At the Crossroads Castle

I wish I held the stars in my hand

sometimes I believe I can.

We all have dreams, of course there's danger,

but without it life would be a little stranger.

Sometimes the wind blows west,

and other times it blows north

and east, and south.

There is no one passage of the wind

We start as seeds,

new and young.

Maybe to grow into weeds

but sometimes life is fair

and we sprout fairy wings

The good, the bad, the in-between.

Who knows what life will bring?

Hurt and sorrow

think there's no tomorrow.

Love and laughter

live in the moment.

And then sometimes we reach that place

where no man has not yet known grief.

in that place we find wonder.

A hearth that warms a broken heart.

Then when your salty tears are done,

It is time; it has begun.

Get on your feet; be on your way.

Weary traveler,

your song is not yet done.

You must begin your life anew

It is all right

you won't forget

The fortified castle you once met.

you will remember it always

even when your eyes are wet.

So get on your feet!

For the wind blows never in the same way

and what is yet is yet