Chapter One

Elise Birch sat on the edge of Bell Valley Quarry writing. She had been inspired by her friend to write a diary. Apparently it saved her secrets ever being told by anyone. She had chosen new diary her Nan had given her for her birthday.

'Today was make fun of Elise day, then again EVERYDAY is make fun of Elise day. Just because I'm the tallest one in my year and I'm English! Year 13 has been brutal, my first year at high school in New Zealand has been okay and doing fine with exams but I just wish there was someone out there that understood me and the pain everyone in the arse everyone is being! But-' she was cut off at that point, she had leaned forward, but too far. She slipped and grabbed the grass at the edge of the cliff. She could feel them tearing out of the ground, her last link to life slipping away.

'Help!' she yelled 'Somebody! Please!' She heard the crunching of gravel. There was someone on the path! She was saved. 'HELP ME!' The footsteps quickened. He was coming!

The grass was tearing out of the ground 'HURRY!' she yelled. She was getting tired and didn't know who long she could hold on and how long the long brown grass would hold. It cut into her hand.

The grass came out. Everything seemed to play in slow motion. She was falling.