited us to check up more often than usual but I dismissed that as him not being too busy tonight.

Harrison's had gone out to take a phone call leaving me alone.

"Hi," I look up slightly surprised and see Bennett the beautiful waiter sitting down across from me where Harrison once was.

"Hi," I say slightly unsure.

"I know I told you my name and it's on a piece of metal pinned to my chest, but I'm Bennett. And I heard your boyfriend say your name a few times."

I give him a confused look.

"Mind if I get your name-formally that is?"


"Right, I'm Cadence." I reply a bit unsure.

"I think you're beautiful and gorgeous. I know you're with that guy, but I kind of had to make some move or I'd regret it forever."

I open my mouth but close it.

Did he really just say that?

"Is that supposed to be some sort of line?" I slightly tease him.

"Not at all." He says honestly. He looks at bit eager like a child, but I can tell that he's at least a year older than me, but younger than Harrison who's four years older than I am.

"Well," I start, "He's not my boyfriend."

He grins, "Yeah?"

"Yeah," I pause, "But it doesn't mean that he won't be."

"But that also means that I could be too."

"You're a charmer you know that?" I slightly pout. He's just the kind of guy I'd fool around with for a bit.

"Yes…but it doesn't mean that I don't want to be with you because I do."

"What if I only want a non-serious relationship?"

"I can do that."

"And what if I want a serious relationship?"

"I can do that too."

"What if I just want to have sex with you tonight and never see you again?"

"Now that I'm not sure I can do," He looks at me seriously, "One night just would not be enough."

I laugh, "Okay. We'll see then."

"We'll see what?" He asks.

I shrug and cross a leg over the other ending the game of footsie he had started. He chuckles and sits there looking at me. It's like he's formulating some sort of plan.

I open my mouth to speak but stop when Harrison walks over.

"Excuse me," He says to Bennett.

"Oh, my deepest apologies," He says with a smile. I can tell that he's being slightly sarcastic, but I don't think Harrison can.

Bennett walks away and Harrison has an odd look on his face.

"What was that all about?"

Before I could regret it a lie escapes my lips, "I thought I recognized him from somewhere. It turns out we went to high school together."

"Really? What a coincidence."

"It really is."

After Harrison had paid I figured that I really did like him. He was nice, sweet and a bit naïve. Bennett had given me an odd look as he took the check away, but I disregarded him.

As the two of us finished up our coffee I was genuinely laughing at a joke Harrison had made.

Now all that was left was to see if I went home with him.

And I did.

Well actually I wanted to go home with any man at the moment.

"I really enjoyed this. It's been a while since I've been on a good date." I say.

"Me too."

The benefit of living in New York was that you didn't have a car, so therefore you weren't obligated to really go anywhere. I didn't have to go find my nonexistent car parked in a nonexistent place, and I could walk wherever I pleased.

"Maybe you'd like to go back to my place?" He suggests.

"I'm sorry; I left my car parked all the way back at work. I should go and get it."

"Some other time then?" He smiles at me. No hurt is evident anywhere on his face.

"Yeah maybe."

We both stand and put of coats on. I follow him out the restaurant and give him a quick peck on the lips.

"It really was great meeting you Harrison."

"Likewise," He gives me a small hug before walking off.

I sigh and puff out my cheeks.

It really is sad that I wasn't looking for a long term relationship.

I glanced back at the restaurant and my eyes caught a lively Bennett. He was smiling at another man who worked there and waved him off before rushing out the door.

"Hi," I breathed.

"Hi," He managed with a smile.

I woke up naked with him and his sheets wrapped around me. My head was placed on his shoulder and my nose was against his neck. My hand was placed on the other side of it and my arm touching his chest. One of his hands was caressing my upper arm and the other arm was under me with his hand on my shoulder.

He encircled my body and I felt so safe.

My nose nuzzled against his neck one last time before I lifted my head. He smells like something citrusy and woody, but then also like sex.

My heartbeat picks up a bit at the thought of last night.

His body is absolute perfection much like his face. His muscles are toned and he has the perfect swimmer's body. Every rippling muscle sure seemed to be well worked out.

And don't get me started on his-

Bennett stirred momentarily to pull me closer to him.

I fell back into our previous position, but this time much tighter against his hard body.

Bennett is probably a close second for the best guy I've had sex with. He's definitely more attractive, but not quite up to the other guy's level.

He has this raw passion and desire that had me over the edge, but I could tell that he didn't sleep around.

If we spent more nights together though I'm sure he'd be able to easily land first place.

I almost want to sigh at how damn amazing it felt to kiss him though.


I almost have the urge to jump at the sound of his voice. Dear god the way it sounds after he wakes up…


He smiles adjusts himself so he's on his side looking at me, "I just wanted to make sure that it's really you."

"Well it is, the one and only." I say without any real tone. I'm still a bit tired and worn from our activities last night.

"Good," he kisses my nose, "You seem like the type to fuck 'em and leave."

And I am.

"Yeah…but I didn't."

"Also good," He holds me closer, "So will you stay?"

"I guess so," I snuggle closer to him.

Boy am I fucked.

A/n: I need to stop making so many stories! But alas here is another one that I'm aiming to finish off at ten chapters or less, so it's a short story. The point of views alternate between Cadence and Bennett per chapter!

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