Luellen crumpled up the small sheet of notebook paper, "Drat, another failed draft."

All morning Luellen had been working on a note she was writing to her dearly beloved, Chuck Norton. Chuck Norton was the most famous actor in the entire northwest, and where ever there was a famous actor to be loved, there was Luellen to love them. Well writing an obsessive fan letter, a knock came at Luellen's door.

Luellen was angry because the noise made her smear a large patch of ink across her paper, "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT!"

The person at the door responded with a surprisingly calm answer, "May I please come in?"

Luellen paused for a moment, no it couldn't be him or was it? Luellen rushed down the stairs and gasped as she saw Chuck Norton standing by at her door. "Oh my sweet home Alabama, it's Chuck Norton!"

Luellen ran over and hugged the movie actor, that is when her sisters Agnus and Alberta came down the stairs. "Luellen what's wrong are you having an allergic reaction to the porrige you ate this morning for breakfast at 9:32 this morning?"

Agnus and Alberta were twins and always gave great detail about the things that they said. This was occasionally a good thing, but most of the time it was not. Such as this one time when a piece of toast caught the toaster on fire and then the house burst into flames. The fire fighters needed to know where the source of the fire was and so Agnus and Alberta told them:

"This morning we woke up in a cold sweat near the time of 4:34 a.m. It occured to us both that we needed to go down and get something to eat. That is when we both looked at each other and said, 'toast'! It was the perfect plan. We decided that wheat toast would be ideal because as you see we are on a diet. We slowly took the bread out and then placed it into our fancy new 'Balko' toaster. We purchased the toaster for our parents anniversery which was December 28, of 1993. Of course we purchased the toaster for them this year. We purchased to toaster at 'Kidz R Us'. That is when we both noticed that the sign was missing the 'a' and the 'e' in 'are'. So we both went and talked to the stoor manager, and he told us that it was just a quirky way of writing it and that we should not fret. Then we asked him where he went to highschool and he told us 'Smucker's Farms' that is when we realized that he was a jerk and came home and gave the toaster to mother and father. Then after we put the wheat toast in the toaster, we waited approximatly 28 seconds for it to finish cooking. Then we took the toast out and split it into two portions so that we would each have an equal piece. Next we both put butter on our toast and..."

By the time they finished the story, the house was already comepletely on fire and the firemen had fallen asleep while listening to the story, and the most annoying thing about the two was that one would say something and the other would continue on with it. They never corrected each other, they just believed that the other twin was correct.

Luellen never really minded he sisters, she just found them mildly annoying. Unlike her parents who found the twins extremely adorable. Everything they did was cute, but when Luellen tried to do something it was just stupid.

One time Luellen rescued ten people from a crashed bus, while Agnus and Alberta told funny jokes to a hobo. Luellen's parents found the twins insanely adorable, and that annoyed Luellen. Luellen thought that she should be the center of attention at all times.

Chuck Norton told Luellen that he had recieved their families mail. Luellen was to shocked to speak. She was not in love with Chuck Norton because he was at least 90 years old and that would be creepy, more that she admired him, somewhat. So while Chuck Norton told Luellen the story of his morning and about how his dog had bit his butt, Agnus and Alberta had a horrible plan in mind, they were going to prank Chuck Norton.