A/N: I'm not sure if this has been done before but I thought it was a good idea. Basically it's about this girl who likes her friend but he's gay. However, he fake-dates her to make it seem as though he's strait. Therefore she is 'the beard'. Anyway, I don't want to blow the ending so enjoy the first chapter. Plus, I kinda envision James being like Josh Hutcherson only taller and with green eyes.

Mariah was putting her coke in the lunch bag for school this morning. She went to St. John's High School in New York and she had plenty of friends. Even though she wasn't preppy. There was one friend in particular that was really special to her. James Callow. She always envisioned herself as Mrs. Mariah Callow. However there was one thing that stood in the way of that. Something that would never let them be together.

He's gay.

That's right. He would never take an interest in Mariah because she was a girl. She met him in third grade. At the time he was strait. But she didn't speak up fast enough. By eighth grade after he dated two other girls, he found out that he was more into guys. Well, that was three years ago. They were juniors in high school now. She fell for him six years ago and hasn't liked anyone as much. But she never told him. And he didn't need to know.

She finished packing her lunch and made her way outside. She walked to school because it wasn't a long walk. About a block away was James' house. She found the dark blue house and waited outside. Then the front door opened as a tall man stepped out. He had dark brown hair and bright green eyes. He also had a jawbone that most women fell for.

"Hi, Spongebob!" he said loudly as he approached her. It was their saying because they were good friends like Spongebob and Patrick.

"Hello there, Patrick." She said almost as loud as he did. "Ready for school?"

"Oh, please. I'm never ready for school."

"Of course not. I shouldn't have asked."

"Damn straight."

"So I've got a question…"

"Fire away."

"When are you gonna tell your parents?"

He stopped in his tracks. He knew what she was talking about and he also told her that he would tell his parents later on. Three years ago. He was a little delayed.


"You're not going to, are you?"

"I might!"

"Oh, pssh, sure."

"Shut up, Mariah!"

"Well, are you?"

He hesitated before answering. "I don't know. They keep telling me that I should find a decent cheerleader type of girl and settle down and have kids. They say that it's good for a football player and a cheerleader to be together."

"Oh, please. Your IQ's will go down the toilet and your supposed children would have no chance at life. Plus, cheerleader and football player are just plain out typical and WAY too preppy."

"And we all know that you don't approve of preppy people."

"Damn straight!"

They started laughing and were soon at school. They both had the first three classes of school together on 'A days'. Algebra II, English, and European History. She ended the day with Theater II, and he ended with A.P. Chemistry. He had brains but he didn't like to prove it. He was pretty lazy. He wanted to be a Science teacher and Mariah wanted to be a Singer/Actress.

"So, if we make this cubed, what does X equal? Anyone?" Mr. Eaton said while looking at the class own his long nose. James raised his hand. "Yes, James?"

"X equals ten." Mr. Eaton looked back at the boar to make sure that he was writing down the equation correctly. He was. He turned back to the student. Mariah had a questioning look on her face. It was obvious that the answer was 27.

"And how did you get that answer, James?"

"Don't you know that X will always equal ten?"

"I'm not following."

"Do you understand roman numerals?" The class started to erupt into laughter.

"Ha ha, James." Mr. Eaton said. "Anyone else? That will not turn the answer into a joke?" Mariah raised her hand. "Yes, Mariah."


"Correct! 3 cubed equals 27. Perhaps you can explain this logic to James later on." The nerd side of the class laughed. Class continued and so did the following two classes. Soon lunch came and James went in line to buy his lunch. Basically pizza. That's all he ever bought. Mariah waited at one of the circular tables in the corner. She saw that Katella was coming over to sit next to her.

"Hey, Kat." Mariah said when she sat down.

"Hey, Mariah. Where's James?"

"In line."


"So how was Art?"

"Eh, we didn't do much today. All we did was draw things upside down. It was boring."

"Well, sucks to be you. Did we have homework last night for Theater?"

"I don't think so."

"Okay, then I have nothing to worry about." At that moment, James made his way over to the table.

"Hi, Kat."

"Hi, James."

"What up?"

"Nothing but the tiled ceiling."

"That is so old."

"Yeah, I know." Then a guy passed their table but came back and sat down.

"Callow, change in plans. There's practice today. Be there."

"Right, got it, Alan." Then he got up and left. James let out a breath of air. "He's so hot." James said with a sigh. Mariah faced him and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Get over it. He plays for the other team."

"Maybe I can change that."

"Oh, yeah? How?"

"I could make him jealous somehow."

"And how are you going to do that?"

"By dating somebody."

"Who? None of the guys you know are gay."

"Maybe I could date a girl."

"Oh? Who?"

"Eh, you're attractive enough."

"Attractive enough for what?"

He gave her a knowing look.

"Oh, no. I am not helping you in this operation."

"Please? Just for a little while. Or until he notices."

"And when do you think he'll notice?"

"I don't know. However long it takes. In fact, meet me after practice today and pretend to be my girlfriend. He should notice if I'm making out with another girl." Mariah blushed. "Get used to it. So you'll do it?"

She sighed. "Fine. But only for a little while. I'm not doing this forever."

"Yes!" he shouted so loud that someone in NYC could hear.

"And I will do anything I want to do in public that girlfriends usually do with boyfriends. Got it? I'm in control!"

"Got it! Thanks Mariah!" He finished his pizza and threw it out and headed for his last class. Katella faced Mariah.

"You so like him."

"Shut up. He doesn't have to know."

"Think about it," she said as they started to take the walk to Theater II. "Maybe he'll end up liking you instead."

"There's no way that's gonna happen. He's homo and he's gonna stay that way."

"Oh, come on! Don't be such a downer! Besides, if you want him, just don't give him a reason to not want you. It'll work. Look at me and Dylan! He loves me and we've been dating for four years. Take my advice."

"But doing that won't get him interested in girls. He's happy the way he is and I'm not gonna try to change that."

Katella frowned. "Well, you should." They started the warm-up exercises.

"Just because you could doesn't mean I should." They smiled as they started on their exam practice for the day. Their exam was to either create a script or use one from somewhere else and perform it in front of the class on the stage. They chose to print out the Breakfast Club and recite that. Katella played Allison and Mariah played Claire. By the way, Katella is blonde, and Mariah has auburn hair. While they were rehearsing, Mariah kept thinking about what would happen after school when she would finally kiss the boy of her dreams.

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