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James' football practice was drawing to an end. Soon Mariah would be here. It kinda freaked him out that he'd be making out with his best friend. Especially because she was a girl. He knew he preferred sausage to taco. He hadn't kissed anyone since the end of seventh grade. It was a girl. He tried to cover up the fact that he was gay. And the only people he ever told the truth was Mariah and Katella. No one else. Not his parents, not a single teacher, and definitely NOT the school football team, not to mention Alan Falzon. His imaginary lover. He wanted Alan badly – really badly. He decided earlier today that he would have him, no matter what he had to do. And if that meant fake-dating his best friend, he'd do it.

His thoughts were cut short when Mariah came walking from the main school building towards the football field. His stomach dropped. To him, it was like he was about to do something really wrong – extremely wrong. Kissing Mariah had never crossed his mind before today. He never took an interest in her and she probably was the same. (Oh, how wrong he is.) Things would probably get awkward in a way between them after this was all over. I mean, how often do you date your strait friend just to get a guy? Never. That's how often.

Mariah was sitting in the bleachers watching him play. He still had about 5 more minutes of practice. He looked up at her and saw that she was reading a book. It was thick, orange with a black binding. It was so like her to read thick books that nobody could finish within a week. At least, not people like him. And it looked like she was in the beginning, too. She just started this book. She'd probably finish it by Monday. It was Friday after all and he knew how much she loved reading. Just give her a box of Cheez-its, a Strawberry-Banana V8, and she could sit in the bathroom reading the entire day and finish at least 3 books. It's like it was in her nature. It only made sense that her favorite place was the library. That or her bedroom. She was like a hermit. There's one in every family that just hides in their room doing who-knows-what. James knew this. He wanted a guy like that. But he also wanted Alan and that wasn't changing anytime soon.

Practice finally ended and James was ready to put his plan into action. Mariah got up from where she sat, placed her book in her bag, slung it over her shoulder, and made her way down to the field. James was really starting to regret this. It's all for Alan he reminded himself, all for Alan. He walked over to where she was and grabbed her hand a bit forcefully. It was a very strange situation for him, kissing his best friend but he had to get over it as his lips made their way down to hers.

Mariah had never felt anything like it and neither did James. She didn't even say anything beforehand and expected a bit of conversation but he just got straight to it. James thought that the feeling was very strange. He brushed it off as not kissing someone in over three years. Mariah felt as though she had died and gone to heaven. She had never felt anything as amazing as kissing James. She knew it was all part of a scheming not to mention most likely going-to-be-a-failure of a plan but she would make it last, like a handprint on her heart. James was actually starting to put his arms around her and Mariah nearly hit ecstasy. His arms were so warm, encircling her as they did. It felt as though she was meant to be there, in his embrace. Her arms made their way around his neck and James felt a burn. But not like a fire-type burn, a different kind that he couldn't really describe. And for some odd reason, he didn't back off when she did this. In fact, he kind of enjoyed it. It was nice and not slobbery as he pictured it would be. It was soft and sweet and gentle and everything that a good kiss should be. But he was done. He started to fantasize about it being Alan and knowing that it was Mariah instead was in a way creeping him out. He slowly pulled away to see Mariah looking…dazed?

"Hey, Callow!" Alan screeched to bring him out of his thoughts.

"Hey, Falzon. You know Mariah?"

"A bit. We've had a few classes together in the past but we were never really close. So you finally got yourself a girl, huh?"


"Well, that's great. You guys should come to the party Nori's holding tomorrow night."

"Nori Holstine?"

"The one and only!" Nori Holstine was the girl every guy wanted and every girl envied. Besides Mariah and Katella. They just thought she was a whore. "Yeah, her parents are always out of town so she has a party practically every other weekend. You guys should make an appearance and make this…" he motioned with his hand towards them. "…public."

James thought it was the perfect opportunity while Mariah was refraining from ripping her hair out. Nori Holstine? She'd rather die than be seen there. She knew her opinions on Nori and none of those thoughts of which were positive. In fact, she created a letter on saying 'Dear Girl at my school, did it hurt when you fell from the whore tree and banged every guy on the way down? Sincerely, Close your legs'. Yes, Nori had a reputation that clearly stated that she had slept with every guy on every sports team. Well, except for James. He's barely had 2 kisses with tongue, why would he have lost his virginity? Therefore, Mariah already knew that she was NOT going to attend.

"…Um…" she started but James already cut in.

"We'll be there." Mariah's eyes practically popped out of her head as she turned to face him. Alan smiled.

"Well then, we'll be expecting you. See ya tomorrow night!" He screamed as he was already halfway to the locker rooms. Mariah punched James in the stomach after Alan was out of sight.

"OW! What was that for?"

"You know me and Kat hate Nori! Why did you agree?"

"You wha—? Ohh," he said slowly as realization dawned on him. "I'm sorry. It's just that I got caught up with the whole 'Alan being there' thing. I guess I wasn't thinki—"

"It's fine," she said, disappointed. "Just don't do that again?"

"Does that mean that we'll make an appearance tomorrow night?"

Mariah breathed heavily as he thought it over. She thought about what benefit this would bring her. Well, everyone will think that they're dating and that's always something that she imagined happening. So, in a way, she should be grateful.

"Fine, but we're not doing it again." God, why did she turn to mush whenever he asked for something or pleaded? She knew why.

She loved him.

But he didn't love her.

At least not the way she did for him. She knew this and it almost brought tears to her eyes but she wouldn't cry over him, or at least in front of him, where he is the only one to hear and see her. That would be completely idiotic.

"Wait," she said suddenly. "Are you gonna give me a pet name?"

James hadn't thought of that. But he came up with a quick reply.

"Of course, pooh-bear." They couldn't contain their laughter at the silly nickname.

"Well alright then, honey-bun." This time, their laughter got even louder as they started walking up to the side building. The side building was small and looked like a large public bathroom. It was the locker rooms. Boys' locker room on one side and girls' on the other. Mariah didn't get why all the 'girl's' signs were always pink. It was sexist and completely stereotypical. She hated it.

James finished up in the locker room. He was the last one in there. And no, he wasn't checking out other guys. It was because of his conversation with Mariah. In fact, he should be angry at her for stealing his time. But somehow, he couldn't be angry at her. Was it because of that kiss? That wonderful, amazing kiss? Couldn't have been. He shouldn't have enjoyed it as much as he did. He couldn't wait for tomorrow to come; seeing Alan again, and possibly making out with Mariah again. He didn't know why but he really was looking forward to it. Mostly seeing Alan again. He practically got a boner every time he came in physical contact with the guy and whenever he questioned it, he said it was because of the energy. What an amazing liar he was.

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