Most of you don't know me.

I mean you wouldn't, how could you?

Unless you love to read horror stories.

Then maybe you'll know me. I write pretty scary stuff, usually. I'm a member of the Australian Horror writers Association.

I also write Fan Fiction, mainly about Supernatural, I love the show.

I follow a few people on twitter.

I follow about a hundred people, so there really isn't much chance you'd know me.

I'm just someone that's has a friend who happens to be ten years old.

My daughter.

My twitter daughter, and my writing pal, Maddie.

The other day we were finishing off a story about a hospital, and I needed her to give me notes. That's when one writer asks another for the bit they wrote, and to comment on the bit you wrote.

Maddie told me she was going for a walk. She had the notes, but they were on her computer, not her iPad. She was going to take her iPad with her on her walk, so we could chat. We do that sometimes.

It wasn't till about an hour into her walk I got worried. I'll let Maddie tell you why...

Oh, the bits that look like this? That's her tweeting!


I decided to go for a walk. I'm lucky, I live near a forest, and even though it's winter, I live where it doesn't get very cold. I thought, as it was such a nice day, I might go for my walk in a forest.

My dad was working in Canada, and my caregiver told me not to go too far, or to be too long.

Of course I wouldn't. I'm not stupid!

I chatted on my iPad as I walked, but that didn't work too well, I nearly bumped into people.

Embarrassing! I just nearly walked into an old stinky man while I was tweeting! Think I'll take a break for a while!

The forest was really nice, the birds were singing, the sun was glittering through the leaves and it made the most gorgeous patterns on the trail.

I walked for a while, I guess I wasn't really thinking about where I was going.

You see, I was half way through a story and I was kind of pre occupied thinking about what to write next.

Anyway, I found this log that had fallen, it was right near a creek.

It was really pretty, moss covering half of it and coloured mushrooms growing around one side. The sounds of the creek were really pretty, and I understood why people had recordings of that sort of sound to help them sleep. It was very restful.

I pulled my iPad out from my back pack.

Can you guess where I am?

I had some snacks in my backpack, one was a really nice, juicy apple, so I ate that.

I've stopped by a creek on a fallen log.

Tell me, what would you guys do if you were here in the forest with me?

I tweeted, and I thought of some cool ideas for my story. I messaged my twitter mum.

If we post the hospital story, should I put the link on my twitter site for my followers?

I decided to walk a bit more. The day was so nice, and I was having a great time, just being by myself.

I don't always like being alone, but today I think it's fun.

My twitter mum messaged me to make sure I didn't get lost. I think she worries too much.

I go to this forest all the time! I'm not going to get lost!

I saw something really cute up ahead. I tried to get a picture with my iPad, but it turned out too fuzzy.

Guess what, guys! I just saw two tiny baby rabbits! They ran off into the forest, but not before I saw how cute they were!

I walked further, hoping to see more baby rabbits.

Guys, I think hear something walking behind me. I'm a bit nervous!

I walk faster. I wonder if I should have come on my own.

I turn around to look and..OH MY GOD! It's a baby deer!

I couldn't believe it! He looks just like Bambi, spots and all!

I watch him for a while until his mom comes and takes him away. I totally forgot to try to take any photos, I was just so amazed to see a baby deer.

Hey, followers, what do you call a baby deer? Coz I just saw one! That' right, a Bambi! True!

A fawn, yes, that's right! I'm glad I brought my iPad with me.

Hang on a minute...

Guys, I think I'm lost

People don't really believe me

It's not a joke, I really don't know where I am!

I was sure I was following the path, I've been here a million times, but I can't recognize anything

No, it's not a trick, I think I'm really lost!

Still, not many people believe me. They ask me if they should tweet my dad, but that won't help.

Guys, don't forget, my dad is up in the mountains of Canada. He doesn't get twitter there

I tweet my twitter mum, but she is in a meeting, and didn't take her phone

Twitter mum! I think I'm lost! What should I do?

I'm getting a little scared, but I also know if my caregiver realizes I'm lost she'll never let me go out alone again

And my dad, oh my, my dad will go crazy!

Guys, please don't tweet my dad. He'll worry and he can't be here, he's in another country.

People tell me they've already tweeted him.

Guys, seriously, he won't be able to check his tweets for about three days. Can you please delete those tweets you sent him?

I don't know what to do, so I figure it might be better to sit down and figure out things

Hey guys, can anyone tell me what I should do? I'm really lost, and I'm getting scared.

No one answers. That's strange, and rather sad.

I eat some crackers, cheese and have some of my bottle of water

What should I do?

I'm going to try my twitter mum again

Hey, ucat42, do you know I'm lost in the forest?

She must be in the meeting still. She works a lot.

I finish eating and notice a bird on the path.

It's really pretty, shiny black with blue feathers on its wings.

I break up the last cracker and throw it some crumbs, and it eats them. I take a picture with my iPad, and this time it turns out fantastic!

Well, guys, looks like I'm not alone anymore!

Everyone thinks the bird is gorgeous. You know, I don't think they believe I 'm lost.

Just because I write stories doesn't mean I make everything up, you know!

I don't know what to do. Should I keep walking ahead, or go back?

Guys, what should I do? Straight ahead or turn around?

Well, that didn't help. Just as many people who told me to go ahead also told me to turn around.

You know, not helping people! If I'm not back in half an hour my caregiver will call the police!

Iwasn't joking, she really would! She didn't like me going out on my own, she worried I wasn't old enough to look after myself. I really didn't want to prove her right.

Guys please, give me an idea? What should I do?

Well, everyone thinks I should call for help on my iPad. I'm not giving up yet.

"Hey, baby, sorry, I was in a meeting. Are you really lost?"

Finally! My twitter mum answers me

I don't know what to do. My caregiver will be angry, and she'll tell my dad. What should I do?

Well, sometimes it's good to have a twitter mum. It really is.

"First, don't be scared. I'm right with you. Go on navigator. You have the app on your IPad. It will direct you home."

Why didn't I think of that?

Oh thank you! I'll do that now!

Well, it took forever to load, I didn't have real good reception, but finally navigator came up.

I typed in my caregiver's address.

Okay guys, cross your fingers. I am programming in a walking route to get home.

It tells me to go back the way I came. It says get on the path.

Navigator sucks! If I knew how to get back on the original path, well, I wouldn't be lost, would I?

My twitter mum tells me not to worry, just to follow the arrow.


It had an arrow that was blinking on and off, so I walked in that direction.

And walked.

I'm getting tired, guys, I have only twenty minutes to get home before my caregiver will panic!

I walk faster, but my legs are hurting

My twitter mum keeps messaging me, telling me not to give up, and that she's proud of me.

Everyone is tweeting me now, telling me to keep going, they know I can do it!

It helps, but I'm worried that I may not make it back in time.


Hey, everyone, I can see the edge of the forest!

I start to run, even though my legs hurt.

I make it out and there, waiting, is my caregiver. She's started to look for me. I told her I was sorry I was a bit late.

I didn't tell her I got lost.

I'll never tell her that!

When we got home, I had a shower, and was so hungry for my dinner I could barely wait.

Can you believe I got lost in the forest today?

Yep, everyone believes me this time.

Hey, twitter mum, I've got a great idea for a new story!

Can you all guess what it was?



Well, that's the way it happened. My wonderful twitter daughter got lost but was smart enough not to panic.

And, yes, this was the story she had the idea for.

And if you're wondering why she calls me mum, not mom, it's because I am Australian!